Latham, Collett, Lowing, Temple, Harvey and associated lines


 The Beginning.......
Once upon a time, in January 1943, there were two mothers sitting in separate 
rooms in an office in the City of Melbourne, Australia. Both were feeling 
anxious, the 'butterflies' fluttering overtime in the pits of their stomachs.
In one room, a birth mother cuddled her 16 month old daughter for the last time.
In the other room, an excited and nervous adoptive mother waited.
A connecting door was opened. A pencil was rolled across the floor. The toddler
followed after the rolling pencil. The door closed.
A new life began for all of them.........
The birth mother made her tearful way home without her daughter, hoping to be
able to make a life for herself and her other children.
The new mother left with her new daughter to shop for clothes for the little one
and to return to their home.
Mother Eva                      Marion at 18 mths                   Mother Jean
          Mother No 1.                                 The Toddler                            Mother No 2.
45 Years Later......
Marion received her original birth certificate... and so began an interest in Family History Research.
Jean & Eva
Two mothers share memories
Families from our History:

HARVEY, William & Elizabeth (nee LANYON), from Penwith, Cornwall. Arr. Aust 1869.
                                 15 children.
TEMPLE, John William & Ada (nee MELLOR),from Leeds, Yorkshire. Arr.Aust.1888. 
                                  7 children.
LOWING, William Reeves & Hannah (nee BRADBROOK), from London. Arr. Aust.
                                 1853.   6 children.
KINNEAR, John & Georgina (nee BOILEAU), from London. John transported 1838. 
                                Georgina followed. Arr. Aust. 1839.  10 children. 
LATHAM, Thomas & Kate (nee UPFOLD), from Deptford,London. Arr. Aust.1909.
                                 3 children.
COLLETT, Thomas & Mary (nee HUGHES), from Buscot, Berks. Arr. Aust. 1857. 
                                2 children. (Thomas had other children from a second marriage.)
NELSON, Samuel & Elizabeth (nee GOODE), from Oxfordshire. Arr. Aust. 1855. 
                                3+? children.
EVANS, William John & Elizabeth Jane Anne (nee PRIOR), from Cornwall. Arr. Aust. 1874. 
                                6 chn.
ELIJAH (ELIAS), Richard & Ann (nee AHERN), from Wales & Ireland, Arr. Aust 
                               1854/1855.   7 children. 

McCRACKEN, David, from Scotland & Sarah (nee EVANS/SCOTT), Arr. Aust 1862. 
                               3 children.
McILROY, Hugh and Johanna (nee FITZGERALD) from Ireland. Arr. Aust. 1862. 6 children

BUTLER, Walter Fleming, from Kilkenny, Ireland & Lydia (nee SINNOTT) from Kildare, 
                              Ireland.  Arr. Aust. early 1860s. 1+ ? children.
SIER, William, from ?, and Catherine (nee AHEARN) from Tipperary, Ireland. Catherine
                          arr. Aust. 1855. 12 children.

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