("The Lowing Mob")
This is Marion's paternal ancestry. There are still many unanswered questions about this family.
According to family 'legend', William Reeves Lowing did not get along with his step father and left home as a young teenager. He did not have much contact with his mother after that, but apparently did take his family to visit before they embarked for Australia.

William and Hannah Lowing brought six children to Australia in 1853. The eldest, Mary Louise, was nine years old.  Shortly after their arrival, Hannah, and then the ten month old baby Albert, died of dysentery. The baby died on Christmas Eve.  William did not re-marry and apparently raised his children alone, possibly on farms in northern Victoria.

He eventually went to Parkes, New South Wales, probably following his eldest son, William Alfred. William Reeves died in Parkes and was buried at a small country cemetary at Goobung.

William Alfred began work as a butcher. He began to buy cattle for himself and eventually became a wealthy landowner.  He served two terms as Mayor of Parkes in the 1890s. He had unfortunately borrowed large amounts of money from the banks to finance his properties and lost much of his wealth in the financial 'crash' of the 1890s.

The Lowing home still stands in Parkes

William Alfred and his wife, Helen, had eight children. The youngest, Alan, was Marion's father.

LOWING, John. 
Born: c 1748/49 
Died: c 1816?  
Edmonton, Middlesex, Eng. 
LOWING, William 
Marr.: 9 May, 1813, Holy  
Trinity, Gosport, Ports. 
Died: March 1817 or 1818. 
? , Elizabeth 


LOWING, William Alfred 
Born: 14 April, 1847 
11 Brand St. Marylebone 
Lond. Eng. 
Marr.10 Dec. 1874 
Parkes, N.S.W. Aus. 
(Helen Clara Pringle) 
Died: 20 Dec. 1924, Mosman, N.S.W. Aus. 
LOWING, William Reeves 
Born: June/July 1816 
Marr. 10 Oct., 1841, 
St. Geo. Hanover Square, Lond. (Hannah Bradbrook) 
Died: 11 June, 1879 
Parkes, N.S.W. Aus. 



MARTIN, Nancy (Ann) 
Colchester, Sussex, Eng. 
Marr(2): 1 May, 1820  
Spitalfields, Middlesex, Eng. 
(John Griffiths) 
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