The Hesperian West High School - Minneapolis 1919

The Hesperian West High School - Minneapolis 1919

There were actually two graduating classes in this year. This is a transcription of the students that graduated in both these classes. NO underclassmen are listed. I have transcribed 3 parts of this yearbook.

  • Part 1 is the "Honor Roll" for all classmen from West who gave their lives in the war effort
  • Part 2 is the Class of January 1919
  • Part 3 is the class of June 1919

Memorial from Class of January 1919

Harold BARBER was a member of the 151st Field Artillery. He volunteered at the very outbreak of the war, on April 13, 1917. The 151st landed in France on Oct 31, and Harold died at St. Nazaire, November 5. His brother Darrell wrote, "Thank God he died in the uniform." He was prominent in all West organizations and athletics thoughout his four years and he finished as President of the January 1815 class.
Everett BARKWELL was graduated from West in 1914. He enlisted in the Navy and was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Station, wher he was one of the best known and most universally beloved your men. He contracted the influenza in December 1918, and died on the twenty-first of that month.
Philip BENTON enlisted in the Engineer Corps early in May, 1917. He was sent to Camp Baker, Texas for training an embarked for overseas September 9, 1917. While in action near the Chateau Thierry front, he was wounded July 15, 1918. He died in a hospital and is buried in the American Section of "Cimetiere de la Ferte" in France.
Victor BOULT belonged to the 1915 class of West. He enlisted in the 344th Ambulance Co., and was on baord the S. S. Nestor when he contracted pneumonia. After two days illness he died October 2, 1918, just as the ship reached Liverpool. His captain writes, "While in the company he was cheerful and willing, and one of the good boys that every company commander is glad to see come into the organization".
Newell CLARK was graduated from West in January, 1918, and joined the U. S. Marines the same day. In three months he won the expert marksman medal and was sent to do guard duty at the Prison Detachment at Portsmouth, H.H. Here he became a victim of the influenza and died October 1, 1918.
Howard Gilbert died September 29, 1918 of multiple shell-wounds and pneumonia. Gilbert enlisted in the Marine Corps and left Minneapolis, May 28, 1918 for Paris Island. He arrived in France, August 28, and was sent into the Saint Mihiel drive immediately. He was severely wounded September 5, and pneumonia set in. He died September 29, exactly four months from the day he left Minneapolis for training.
Corp. Edward GLASGOW left West, while a B Junior in April, 1917, to enlist in the Field Artillery. He was a corporal in Bat. F., 1st Minn. F. A. and when last heard from was stationed at Meusness, France. He died of accidental gunshot wounds, March 30, 1919, but as yet no information has been obtained concerning the particulars of the accident.
Clifford HAMILTON died in action in France, during an advance in the Argonne Forest, about the tenth of October, 1918, a large shell exploded near hime, killing him instantly. His Lieutenant writes, "The officers and enlisted men of this company sympathize with the loved ones that this soldier left behind and also share the glory of having fought by one who died like a true American."
Lieut. George HARDING was with the 79th Squadron, R. A. F., which was east of Amiens during the big German drive in March 1918. On March 25, he volunteered for "ground scraffing" work, which consisted in swooping down within fifty feet of the enemy trenches, shooting into them and droppping bombs. Although he returned on the 26th of March, on a similar expedition soon after, he failed to report and a short time afterward his parents received a cable reporting him missing. His grave has been found by his sister, Miss Ruth Harding, who went to France as an entertainer with the Y.M.C.A.
Charles HILDEBRAND was a private in Company C of the Signal Corps. He enlisted February 12, 1918, and was immediately sent across. In France, in an unfortunate accident, he met his death, May 16, 1918. Charles enterd West in 1915 and was well known and well liked by his fellow students.
Harold HUGHES had been in the service only a short time before he was taken sick with pneumonia. He died October 9, 1918, at Camp Grant Illinois. Harold attended West his junior year. He later went to Racine Military School, Racine Wisconsin.
LT. Charles JOHNSON was a member of the Independent Air Force of the Royal Air Force. He gave his life, August 13, 1918, while on active service with Squadron 206 of which he was leader. He was going to the assistance of a comrade who was being attacked by a superior number of German planes when he was shot and fell. Lieut. Johnson attended West during the year 1914.
LT. Walter JONES died in service November 10, 1917. He enlisted in aviation at the first call of war and from the start made a wonderful record. His Major says of him, "He was an excellent fellow, an excellent soldier and highly esteemed by the officers by the officer and men of his squadron." Besides being prominent in all schoool organizations and athletics, "Casey" was recognized as "the most popular boy" of the June, '15 class.
LT. Roderick R. KENNEDY was a member of the June, 1913 class of West. He was prominent in all school activities, particularly in athletics. He enlistedin the Aviation Corps early in the war and was in training in this country when he was killed in an accident September 12, 1917.
Harold LINNELL was graduated from West in June, 1916. He enlisted in the Marine Corps, April 17, 1917, being one of the first 500 of the nation to volunteer. On June 6, 1918, in the battle of Belleau Wood, he met his death while placing his machine gun in an advanced position. His friends have learned since then, that he received the Croix de Guerre and the Legion of Honor Citation.
Grant LORENZ was a member of the Medical Department of the 151st Field Artillery. during the battle on the Champagne front in July, he did excellent work - dressing and evacuating wounded soldiers, continuously at the risk of his own life. He died at Chateau Thierry, August 8, 1918. His captain writes, "He was well liked by all his officers and comrades and his death was a personal loss to each of us."
Lynn McMASTER was a Corporal of Co. A, 4th Minn. Infantry. He was taken sick with pneumonia in October and was immediately sent home where he died on the seventh of that month. Lynn was a member of the 1912 class. His friends and acquaintances will always remember and love him for his friendly smile and cheerful manner.
Garrett MANDEVILLE was graduated from West in the class of 1914. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy on November 19, 1917, and was a member of the first pilot's class at Dunwoody. He was transferred to the Pensacola Air Station, where he was killed in an accident, August 10, 1918. Cadet Mandeille had a fine record and his comrades at his last post looked upon him as an efficient and careful flyer.
CAPT. Milton MORRILL was graduated in the class of 1912. He went to the Mexican border with the National Guard and made rapid progress in the service, being promoted three times in one year. When he enlisted in the Coast Artillery Corps he was the youngest captain in that branch of the service. He died at Mirror Lake, Minn., Aptil 10, 1918.
SGT. William PECK was listed as one of the "Perhing's Hundred Yankee Heroes." He gave his life to save that of his commander; seeing the officer in danger, Sgt. Peck threw himself against the other, pushing him into a shell hole, but exposing himself to the fire which instantly killed him. Peck was in the 354th Infantry. He was graduated from West in June, 1910.
SERGT. Stephen SHERMAN attended West during the years 1914-15. He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps on April 20, 1917, sailed in August and arrived overseas, August 25. He was killed in action June 6, 1918 at "The Woods of teh Marines." He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, posthumously, by General Pershing.
Blanchard WEST enlisted August 1917, and was one of four men picked from 150 at Camp Taylor to be sent to France on special work. After being at the front for three months, he was given his first furlough. Later he was taken to a hospital in Paris where he died of pneumonia, January 22, 1918. Blanchard was a prominent athlete at West and was graduated in the 1916 class.
LT. Ernest WOLD was graduated in June, 1914. At the outbreak of the war he offered his services and was sent to the Officers' Training Camp at Ft. Niagara. Later he was transferred to aviation and commissioned First Lieutenant. He was killed in action August 1, 1918, near Chateau Thierry. In May, Lieut. Wold established an altitude record which his superior officers say still remains.
Class of January 1919 Note: I typed in the names in the order that they appear. Not all are alphabetical so scan the whole list
A note from Katherine Dowd, Secretary
In spite of the fact that an epidemic hampered the activities of the Class of January, 1919, which graduated in December, 1918, it was not lacking in school spirit. The most successful social event was the class banquet to which most of the entire class turned out. The usual A Senior Dance had to be given up because of the epidemic. It was a great disappointment to the class that it was unable to present a class play. However, thru individual contributions of the members of the class, a large tablet in honor of the boys from West, who were in the service, was presented as a memorial. The epidemic, also, interfered with the graduation exercises. The class which is called the Class of January, 1919, should properly be called the Class of December, 1918, for it was on December 15, 1918, that the graduation exercises were held. As church services were the only public gatherings permitted at that time, the members of the class received their diplomas at the baccalaureate service at St. Mark's Chruch. The sermon was preached by Dr. Freeman. The girls of the class showed good judgement in wearing dark dresses for graduation. They set an example for future mid-year graduation classes to follow.

Marguerite ARCHER; Lyndale Minnesota; Executive Board (My Grandmother - also voted Most Spritied)
Hilliard BECKETT; Northwood Iowa; Aviation; Baseball '18, Tennis '18, Capt of Senior Baseball Team. Capt of Senior Basketball Team ;18, Engineers Club.
Roland BEVAN; Lake Harriet Minnesota; Y Club
Henry BOURDON; Winnipeg, Canada - Minnesota; Football '18, Y Club, Spanish Club, Engineers Club
Gloria CARR; St. Paul Central, Business College; Weekly, U.C. Club
Hannah GLEASON; Kenwood
Ione CLARK; Central; Work
Lois COHEN; Douglas, East; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A
Katherine DOWD; Douglas, Business College; Class Secretary, U.C. Club, French Club
Ethel EDLUND; Lyndale, Office Force, West; U.C. Club
Muriel FRELANDER; Calhoun, Business College; Student Council, Bird Club, U.C. Club
Ann GREENE; East High
Maud GREENE; Lyndale, Minnesota; U.C. Club
Henry GREGG; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; Executive Board, Y Club, Glee Club, Tomahawk Club, Spanish Club, Weekly, W.H.A.A.
Edith HART; Douglas, Minnesota
Gertrude HERMAN; Calhoun, Minnesota; Dramatic Club, Executive Board, U.C. Club
Florence HERRICK; North High, Minneapolis
Dorothy HODGE; Calhoun, Office Work; U.C. Club, French Club, Spanish Club
Lawrence JACOBSEN; Minnesota; Treasurer of Jan. '19 Class
Vern KEGLER; West Waterloo, Minnesota
Marion KERR; El Paso, Texas, Minnesota; U.C. Club, Spanish Club
Elizabeth KINNEY; Douglas, Minnesota; Pres. of Riding Club '16, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Louise KLAPP; East High, Milwaukee, Wis.; E.C. Club, Daubers' Club
Rudolph KUHLMAN; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; Student Council, Tennis '18, Y Club, W Club, Engineers Club
Hazel LAURENCE; Calhoun; U.C. Club, G.A.A.
Margaret LIGHTALL; Northrop, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A, G.A.A.
Don MILLER; Lyndale, Minnesota; Baseball '18, Hockey '17, Pres. of Jan. Senior Class, Y Club
Otto MORCK; Calhoun, Minnesota; Pres. of Spanish Club '18, Pres. of Glee Club '18, Leader of Orchestra '18, Y Club
Floyd NEILSON; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; Orchestra
Francis POND; Lyndale, Minnesota; Baseball '17, '18, Track '18, Basketball Mgr. '19, W Club, French Club, Math. Club, Glee Club, Hesperian, Student Council '18
John QUIGLEY; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; Pres. of Engineers Club '18, Director of Math. Club
Roger RADABAUGH; Calhoun, Minnesota; Engineers Club, Spanish Club
Beatrice RAND; Prescott
Elaine RINEAR; West High, Green Bay, Mich., Minnesota; U.C. Club, French Club
Vernon ROSE; Calhoun, Aviataion; Cheer Leader '18, Second Football '16 '17 '18, Second Hockey Team '16 '17, Senior Baseball '18, Y Club, Engineers Club, W.H.A.A
Albert SALSBERG; Calhoun; Football '17 '18, W Club, All X Club, Weekly, Student Council
Pearl SCHNEIDER; Douglas, Business College; Executive Board, Dramatic Club, French Club, W.H.A.A.
Harold SCOTT; Calhoun, Business College
John SHOLLEY; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; Fall Tennis '18
Mabel SNETSINGER; Grand Rapids, Minn.; U.C. Club
Glenn SNURE; Calhoun, U.S. Motor Corps; Glee Club
Tinita SOGARD; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; U.C. Club, G.A.A., W.H.A.A.
Jane SOMERBY; Douglas; Sec. of W.H.A.A. '18, Sec. of A Junior Class, Vice Pres. of Senior Class, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Evelyn WARDELL; Emerson, Business College; U.C. Club, French Club
Ethel WASEM; Calhoun; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Mary WEBSTER; Clahoun
Fred HARDING; Margaret Fuller, Minnesota
Edward OHRBECK; Enlisted
Lawrence WILSON; Davenport Iowa, Minnesota
Louis EILERTSEN; work; Track '18
Evelyn KEADY
Elmer MURPHY; enlisted
Walter SMITH; St. Thomas
Cecil WATSON; Minnesota
Charles WOLK
Class of June 1919Note: I typed in the names in the order that they appear. Not all are alphabetical so scan the whole list
A note from Adelaide Leighton, Secretary
When anyone says to an A Senior, "How does it happen that you are going to have four Senior 'affairs' this last term?" We all grin and say "Flu." Then when they stare in blank amazement (why is amazement always blank?), we hasten to explain that the last term we were not able to have even one party because of our enforced vacations. Now we are making up for it. And don't we feel big, grown-up and "Seniory". Our first dance was a real success, and was worthy of the class that calls themselves A Seniors. There were about seventy couples there. The A Seniors set aside Hesperian day as the famous Bum's Day, when everyone forgot their dignity and were "kids" again. It is to everlasting credit of the class that there was no rowdyism or anthing but the best conduct shown. The second Senior dance was a repitition of the success of the first. The class play, "Mary Jane's Pa," was the biggest thing undertaken by the class. Before we leave we will have two more Senior functions to our credit, and also Class Day and an interesting commencement week. Thus the June Class of 1919, leaves its heritage of good times.
Edwin ADAMSON; Margaret Fuller, Minnesota; Y Club, Engineers Club, Class Play, Alcantara
Florence AINSWORTH; Emerson, Minnesota; U.C. Club, French Club, W.H.A.A.
Helen ALLEN; Ann-Arbor High, Carnegie Institute; Script Club, Mathematics Club, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll
Viola ALLEN; St. Paul Central, Business College; U.C. Club, French Club, W.H.A.A.
Helen ANDERSON; Buffalo Minn., Undecided; U.C. Club, Honor Roll
Pearle ARNESON; Lake Harriet, Undecided; Weekly Board, '18
Herman BACHMAN; Margaret Fuller, Minnesota; W.H.A.A
Andrew BAKKENSON; , Minneosta; Track '17, '18, Pres. of Student Council, Pres. of All X Club, Vice Pres. of W Club, Hesperian, Y Club, W.H.A.A.
Gwendolyn BALE; Austin High Chicago, Business College; French Club
Edith BALLWEBBER; Douglas, Gym. School; Pres of G.A.A., Vice Pres. of W. H.A.A., Hesperian, Dramatic Club, Aquatic Club, Class Play
Burritt BARBER; Peoria Ill, Minnesota; Pres. of Spanish Club, Y Club, Engineers Club, Mathematics Club, Honor Roll
Marion BARBER; Norfolk High, Minnesota; Spanish Club
Grace BENSON; Calhoun, Minnesota; U.C. Club, Aquatick Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A
Bessie BLUMENSON; Douglas, Minnesota; U.C. Club, Spanish Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Olga BLY; Calhoun, Carleton; U.C. Club, French Club, Aquatic Club, W.H.A.A, G.A.A., Honor Roll
Margaret BOPP; Calhoun, Minnesota; Treas. of Aquatic Club, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll
Donald BOSTWICK; Lake Harriet, Oberlin; Pres. of Y Club, Pres. of Glee Club, Senior Executive Board, Class Play, Tomahawk Club, Hesperian, W.H.A.A.
Dorothy BREN; Douglas, Undecided
Walter BRIGGS; Margaret Fuller, Yale; Business Mgr. of Hesperian, Treas. of Script Club, Vice Pres. of Tomahawk Club, Y Club, W.H.A.A., Honor Roll
Hazel BRANCH; Emerson, Minnesota; U.C. Club, French Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Alice BROOKS; Lake Harriet, Undecided; Spanish Club, W.H.A.A.
Hartland BROWN; Park Rapids, Minnesota
Helen BURCHARD; Whittier, Wells; U.C. Club, French Club, Girls Bird Club, W.H.A.A., Honor Roll
Katherine BYRON; Calhoun, Minn. School of Bus.; U.C. Club, Spanish Club, W.H.A.A.
Bernice CAMPBELL; Calhoun, Business College; U.C. Club
Marion CHAMBERS; Hudson Wis., Minnesota; U.C. Club, French Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A
Edward CLARK; Douglas, Minnesota; Capt. of Swimming Team, Drill Captain, Sec'y of Y Club, Engineers Club, Spanish Club, Mathematics Club, W.H.A.A., Klan.
Vera COBB; Glenwood City Wis., Hospital Nurse; W.H.A.A.
Marjorie CODE; St. Louis Park, Undecided;
Webb COFFEE; Douglas, Minnesota; Business Mgr. of Weekly, Y Club, Engineers Club, W.H.A.A., Klan.
Barry COLLINS; Whittier; Track '18, W. Club, Hesperian, Weekly '18, W.H.A.A.
Phyllis COLTER; Central High, Undecided; Aquatic Club, W.H.A.A.
Elizabeth COLWELL; St. Louis Park High, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Vivienne CORSE; Verndale Minn., Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Orrin CORWIN; Margaret Fuller, Yale; Business Mgr. of Class Play, Hesperian, Y Club, Mathematics Club, French Club, W.H.A.A., Alcantara, Sphinz.
John CRAIG; Austin Texax, Minnesota; Y Club, W.H.A.A.
Adelia CUSTER; Hutchinson High, Office Work;
Edith DANIELS; Northrop, Minnesota; W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Dorothy DARROW; Kenwood, Minnesota; Sec. and Treas. of Dramatic Club, U.C. Club, French Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Catharine DAVIS; Stanley Hall, Undecided; Class Play, Dramatic Club, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Marian DAVIS; Calhoun, Minnesota; U.C. Club, French Club, Glee Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll
Rose DeMARSH; Emerson, Undecided; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Frank DOUGLAS; Anoka Minn., Minnesota; Y Club
Marjorie DREHER; Calhoun, Minnesota; U.C. Club, French Club, Glee Club, W.H.A.A.
Doris DURYEA; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; U.C. Club, French Club, W.H.A.A., Honor Roll
Elizabeth ELLIS; Douglas, Business College; French Club, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Irving ENGLISH; Kenwood, Minnesota; D.S.N.
John ERICKSON; Hancock Grade School, Minnesota;
Nadine EVERS; Emerson, Minnesota; Hesperian, Daubers Club, Spanish Club, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Mabel FERTIG; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; Sec.-Treas. and Board of Directors of Mathematics club, Daubers Club, U.C. Club, French Club, W.H.A.A., Honor Roll
Caroline FRASER; Douglas, Minnesota; U.C. Club, French Club, Aquatic Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Charles FREEHAUF; C.H.S., Minnesota; Math. Club
George FREIDMAN; Kenwood, Wharton School of Finance; Treas. of W Club, Treas. of Glee Club, Treas. of A Junior Class, Track '18, Football '18, Y Club, Class Play, W.H.A.A.
John FRIEND; Central High, Minnesota; Y Club, Mathematics Club, W.H.A.A.
Orcutt FROST; Margaret Fuller, Minnesota; Y Club, Boys Bird Club, Hesperian
Bjarne FURUHOLMEN; Kenwood, Minnesota; Senior Executive Board, All X Club, W Club, Y Club, Cross Country '18, Vice Pres. of Spanish Club, W.H.A.A.
Robert GAMBILL; Des Moines Iowa, Minnesota; Pres. of W.H.A.A., Vice Pres of All X Club, Baseball '16 '17, Capt. '18, Football '18, Track Mgr '19, Y Club, W Club, Engineers Club, Mathematics Club, Student Council, Hesperian
Harriet GEORGE; Douglas, Minnesota; Pres of Girls Bird Club, U.C. Club, French Club, Aquatic Club, Student Council, W.H.A.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll
Dorothy GODDARD; Douglas, Undecided; U.C. Club, French Club, Aquatic Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Hannah GOLDBERG; Whittier, Minnesota; U.C. Club, Dramatic Club, French Club, Glee Club, W.H.A.A.
Donald GOLDFISH; North High, Minnesota; French Club, W.H.A.A.
Elmer GOLDFISH; North High, Minnesota; French Club, W.H.A.A.
Abbot GOLDSTEIN; North High, Minnesota; Engineers Club, Mathematics Club, W.H.A.A.
Welles GRAY; Kenwood, Minnesota; Y Club, Tomahawk Club, Engineers Club, French Club, Mathematics Club, Weekly '16 '18, Hesperian, W.H.A.A., Honor Roll
Hazel HAGEN; Harrison, Nursing; French Club
Woodruff HAINES; Rochester High, Undecided
Paul HAIR; Duluth Central, Minnesota; Engineers Club, Math Club, W.H.A.A.
Verna HALLSTROM; Calhoun, Minnesota; Vice Pres of Senior Class, Sec'y of W.H.A.A., Ex. Board of G.A.A., Vice Pres. of Daubers Club, U.C. Club, Aquatic Club, Art Editor of Hesperian, Honor Roll
Eleanor HARLIN; Douglas, Minnesota; U.C. Club, French Club, Aquatic Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Sylvia HAWE; Margaret Fuller, Minnesota; Weekly '17 '18 '19, Class Play, Property Mistress, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Horace HASELTINE; Deephaven High, Minnesota; Football '18, W Club, W.H.A.A.
Roy HEARD; Douglas, Minnesota; Engineers Club, Electrician, Class Play, Math Club, W.H.A.A.
Leslie HENRY; Pomeroy Iowa, Minnesota; Glee Club, W.H.A.A.
Margaret HOVEY; Marshalltown Iowa, Minnesota; U.C. Club, Honor Roll
Milton HUBER; Winnipeg Can., Undecided; Leader of Orchestra, Glee Club, Y Club, W.H.A.A.
Harriet GEORGE; Douglas, Minnesota; French Club, Aquatic Club, President of Girls Bird Club, Student Council '19, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Harold HUXTABLE; Marcy, Minnesota; W.H.A.A.
Arthur HYDE; Northfield Minn, Minnesota; Engineers club, W.H.A.A.
Esther JAYCOX; Rosedale, Undecided; U.C. Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Glee Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll
Ethel JEWETT; Mechanic Arts, Minnesota; U.C. Club
Agnes JOHNSON; Frederick Wis., Superior Normal; W.H.A.A.
Charlotte JOHNSON; Douglas, Kindergarten School; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Colin JOSLYN; Calhoun, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Bertram KELLENBERGER; Douglas, Wisconsin; Glee Club, Math. Club, Tomahawk Club, Y Club, Script Club, Engineers Club
Edmund KELLY; Pro-Cathedral, Minnesota; Y Club, W.H.A.A.
Lillian KENNEDY; Des Moines Iowa, Minnesota; W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Gladys KEPNER; Pres. of Dramatic Club, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., Class Play
Charlotte KEYES; Kenwood, Minnesota; Pres. of U.C. Club '18, Vice Pres. '18, Vice Pres. of Student Council, Senior Executive Board, Dramatic Club, French Club, Honor Roll
Clemens KOEPKE; Lyndale, Minnesota; Basketball '19, W Club, W.H.A.A.
Harold KOHEN; Whittier, Minnesota; Baseball Mgr '18, Y Club, Weekly, Hesperian, W.H.A.A.
Walter KREISER; Margaret Fuller, Annapolis; Y Club, Engineers Club, Math. Club, W.H.A.A., D.S.N.
Hellen KUNTUZOS; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; W.H.A.A., U.C. Club
Camilla LACLAIR; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Phyllis LAMPSON; Northrop, Minnesota; Class Play, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Douglas LARSON; Calhoun, Minnesota; Football '17 '18, Y Club, W. Club, All X Club, Student Council, Hesperian, Senior Basketball, Glee Club, W.H.A.A., Gamma Phi.
Harold LEES; Calhoun, Minnesota; Y Club, Engineers Club, French Club, Class Play, W.H.A.A.
Adelaide LEIGHTON; Calhoun, Minnesota; Sec. of Senior Class, Vice Pres. of G.A.A. '18, Hesperian, U.C. Club, Spanish Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Dorothy LEONARD; St. Mary's Hall, Minnesota; W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Jean MacRAE; Calhoun, Minnesota; Senior Executive Board, French Club, U.C. Club, Hesperian, W.H.A.A, G.A.A., Honor Roll
Ruby MANN; Kasota High, Business College;
Marie MAYER; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; French Club, W.H.A.A.
Irvin MACGOWAN; Longfellow - St. Paul, Minnesota; Treas. of Engineers Club, Y Club, Math. Club, W.H.A.A.
Cyril McLAIN; Winona High; Y Club
George McLAUGHLIN; Lyndale, Undecided; Y Club, Tomahawk Club, All X Club, W.H.A.A., Hesperian, Zit Khata
Donald McLENNAN; Douglas, Minnesota; Y Club, Alcantara
Mildred MELGAARD; Argyle Minn., Undecided; W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Ruth MERRITT; Calhoun, Minnesota; Student Council, U.C. Club, Spanish Club, G.A.A.
William MICHELET; Kenwood, Work; Student Council Pres. B Senior Class, Klan, Vice Pres Y Club, Secretary of Tomahawk Club
Marjorie MILLER; Calhoun, Minnesota; Daubers Club, W.H.A.A.
Marie MINER; Calhoun, Miss Wood's School; U.C. Club, French Club, W.H.A.A.
Meryl MITCHELL; Douglas, Carleton, Weekly '18, '19, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Eva MONAHAN; Douglas, ; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Hazel MOREN; Douglas, Minnesota; Weekly '17, '18, Hesperian, Class Play, U.C. Club, Dramatic Club, W.H.A.A.
Eugene MORSE; Kenwood, ; W.H.A.A.
Marjorie MORSE; Douglas, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., Honor Roll
Rebecca MUNSON; Kenwood, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Lawrence NAAS; Calhoun, Minnesota; Y Club, Baseball '19, Football '18
Louise NAGEL; Calhoun, Business College; Glee Club, W.H.A.A.
Donald NEUMANN; Lincoln, Minnesota; Basketball '19, Y Club, Sphinx,Alcantara
Henry NILES; Binghamton N.Y., Minnesota; Track '18, Editor Weekly '18, Editor Hesperian, Treas. Student Council, Sec'y All X Club, W Club, Y Club, Mgr. of Student Office '18, Script Club, Class Play, W.H.A.A.
Bernice NORTHUP; Big Lake Minn., Minnesota; Script Club
Bernice OLBERG
Agnes OSTBY; Calhoun, Undecided; U.C. Club, French Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Charlotte OTTO; Lyndale, Minnesota; W.H.A.A.
Barbara PAGE; Douglas, Undecided; U.C. Club, Aquatic Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Alfred PERLMAN; Los Angeles Cal., Boston Tech.; Pres Engineers Club, Board of Directors of Math Club, Class Play, Tomahawk Club, Script Club, Y Club, General Athletic Mgr., Stage Mgr. of Class Play
Vance PIDGEON; Douglas, Dartmouth; Y Club, Tomahawk Club, W.H.A.A.
Harvey PHILLIPS; Excelsior High, Minnesota; Track '19, Y Club
Maurice PHILLIPS;Calhoun, Macalester; Y Club, Engineers Club, W.H.A.A., Weekly
Esther PRITCHARD; Calhoun, Minnesota; Vice Pres. of Aquatic Club, W.H.A.A., U.C. Club
Arlene REYNOLDS; St. Margaret's, Business College; U.C. Club, G.A.A.
Grace REYNOLDS; Davenport High, Minnesota;
Agnes RISWOLD; Grafton N.D., Minnesota; Script Club, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Dorothy RITCHIE; Douglas, Undecided; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Frank ROOS; Emerson, Minnesota; Pres. of W Club, Football '18, Hesperian, Class Play, W.H.A.A.
Helen ROSS; Wayzata High, Undecided; W.H.A.A., Honor Roll
Martha ROWLEY; Douglas, Minnesota; U.C. Club, Aquatic Club, French Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
George SCHALLER; Lyndale, Minnesota; Y Club, Senior Basketball, W.H.A.A.
Beatrice SCHIED; Bowman N.D., Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Walter SERKLAND; Renville Minn., Minnesota;
Ronald SCOFIELD; Margaret Fuller, Minnesota; Editor of Weekly, W.H.A.A.
Elizabeth SCOTT; Douglas, Minnesota; U.C. Club, Dramatic Club, Weekly '18, W.H.A.A.
Esther SHEBAT; Pro-Cathedral, Undecided; W.H.A.A.
Ruth TYLER; Central High, Minnesota; Glee Club, U.C. Club
Junius SMITH; Lake Harriet, Undecided; W.H.A.A.
Meaunena SMITH; Alexandria Minn., Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll
Westin SMITH; Kenwood, Dartmouth; Y Club, D.S.N.
Doris SMOLLETT; Lyndale, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Harry STARN; Kenwood, Business; W.H.A.A., Baseball '19
Helen STOHRER; Wahpeton N.D., Minnesota; U.C. Club, French Club, Glee Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Edythe STONE; Whittier, Fisk University; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Ruth STUCKMAN; Emerson, St. Cloud; U.C. Club, Spanish Club, W.H.A.A.
Myrtle STOPHILBEEN; Calhoun, Eastern College; Dramatic Club
Helen TAYLOR; Duluth Central, Minnesota; Sec'y of U.C. Club, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Aquatic Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Brereton TEAGLE; Margaret Fuller, Undecided; Y Club, Math. Club, W.H.A.A.
Gladys TEEPLE; Calhoun, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Margaret THAYER; Lyndale, Undecided; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Layton THOMASON; Brooklyn N.Y., Undecided; Math. Club, W.H.A.A.
Stanley THOMPSON; Calhoun, Minnesota; Cross Coutnry Capt. '18, Track Mgr. '18, Football Mgr. '18, Swimming '19, Y Club, W Club, Engineers Club, All X Club, W.H.A.A.
John TODD; Blake, Exeter Prep. School; Treas. of Senior Class, y Club, Weekly, Engineers Club, W.H.A.A.
Ruth TRAFZER; Mapleton High, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Torvald UELAND; Lake Harriet, Minnesota; Pres. of Student Council '18, Sec'y. of Y Club, W.H.A.A., Klan
Horace VAN VALKENBURG; Douglas, Minnesota; Y Club, Math. Club, W.H.A.A., Al cantara
Coralyn WALLAR; Lake City Minn., Carleton Conservatory; Mgr. of Student Office '19, U.C. Club, Spanish Club, Hesperian, W.H.A.A., G.A.A.
Cyril WALTER JR.; Lake Harriet, National Aero Institute;
Marion WARDLE; Longfellow St. Paul, Minnesota; U.C. Club, Honory Roll, Cyril Walters
Ralph WENZEL; Calhoun, Minnesota; Y Club, W.H.A.A., D.S.N.
Gladys WESTLEY; Calhoun, Minnesota; Spanish Club
Marjorie WILCOX; Lyndale, Minnesota;
Louis WILDMAN; Excelsior High, Minnesota; Basketball Captain '19, Drill Captain, Y Club, Hesperian
Nina WILLIAMS; Charles City Iowa, Minnesota; Ass't. Editor of Weekly, U.C. Club, French Club, W.H.A.A.
Margaret WITT; Central High, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A.
Lillebelle WOLCOTT; Calhoun, Undecided;
Garrett WOLPERT; Douglas, Minnesota; Engineers Club, W.H.A.A.
Ruth WYMAN; Calhoun, Minnesota; Hesperian, U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll
George BURCH JR.; Douglas, U of Southern California;
Henry J. CRAWFORD; Margaret Fuller, Undecided; Second Football Team, 18, Engineers Club, W.H.A.A.
Harold CUFFEL;;
Rosella T. HUBER; Excelsior, Undecided; U.C. Club
Pansy WELLNITZ; Lake Harriet, McPhail School;
Allan LABATT; Calhoun, Business; Football '17, Track '18, Capt. '19, Y Club, W Club, W.H.A.A.
Faith STAFFORD; Miss Butler's Private School, Minnesota; U.C. Club, W.H.A.A., G.A.A., Board of Directors of Math. Club.

This work was transcribed by Tom Gerber.

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