Our Merged Meeks Families

On these pages you will find many different Meeks families. While most are descendants of the "Pitt County NC Boys", there are other unlinked families. It is by no means complete but a work in progress with the files of eight different Meeks researchers merged together in an effort to show the overall picture. If you would like to contribute to the merged file, I will include it at the next update.

I have tried to merge the different lines together without changing any of the contributed data and I believe I have for the most part done this. If you see anything that needs to be changed in material you contributed, please contact me.

Twenty years ago I contacted a Meeks cousin and in his first reply, he ended his letter with the quote that follows.

"Records are sketchy, memories fade, and the information given here may be incomplete, and indeed incorrect as it has been obtained from many and varied sources. As we grow older and those memories fade, sometimes our imaginations grow to the extent that any information that meets our fancy becomes fact." Considering this any additions and/or corrections are WELCOME.

Our Merged Meeks Family Page

Updated 25 April 2006

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Below you will find hot links that will take you directly to our different Meeks ancestors. There are quite a few John Meeks so a brief description of who the link refers to will follow the link.