Russell Hayes Quackenbush

Russell Hayes Quackenbush

Russell was born September 5, 1896 in Florida New York. He was the son of

Hiram Richard & Annie Welch Quackenbush. On August 2, 1931 he married

Jennie Grismer and had two children, Everett Russell and Margaret Jane.

Russell and Jennie on their honeymoon in Niagara Falls.

Russell was in WWI as a member of the Hindenburgh Line, he was one of the

few survivors from that group. While serving he was wounded and ended up in

a hospital in the Netherlands with amnesia. He was declared dead and his

death benefits were paid to his father Hiram. One year later after regaining his

memory he returned home. He had a steal plate in his head and the bones in

his legs were wired together.

Before volunteering for the war, he broke wild horses for the Cavalry in Florida

New York. He was also a rum runner in the Catskills for big name hotels during

prohibition. He lived in the Yukon for two or three years where he owned his

own dog sled and team and lived off the land. Russell also owned a motorcycle

and enjoyed riding it through the streets of Warwick New York standing on the

seat. He was an avid New York Mets Fan.

Russell and Jennie Quackenbush's home in Newburgh, New York

Russell and Jennie as I remember them.

Quackenbush Children