Russell Hayes Quackenbush

Hiram Richard Quackenbush

Hiram Richard Quackenbush

10 Months Old April 1872

Hiram Richard Quackenbush & Annie Welch

Ca 1906

Hiram was married three times. Annie Welch was his first wife and mother to all his children. Annie was born in May 1874. Hiram and Annie were

 married on June 28, 1893 and had six children, Ethel, Russell, Hobart, Roy, Burton and Wallace.

Hiram was a farmer who owned most of the black dirt fields in the Florida Pine Island area of New York. He also owned property in Brooksville,

 Florida where he grew oranges. Hiram died in Brooksville, Florida on March 28, 1944.  

Annie Welch died on March 5, 1912. The Warwick Valley

 Dispatch dated Wednesday, March 6, 1912 states she died from "asphyxiation by coal gas superinduced by heart and kidney problems."

Hiram, date unknown.

Mary Elsie Otis

Hiram's second wife was Mary Otis.

Mary was born in 1866, married Hiram on March 18, 1914 and she died on September 6, 1926.  I want to thank Sharon Otis, wife of Mary's great

 nephew for this picture!  We now have a face and another branch of the family. Mary was the only mother my grandfather remembered. She raised

 Hiram and Annie's children as if they were her own. Opa always said Mary was a wonderful person.

Martha Woodruff

Hiram's third wife was Martha Woodruff.

Martha was born in 1884 married Hiram on April 30, 1924 and died in 1961.  There isn't much known about Martha.

If you have any information on Martha Woodruff Quackenbush, please email me.

Russell Hayes Quackenbush