Most Wanted

Most Wanted

I thought I would try a page for my most wanted. Hopefully I can get some answers to some missing links and information. If you have any

 information or suggestions on how to help me find anything on these people, please contact me by Email.

Johan Adam Grisemer

This is my Great Grandfather. Johan was born May 1856 in Germany. We know next to nothing about him and where he came from. I will try to give

 all the information I have and the source of the information.


He is listed in the 1900 census as Adam J. Grismer. We know from the census that he came to the United States in 1878.

On his citizenship paper he is listed as John A. Grismer. He became a citizen on September 26, 1888.

Signature found in a German bible with different clippings glued in the bible.  

On May 12, 1910 he purchased a black horse from P. Ballentine & Sons of Newark, NJ costing $250. He had to "purchase at least 25/2 of beer & ale

 per week for his bottling plant and saloon situated on Liberty Street, Newburgh, NY."  This contact was for a period of ten years. It was signed

 Adam Greisemer and witnessed by J. H. Cowell and has the seal of P. Ballentine & Sons.  

In 1882 he married Ida Blumburg. Ida and John lived in Newburgh, NY at 158 W. Parmenter Street. They had 11 children:

Ralph Adam Grismer

Carrie Grismer Born: June 1882

Wilhelmina Grismer Born: March 1884

Ida Grismer Born: April 1886

Anthony Grismer Born: March 1890

John Adam Grismer Born: Before 1895

John Adam Grismer Born: July 31, 1895

Jennie Grismer Born: August 12, 1898

Frank Grismer Born: March 06, 1900

Margaret Grismer Born: July 01, 1905

William Robert Grismer Born: November 21, 1906

Johan Adam died January 29, 1925 at his home in Newburgh, NY. He is buried at St. George's Cemetery, Newburgh, NY.

Ida Blumberg

This is my Great Grandmother. Ida was also born in Germany on January 12, 1864. This is what we do know about Ida. We know from the census

 that she came to the United States in 1874. She had a brother Amos who was living with  her and Johan at the time of the 1900 Federal census. Her

 father was August Bomberger and her mother was Henrietta Schoffski Bomberger. August was born abt. 1834 in Germany and died April 20, 1906

 at Willard, Seneca County, New York. Henrietta was born abt 1831 in Germany and died before 1906. Ida's known siblings were:

August Jr. born ? died after 1941. At the time of his brother Herman's death, he was living in Alberta Canada.

Minnie Born abt 1866 died after December 22, 1945. At the time of Ida's death, Minnie was living in San Francisco California and was married to a B.

 F. Johnson.

Herman born May 20, 1869 in Germany and died April 7, 1941 in Middletown, New York. He was married to Emma A. Kinne and Anna Mc Crea.

Amos was born August 1878 and died August 24, 1967. Amos was married to Mary Neill.

Lizzie was born February 8, 1885. Lizzie is a question.  We're not sure if she was Ida's sister.

She was a housewife and mother, she did not work outside the home. My mom remembers her having beautiful long white hair. Johan used to say

 that if there was a way to send a post card after he died he would. After Johan died his daughter Jennie would go get the mail and say "No card

 from Pop today."

This is one of the last pictures taken of Ida a few months before she died. The white aura around her has always given me the chills. Ida died on

 December 22, 1945 at her home in Newburgh, NY. She is also buried at St. George's Cemetery in Newburgh, NY.

If anyone has any ideas please contact me by Email.