Quackenbush in Albany Rural Cemetery

Quackenbush's in Albany Rural Cemetery

Below is a list of all Quackenbush's buried in Albany Rural


I want to thank my daughter, Amy, for sitting with me at the

    cemetery office and reading the information off the cards

    while I wrote it down. After we got the information off the

    cards she walked the entire cemetery with me looking for the

    tombstones.  For those who have not been to Albany Rural

    Cemetery it is about 5 acres of land.

John Quackenbos

Parents Peter & Mary Quackenbos

d. 1-3-1803 26 yrs 8 mths 21 days

Benjamin B. Quackenbos

Born in Albany

d. Albany 9-21-1906 16 yrs 4 mths

Lived at 232 Central Avenue

COD: Appendicitis

Charles E. Quackenboss

3-22-1848 32 yrs

Charles E. Quackenboss

Born in Albany

d. Albany 1-13-1910

Lived at 338 Washington Avenue

COD: Suicide, shot through chest

Eleanor Menerly Quackenboss

Born Watervliet 12-25-1893

d. Albany 11-7-1973 79 yrs 10 mths 12 days

Lived at 175n Jay Street

Sister of Col. John J. Menerly

& Mother of Nancy Quackenboss

Grandmother of Susan Silverman & Judith Montgomery

COD: Cardiac Failure

Eugene W. Quackenboss

d. 5-14-1864 27 yrs

Mrs. Mary E. Kerker Quackenboss

b. Rensselaer 11-23-1855

d. Poughkeepsie 10-19-1936 80 yrs 10 mths 26 days

daughter of Benjamin B. & Sarah L. Kerker

                                         Widow of Charles E. Quackenboss

Mother of George M. Quackenboss

COD: Cerebral Hemorrhage

Sarah L. Quackenboss

b. Albany

d. Bath 2-13-1881 31 yrs

COD: Heart Disease

Ten Eyck Quackenboss

Printer, Departed this life Feby. 26 1845 Aged 25 years and

11 months

And doth this tomb a solemn truth proclaim

To old and young that earthly hopes are vain

That sorrow pain and death will close the scene

Of this short life its joys an empty dream.

Then shun the paths of Jesus fly

And learn with equal ease to sleep or die.

Stranger tread lightly on this dust

Nor desecrate this grave.

Walter H. Quackenboss

b. Schoharrie Co. NY

d. Albany 3-17-1878 70 yrs 3 mths

COD: Paralysis

William Harry Quackenboss

b. Albany

d. Lanesboro Mass. 10-16-1925 37 yrs 4 mths 19 days

Son of Charles E. & Mary Quackenboss

COD: Suicide

Albert V. Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 1-27-1905 1 yr 3 mths 22 days

COD: Pachymeningitis

Allen Quackenbush

b. North Adams Mass.

d. Albany 2-28-1883 5 yrs 2 mths 15 days

COD: Croup

Amanda M. Quackenbush

b. Michigan

d. Watervliet 2-2-1904 62 yrs

COD: Angina Pectoris

Ann Quackenbush

d. 12-16-1828 62 yrs 9 mths 3 days

Benjamin Frank Quackenbush

b. Albany 8-23-1845

d. Albany 6-5-1878 32 yrs 9 mths 13 days

COD: Consumption

C. T. Quackenbush

d. 2-28-1891 46 yrs.

Carrie Vrooman Quackenbush

b. Troy

d. W. Troy 12-19-1882 19 yrs 8 mths 14 days

COD: Consumption

Catherine Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 3-4-1869 84 yrs.

COD: Old age

Catherine N. Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 1-23-1881 88 yrs

COD: Old age

Charles Layton Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Watervliet 5-4-1918 55 yrs 11 mths 3 days

COD: Carcinoma of esophogus

Charles Sydney Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Newark NJ 1-8-1892 47 yrs

COD: Gun shot wound, suicide

Delia Vrooman Quackenbush

b. Schenectady

d. W. Troy 7-27-1896 68 yrs 6 mths 26 days

Wife of Richard Quackenbush

COD: Paralysis

Dora Cheeseman (Mrs. William H.) Quackenbush

b. Albany 8-4-1850

d. Albany 4-21-19222 71 yrs 8 mths 17 days

COD: Intestinal Toxemia

Eliza D. Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 2-1-1892 51 yrs

COD: Brights Disease

Elizabeth A. Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Jamestown RI 8-2-1886 58 yrs

COD: Apoplexy

Florence Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 3-11-1901 6 yrs 7 mths 7 days

COD: Broncho Pneumonia

Florence Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 12-26-1908

COD: Stillborn

Gansevoort Quackenbush

d. 6-1-1857 56 yrs 3 mths 12 days

George A. Quackenbush

b. Lansingburgh 10-15-1926

d. Albany 5-26-1995 68 yrs 7 mths 11 days

Husband of Joyce M. Quackenbush

COD: Natural Causes

George F. Quackenbush

b. Troy

d. Denver CO 4-10-1887 28 yrs

COD: Consumption

George W. Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Heath Cyrus Mass. 2-9-1901 79 yrs 1 mth 9 days

COD: Broncho Pneumonia

George W. Quackenbush Jr.

b. Albany

d. Albany 9-28-1885 10 yrs 10 mths 10 days

COD: Diphtheria

Grace Ethel Quackenbush

b. Albany 12-20-1900

d. Pittsfield Mass 12-28-1977 77 yrs 8 days

Hannah Quackenbush

b. Fultonville Montgomery County

d. Albany 10-2-1875 69 yrs

COD: Paralysis

Harriet W. Bennett Quackenbush

b. Albany 4-28-1861

d. Borough of Manhattan 10-13-1919 58 yrs 5 mths 15 days

Daughter of Betsy Helen Bennet

COD: Cancer

Helen Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Schenectady 1-24-1903 70 yrs

COD: Chr. Nephritis

Isabella M. Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 6-18-1888 77 yrs

COD: Bronchitis

Ida Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 9-7-1884 1yr 1mth

COD: Dysentary

J. N. Quackenbush

& John Quackenbush

John H. Quackenbush

b. Troy

d. Troy Hospital 10-3-1913 65 yrs 10 mths 4 days

COD: Paralysis of intestines

Layton Chalker Quackenbush

b. Kingston 1886

d. Colonie 7-16-1933 47 yrs 3 mths 5 days

Husband of Alice I Hart Quackenbush

Father of Dorothy M. & Raymond Quackenbush

COD: Nephritis

Margaret N. Quackenbush

d. 6-3-1831 72 yrs 2 mths 15 days

William J. Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany Hudson River 11-5-1901 51 yrs 4 mths 22 days

COD: Drowning

Carrie L. Quackenbush

b. Newburgh

d. Greenbush 11-15-1873 5 yrs 3 mths 21 days

COD: Scarlet Fever

Cornelius Quackenbush

b. Albany 6-9-1814

d. Albany 4-23-1879 64 yrs 10 mths 14 days

COD: Paralysis

From Monument

Cornelius Quackenbush born June 9, 1814 died April 23,


Jeanette Duncan wife of Cornelius born July 10, 1815 died

    Nov. 22, 1875

Elva A. White (Mrs. George E.) Quackenbush

b. New Scotland NY

d. Albany 4-19-1920 61 yrs 11 mths 12 days

COD: Chronic Interstitial Nephritis

Frank Quackenbush

b. Albany 1869

d. Pittsfield Mass 1-16-1939 69 yrs 5 mths 24 days

Husband of Marion Phillips Quackenbush

Father of Miss Grace Quackenbush


The Relatives and Descendants of

Henry Quackenbush

Whose remains are deposited here, to wit:

Elizabeth Rosebone, his widow

Catherine and Catalina, his Daughters

Jacob J. Lansing, his son in law

Jacob J. Lansing

Jacob Lansing and Susan Benedict, children of his grandson

    Jacob Lansing,

John Quackenbush and Catherine, his wife

And Nancy, his servant. A faithful slave.


Sacred to the memory of

Col. Henry Quackenbush

Who having lived the life, died the death

Of the righteous on the 2d February 1813

Aged 76 years.

Co. Quackenbush was with Lord Amherst at

Ticonderoga, with Gen. Gates at Saratoga,

"In the days that tried mens souls".

Chairman of the Committee of Safety, member

Of the Colonie Legislature, Elector of

President and Vice-President

In all the relations of life virtuous.

In all the stations which he filled faithful,

Respected and honored in life lamented

In death.

His POSTERITY as a memento of their regard

For his memory, have erected this monument.

Jeanette B. Duncan Quackenbush

b. Albany 7-10-1815

d. Albany 11-22-1875 60 yrs 4 mths 12 days

Wife of Benjamin F. Quackenbush

COD: Consumption

Miss Jennie E. Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 2-24-1921 69 yrs 1 mth

Daughter of David and Hannah Van Epps Quackenbush

COD: Congestion of lungs

John V. P. Quackenbush (M.D.)

b. Albany

d. Albany 6-8-1876 57 yrs 5 mths

COD: Heart Disease

Mrs. Marion Phillips Quackenbush

b. England

d. Pontoosac Lake, Pittsfield Mass 9-18-1931 61 yrs 9 mths

    4 days

Wife of Frank Quackenbush

Daughter of Joseph and Sarah Jones Phillips

Mother of Grace Quackenbush

COD: Uremia

Miss Mary Quackenbush

b. Guilderland NY 1-22-1857

d. Albany Hospital, Albany NY 10-13 1934 77 yrs 8 mths 21


Daughter of Jacob and Lucinda Winne Quackenbush

Aunt of Mrs. Edward P. Buyck

COD Chronic Myocarditis

Mary C. Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 1-26-1914 62 yrs 4 mths 2 days

COD: Asphyxiation

Mrs. Mary C. Quackenbush

b. Troy 9-22-1858

d. Leonard Hospital, Troy 1-24-1934 75 yrs 4 mths 2 days

Widow of John H. Quackenbush,

George Quackenbush, stepson

COD: Cerebral Embolism

Mary Jane Quackenbush

Daughter of Laurence and Sarah Quackenbush

Died 5-7-1848

Aged 7 yrs

Nancy Quackenbush

b. Albany

d. Albany 5-25-1866 83 yrs

COD: Erysipelas

Walter Pfaff Quackenbush

b. Kingston 5-25-1884 (1887 on monument)

d. Watervliet2-23-1953 65 (68) yrs 8 mths 28 days

Son of Charles L. Quackenbush and Margaret Pfaff

    Quackenbush Husband of Myrtle Dunbar Quackenbush

Father of Mrs. Caroline Scranton and Mrs. Warren Oathout

Brother of Mrs. Lloyd Oothout and Mrs. Walter Fonda

COD: Massive Gastric Hemorrhage

Robert A. Quackenbush (PFC)

b Stillwater

d. Saint Lo area France 7-17-1944

Son of Mrs. George Wolffe (Florence B. Quackenbush Wolffe)

Brother of Mrs. Glen Lawyer, Mrs. Charles Smith, Mrs.

    George Cousens and Mrs. William Voight.

Stepbrother of George and Gerson Wolffe

COD: World War II Killed in Action


Robert A. Quackenbush PFC

(On Monument)

P.F.C. Robert A. Quackenbush


137th Inf. Killed in Action

in France July 17, 1944