This page was prepared by  Barbara Lewis for her class, Irish Research on the Internet,
which is  held  periodically  at the  Ogden Family Search Library, in Ogden, Utah.

Links that are numbered are used for priority of instruction when time in class is limited

Updated June 24, 2017


1- Familysearch -Family Tree

2-  Library Catalog Click on SEARCH at the top and then CATALOG
3- Online Research Classes from LDS:  Any Irish researcher would benefit from taking advantage of these classes. To change country, click on "anyplace" at the left
4- IRELAND  on WIKI....A place to start...a GREAT MAP.....BEGINNERS CORNER....and topics of Interest at the left.

5BMD Certificates available at the FHL in Salt Lake City   Scroll down to the bottom of the page

         Another link to the above            

6-GOOGLE    This could be your most important tool in researching!
7-GENUKI -Ireland...information related to all of Ireland

GETTING STARTED.....from the National Archives of Ireland....summary of the various records available.....


About Irish Census records:

8-The first Irish census to survive intact is 1901. This is available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.
1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland: The National Archives of Ireland census website has been updated to provide new search options for the 1911 census, including: Relation to Head of Household, Literacy, Occuptation, Marital Status, County/Country of Origin, Language Proficiency, Specified Illnesses, Number of Years Married, Number of Children Born, and Number of Children Living. All thirty-two counties for 1911 are now available on the site. :

1901 and 1911 Census search engine

Earlier Irish census records were largely destroyed by fire in Dublin in 1922.  There are fragments which have been transcribed by genealogists but these include only a very small amount of the original records. The best known Irish census substitute is Griffith's Valuations which was a listing of who the renters were and who owned the property. It was begun about 1848.

Irish Census Information
Online Census Indexes and Records
Census records online: This site has not only census records listed by county, but Griffith Valuation, Tithe Applotment, Pigots Directories, and other resources..

Householder's Index::  explanation  and visual samples
       Griffiths Primary Valuation  Search Engine and explanation of...
        Valuation Revision Books: From PRONI.    These are the continuation records of the original Griffiths Valuation (1847 - 1864), and use the same plot numbers and townlands. You can use these records to see when someone acquired or disposed of a property, when they died (eg theoccupant will change to "reps of."), plus other changes such as purchase. Covered are counties Antrim, Armagh, Down,Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone between the years 1864 to 1933.

9Griffith's Valuation on "Ask About Ireland"  ( between 1848 and 1864)...I'm told the spelling has to be letter perfect on this search engine...but it is an excellent source.       
Tithe Applotment on Ancestry: Information from the Tithe Books has been extracted and the  have been indexed in this data set. Only the six counties that constitute present-day Northern Ireland – Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Down, Fermanagh, and Tyrone, covering 223 parishes, are included. If you find an ancestor among the nearly 200,000 listed, you will learn the following:Name, County, Parish, Townland, Year of Enumeration

10--Tithe Applotments from the National Archives  1823-1837....a search in most counties here

Tithe Applotments: LDS film townland 
Freeholder's Index (PRONI) engine off to the right...Lists of people entitled to vote (abt 1775-1825)
Irish Flax Growers List of 1796 (Ancestry)
        Another Flax Growers List


44-Ireland Genweb Project
Northern Ireland Gebweb

45- Ireland Mailing Lists..
Northern Ireland Mailing Lists

All Mailing lists There are many, kind people on these lists who are very helpful, and  some professionals even volunteer their "expertise."

See Instruction for joining a MAILING LIST at the bottom of this page.

Message Boards on Ancestry.....from the home page, go to the Collaborate Tab at the top and down to Message Boards box and click on the "Go to the boards"  link  on the green strip. In the Find a Board search engine, type in your surname or locality. Then select the one you need, as there will several listed. Use the Keyword box to type in your key word; it is strongly suggested that you use a surname keyword on a locality board or a locality keyword for a surname message board, or..go directly to Find a Board
Message Boards on Genealogy.Com (GenForum)


Surname Registery... Scroll down to Surname Registry...make connections with others researching the same surname.
Irish Clans and Surnames
11-Surname Search on Irish Ancestors on Irish Times: This site is excellent!
Irish Surnames  ...on the right side of page
Surname find variations of spellings


but first, some general facts about Ireland.....

Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom.
The British Isles consist of Great Britain and Ireland (plus many small  islands around the coast of both.)
Great Britain is politically divided into England, Scotland and Wales.Ireland is politically divided into Republic of Ireland (used to be Irish Free State or Eire) and Northern Ireland.
UK is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, ruled from Westminster and regional parliaments and with Queen Elizabeth II as monarch.
The Republic of Ireland is now an independent, foreign country to the UK with its own president and parliament.
Historically Ireland is divided into four provinces; Leinster, Munster, Connought and Ulster. Ulster comprises nine counties of  which three are in the Republic of Ireland and six in Northern Ireland.


LEINSTER: Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois (Leix/Queen's),Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly (King's Co.), Westmeath, Wexford and Wicklow.
MUNSTER: Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford.
ULSTER: Divided in two sections --
(1) Northern Ireland : Antrim, Armagh, Derry/Londonderry, Down, Fermanagh, and Tyrone.
(2) Republic of Ireland: Cavan, Donegal,  and Monaghan.
CONNAUGHT: Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo. the web sites....

12-Irish Jurisdictions: Administrative Division of Ireland, Province, Barony, Townland etc
IreAtlas Townland Database...Seanruad
14-Ordinance Survey Map--Mapviewer
Googlemaps UK
      Maps of Ireland
      Maps of Ulster graveyards----religious distribution "History of Headstones" click on "maps"
      Parish Maps of Northern Ireland.....
      Townlands of Ulster
      Ireland's History in Maps


15.5 - IMPORTANT:    Roman Catholic Parish Registers now found at these 4 sites below; Coverage is 1655-1915 depending on which database.

Find My Past:  Scroll down and to the right are other options of Parish Records

Ancestry:  SEARCH tab at top: All collections; Scroll down to LOCATION and click on UK and Irelanad; Clink on Ireland in the map: Ireland Catholic Parish registers  Indexed

National  Library of Ireland has Catholic Parish Registers, Browse only; enter Parish name

Irish Family History Foundation.( pay site, but a very important place to search for records... This site is updated often with new records available from the various counties.


16 - List of Church of Ireland Parish Registers:  The Church of Ireland has just published an updated list of Historic parish registers for Ireland.  This very useful 96-page pdf document list sby parish and diocese what baptisms, marriages, and burial records exist by date range and where to find them, including where to look online.

16.5-Irish Family History Foundation.(RootsIreland)....a pay site, but a very important place to search for records... This site is updated often with new records available from the various counties.

17-Irish Genealogy: FREE Church Records of Kerry, Dublin, Carlow, and the  RC Dioceses of Cork and Ross...notice the "Church Records" link at the top

18-Bill Macafee's Website:   One Stop-Shopping for County Derry......if you're a Derry researcher, don't miss this site!

19-Irish Records on Ancestry:  Home page >Search >Scroll down to the UK and Ireland link.  Click on map of Northern Ireland and Ireland separately, as there are databases for each.

20-County Heritage Centers-   find out which records are indexed on the above site.   Click on "Counties Online"  at the right; click on a closeup of your county and note the sources available for that county and research centers located in that county.

21-Irish Ancestry on "Irish Times" excellent site for earnest researchers; excellent showing of counties, parishes, and townlands and availability of records

About the Calendar Wills and Administration (National Archives) this before using the site below

22- Calendar of Wills...unavailable
Ireland Genealogy Project Archives (IGP).....a good place to share your Irish resources...also click on the bearded man at the bottom to bring up the Archives of this project

British Isles and North America Batch numbers

Headstones--a subscription site with a free inscription search

Burial Records on "Ancestors at Rest"

Interment ....Cemetery Links

All Ireland Directories

Ireland Genealogy county...contains many vital records

Ireland Marriages and Marriage Database

23-Italian Genealogy Group for NYC vital records and naturalization indexes If your kin came into NYC, this is a great place to look.  I have personally found a number of records fo my kin here.

Irish Wills on Ancestry

24-Batch Numbers  ( Hugh Wallis site)    Click on County >Parish or town >Fill in name and see who comes up in that Parish !

     British Isles and North America Batch numbers


25-A Guide to Church Records at PRONI
RC, Presbyterian, and Church of Ireland Records...use the search engine at the top right
26-Church Records from " Irish Ancestors "  follow links at the left..  

 27- Presbyterian Church Records at PRONI  Use the search engine at the top right ie: church records
28-Roman Catholic Records ...from "Irish Ancestors"...bring up by county and then parish...shows where the records are held.

29-Records from the National Library of Ireland in Dublin.. 

     Roman Catholic Parish Registers  (Brian Mitchell)
 30-Roman Catholic Church Records at PRONI

     Church of Ireland records  (Brian Mitchell)

 31-Index to the Church of Ireland Records at PRONI. Use search engine at the top right



 Subscribe to the Ships Lists mailing lists:
To Subscribe or unsubscribe: [email protected]

To Post: [email protected]

32-Ellis Island
33-Castlegarden...Offers free access to an extraordinary database of information on 10 million immigrants from 1830 through 1892, the year Ellis Island opened.
     Irish Passenger Lists Research Guide..........worth reading before you dive in!!
34-The Ships List   
     From Ireland to America (
35- Irish Emigrants into New York City 1846-1851(Ancestry)
36-Irish Immigration to US and Canada (Olive Tree Genealogy)
37-Irish Ships Passenger Lists (Olive Tree Genealogy)
38-Ships Passenger Lists From Ireland 1811 (Olive Tree Genealogy)
     Peter Robinson settlers...Ireland to Canada (Olive Tree Genealogy)
     List of Poor sent from England to Ireland (1860-1862)
    Irish Passengers Lists
    More Irish Passenger Lists

39-Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
     Ireland to Quebec/Ireland to Pennsylvania (Olive Tree Genealogy)
Galway to NYC....1851 (Famine Immigrants)      Book 2 of the above     Book 3 of the above
Gateway to searchable online passenger case you missed one of the sites listed above
All Ireland Passenger Lists...many overlap with those above....but contains some different ones
Passenger lists from Donegal
Irish Passenger Lists

40-The Irish in this before using the following site
41-Missing Friends:  Search for Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in the Boston Pilot

42-GOOGLE BOOK or just GOOGLE: Search for Biographical Albums of the county of which your Irish kin settled


43-Family History Workshops from Boyd Gray  Boyd Gray is an  experienced Irish researcher living in County Donegal Ireland,. His primary genealogy interests are related to West Ulster and in particular Counties Donegal, Tyrone, and Londonderry.
Ireland Reaching Out....a fairly new site of Irish Resources
About the Abercorn Papers..from PRONI,,,,,also see this link from the LDS catalog
Irish Roots
Irish Genealogy Project--IGP
...links also found on some counties in the table below
Calendar of Wills online for the Londonderry Probate area (PRONI) engine...
These were a brief outline of wills and Letters of Application (for those who died intestate) which are currently kept either in Derry Probate Office or Belfast PRONI.
They often give next of kin.

Locating where your family lived in're not alone if you don't know!!
Social Security Death Index (US...go to Ancestry home page...up to SEARCH...down to birth, marriages, deaths...then over at the right column:  'US Social Security Death Index"
The Great Irish Potato Famine...the story of....
Fianna.....Great resources found here!
Bob's Genealogy links
Irish Ancestors Page...Great info about Irish terminology and resources --a real fun site!!
Cyndi's List for Ireland and Northern Ireland
Ulster Ancestry Links ....there are many Free links that you can use on this site!
Pigot & Co's Provincial Directory of Ireland 1824
Currency Converter
Newspaper Archive Ireland
Irish Genealogy News-Blogs about what's new in Irish Research


The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) 
The General Record Office of Northern Ireland (GRO)
National  Library of Ireland (Dublin)
National Archives of Ireland

Irish Heritage Centers--North and South


Civil Registration index on LDS films-births
Civil Registration index on LDS films-marriages
What BMD certificates  are available
from the General Record Office?
Ordering BMD Certificates
 for Northern Ireland  (NIdirect)
Ordering BMD Certificates for Ireland


Irish Family History Foundation---Online Service---see above good Irish resources...check back often.  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH RECORDS now on Ancestry.
Ulster Ancestry excellent profesional service site, but first click on "Free Pages" at top of home page.....ask a question and Robert will answer and be very helpful
AncestryIreland..enter surname in search box for free databases
Find My Past Ireland: The earliest records date back to the 13th century (wills) and include several important collections from the 18th century (The Elphin Census 1749 and the 1798 Rebellion records). The collection includes the exclusive publication of the Landed Estates Court records, a crucial resource for the mid- to late-19th century, which includes details of over 500,000 tenants on Irish estates.



Below are just a few of the many good sites for each county.  Please excuse broken links as it is hard to keep up with changes.

ANTRIM Antrim GenWeb Project Antrim Genealogy Links

RootsIreland Resources

Genealogy Forum

Genuki Antrim

Antrim 1851 Census
ARMAGH Armagh GenWeb Project ArmaghGenealogy Links

Armagh Ireland Genealogy Project

County Armagh

RootsIreland Resources

Genealogy Forum
CARLOW Carlow GenWeb Project Carlow Genealogy Links

Carlow Genealogy Project

Cemeteries of Carlow

RootsIreland Resources

Genealogy Forum
CAVAN Cavan GenWeb Project Cavan Genealogy Links

Cavan Records on

Cavan Marriages Genuki Cavan Genealogy Forum
CLARE Clare GenWeb Project Clare County Library
(Many resources) Resources

Clare County Marriages Griffith Valuation and Surnames Clare County Resources
CORK Cork GenWeb Project Cork Genealogy Links

RootsIreland Resources

County Cork Genuki Cork Genealogy Forum
DERRY Derry GenWeb Project Derry Genealogy Links Derry Ireland Genealogy Project

RootsIreland Resources

GO HERE FIRST Genealogy Forum
DONEGAL Data Index Boyd Gray Workshops

Researching in Donegal

Civil Parishes & Townlands Donegal Genealogy Sources

RootsIreland Resources

DOWN Down GenWeb Project RootsIreland Resources Genealogy Forum Surnames of County Down Raymond's Co Down Site
DUBLIN Dublin GenWeb Project Dublin Church Records Dublin County Genealogy Project Dublin Cemeteries Genuki Dublin Church Records
FERMANAGH Fermanagh GenWeb Fermanagh Roman Catholic Records Fermanagh Ireland Genealogy Project County Fermanagh Genuki Fermanagh Tithe Applotments
GALWAY Galway GenWeb Project Galway Roman Catholic Records Galway Records on Misc Vital Records Country Galway Resources Genealogy Forum
KERRY Kerry GenWeb Project Kerry Vital Records
on Irish Genealogy

Genuki Kerry

Kerry Marriage Records Catholic Parish Churches Church Records
KILDARE Kildare GenWeb Project Kildare Church Records Kildare Genealogy Project Kildare Marriages Genuki Kildare Genealogy Forum
KILKINNEY Kilkenny GenWeb Project Kilkinny Roman Catholic Records Kilkenny Genealogy Project Kilkenny Resources Genuki Kilkenny Genealogy Forum
LAOIS Laois GenWeb Project Laois Church Records Laois Genealogy Project Laois Genealogy Queries Genuki Laois Genealogy Forum
LEITRIM Leitrim GenWeb Project Leitrim Roman Catholic Records Leitrim Genealogy Project Leitrim Genealogy Genter Leitrim Genealogy Genealogy Forum
LIMERICK Limerick GenWeb Project

Limerick Records

Limerick Genealogy RootsIreland Resources Limerick Resources Limerick Genealogy
LONGFORD Longford GenWeb Project

Longford Records

Longford R C Records Longford Marriages Genuki Longford Genealogy Forum
LOUTH Louth GenWeb Project Louth Roman Catholic Records Louth Genealogy Project Louth Marriages Genuki Louth Genealogy Forum
MAYO Mayo GenWeb Project Mayo Genealogy Links Mayo Genealogy Project Mayo R C Records Genuki Mayo Genealogy Forum
MEATH Meath GenWeb Project Meath Roman Catholic Records Meath Genealogy Project Meath Cemeteries Genuki Meath Genealogy Forum
MONAGHAN Monagham Roman Catholic Records Monaghan Genealogy Project Monaghan Marriages Genuki Monaghan Genealogy Forum
OFFALY Offaly GenWeb Project Offaly Roman Catholic Records Offaly Cemeteries Offaly-From Ireland Genuki Offaly Genealogy Forum
ROSCOMMON Roscommon GenWeb Roscommon Roman Catholic Records Roscommon Genesalogy RootsIreland Resources Roscommon Genealogy Genealogy Forum
SLIGO Sligo GenWeb Sligo Roman Catholic Records

Sligo Genealogy Project

Sligo Genealogy Forum Sligo Genealogy Centers Sligo Tithe 1824
TIPPERARY Tipperary GenWeb

Tipperary Records on

Tipperary Newspaper Records

Tipperary Genealogy Forum Tipperary County Resources N. Tipperary Geneology Centre
TYRONE Tyrone GenWeb Project County Tyrone Website Tyrone Genealogy Project RootsIreland Resources

Genuki Tyrone

RootsIreland Resources
WATERFORD Waterford GenWeb Waterford Roman Catholic Records

County Waterford

RootsIreland Resources Genuki Waterford Genealogy  Forum
WESTMEATH Westmeath GenWeb Westmeath Roman Catholic Records Westmeath Resources Online Westmeath Genealogy Project Genuki  Westmeath Genealogy Forum
WEXFORD Wexford GenWeb

Wexford Genealogy Links

Wexford  From-Ireland Wexford Cemetery Records Genuki Wexford Genealogy Forum
WICKLOW Wicklow GenWeb Wicklow Genealogy Links Wicklow Genealogy Project Wicklow Cemetery Records

Wicklow Church Records

Genealogy Forum

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