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Updated June 23, 2017

This page was prepared by Barbara Lewis  for her class, Scottish Research on the Internet,
which is taught periodically at the Ogden Family Search Library, in Ogden, Utah.


Familysearch -Family Tree

Library Catalog on FamilySearch  Click on SEARCH at the top and then CATALOG

Always check the FamilySearch Library Catalog to see what holdings the LDS Family History Library has for your parish. Burial records are scarce, but check your parish to see if there are some there.  In the library catalog, church records that are followed by indexes show that LDS has extracted those records and are  now found on newFamilySearch/Family Tree)

2--Online Research Classes from LDS: Any Scottish  researcher would benefit from these classes...Click on "anyplace" at the left to change countries.

3--Scotland on WIKI:...a place to start your research....GREAT MAP...topics of interest at the left


Go to to the SEARCH  Tab, down to WIKI, and to the search engine entitled SEARCH FOR PLACE OR TOPIC.  Enter a place in Scotland:  parish, county, etc...

and you will get a new page that includes great online information for that place.  If you're looking on a Parish page, look for a special CHART that is shown under CHURCH RECORDS.

4--POOR LAW: Be sure to check "Poor Law"  in your Library Catalog.  I found a gold mine of information here.  You may find just an index,   or you may find the actual records on microfilm. See this link for someone who is willing to to a "look up" for your at Mitchel Library in Glasgow.

5--The HUGH WALLIS SITE has categorized IGI entries by county, parish, and surname..see "Scottish Batch Numbers" below.

6--OPR (Old Parish Registers) Many of these records are found on the IGI, or the new.familysearch site.  The OPR Registers are also found at  the Family History Library (Salt Lake) and at the Ogden Family History Center on a few of the computers. This database if found under the heading of    "SCOTTISH RECORDS" on the old DOS FamilySearch Database.  These Baptisms and Marriages go from early to about the year 1855 when Scottish Civil Registration began. These records are also found on Scotland's People. (see below)
          These records contain baptisms and marriages.  Be sure to use the Parent Search option to bring up all the children of a couple.

 7-GOOGLE.COM  There are MANY important research sites on the Internet!  Many find their ancestors on other's family web sites.

8--GENUKI-- -
Scotland...information related to all of Scotland....Don't overlook this wonderful resource!


9--SCOTLAND'S PEOPLE:  1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 Census Records for a Fee.

10--ANCESTRY.COM:  A Pay site, but occasionally available free at the Ogden Family History Center;  occasionally  offered to the general public FREE for a short period of time;   Covers 1841-1901 Census Records. Go to Search Tab and down to Census and Voter lists...then over to the right to UK Census collection. Scroll down to Scotland Censuses.

11--FREECEN Online....absolutely FREE; not yet complete but more added every day. Before you "search the database" on the home page, check the "Information about Coverage " on the home page to see if your area has been transcribed.  (I enter the very popular surname "Campbell" and if nothing is found, I can usually assume my area hasn't been transcribed yet.)

12--FIND MY PAST......Great place for British Censuses;  does not have the 1911 for Scotland

13-- CENSUS DATES..and what information is included for each census


14--GAZETTEER FOR SCOTLAND......Includes a History-Time Line



17--STATISTICAL ACCOUNTS OF SCOTLAND  1791-1845 ..My favorite site for information on my area for 2 different time periods




19.--OLD MAPS:  Click on "maps," type in name, make selection from list, use arrows around map to navigate....these maps can be downloaded


20--SCOTLAND'S PEOPLE: (Fee Based) Statutory Registers ( Civil Records BMDs) : Births 1855-1906;   Marriages 1855-1931;    Deaths 1855-1956 
   Old Parish Registers: Births & Baptisms 1553-1854; Banns & Marriages 1553-1854
. You can search the Wills index without fee.  You must register to use this site, and you can do a general search without paying a fee......give it a try!

      NOTE: Scottish Catholic Registers, births and baptisms, are now available on Scotland's People. A great addition to this new resource...see above link.

21--SCOTLAND BMD.....Connect with others who have info from Civil Registration surname (Click on Site Search at top)

22--BRITISH VITAL RECORDS CD.(BVRI)..these records used to be on a CD but are now found on familysearch.

23--OLD PARISH REGISTERS.....See "OPR" records near the top of this page

24-SCOTTISH RECORDS  on ANCESTRY  Scroll down to the UK and Ireland Tab and  click on map of Scotland.

25--INFORMATION FOUND ON CR CERTIFICATES  this information found on Scotland's People....see #20 link....use search engine

26--BURIAL RECORDS: of all Scotland is a wonderful site that I personally use for my work on Findagrave.  There are a number of organizations that are collecting transcriptions and Monumental Inscriptions.  Try Google to bring these sites up.  For a listing of Burial grounds, to to GENUKI,  find your county, and scroll down to "Cemeteries."

27--SCOTTISH MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS Click on "Products" over on the left.  These people are good to answer questions and new cemeteries are often uploaded.

28-MEMENTO-MORI MONUMENTAL excellent site if you find your kin in one of these counties or areas: Perthshire, Stirlingshire, Clackmannanshire, East Dunbartonshire, West Lotian, North Lanarkshire, Berwickshire, and Glasgow

29--FIND A GRAVE...Most burials grounds can now be found on this site.  You may have to try various names of the cemetery to find it; Same with using a person's name

30--DECEASED ONLINE:    A central database for UK burials and cremations

31--GLASGOW & WEST OF SCOTLAND Family History Society...will photograph a grave marker for a fee....many other services on this site

32--BRITISH NEWSPAPERS ONLINE   I found articles on my Gillon family in 1840 Falkirk!


33--ALL MAILING LISTS...see instructions below

34--SCOTLAND MAILING LISTS....Don't forget to check the Archives on your mailing list.

35--MESSAGE BOARDS ON ANCESTRY...........go to the  HELP Tab at the top Ancestry black strip and down to Message Boards.  Scroll down to the Find a Board search engine, type in your surname or locality. --then select the one you need, as there will several listed.  Then use the KEYWORD box to type in your key word; it is strongly suggested that you use a surname keyword on a locality board or a locality keyword for a surname message board. Or, go directly to this page and right to "Find a Board"




36.5   SCOTLAND'S PLACES  Lots of good info on each county


37-NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF SCOTLAND: This is the Scottish source for  non-conformist and Roman Catholic records that may not be found elsewhere.....also non-microfilmed manuscript documents (sasines, court cases, wills, property transfers, kirk sessions, estate records, etc.) which can be consulted on site for FREE, but you need a certain level of expertise for dealing with original manuscripts.  

38--FAMILY HISTORY AT THE MITCHELL...Visiting Glasgow? Don't miss this great library resource.  Check out their new site !



39--SCOTLAND'S PEOPLE  Statutory Registers (BMDs, ) Old Parish Registers, Census Records, Wills and Testaments (Search 1513-1901 Free) order certificates

How to join  MAILING LISTS


Go to the above site and to the search engine: : FIND A MAILING LIST

After KEYWORD, Type in the name of the surname or locality of the list you wish….

Mailing Lists - SURNAME SEARCH

Example: Surname: "G" for the surname "Galbraith"

**This takes you to the Galbraith Mailing List instruction page.

Click on: "Subscribe to Galbraith -L" (mail mode) or "Subscribe to Galbraith-D" (Digest Mode)

Be sure the word "subscribe" is on the subject line. It may also appear in the message space. Do NOT put anything in the message space. Send it through.

NOTE: Subscribe does not mean send money. It is just a way of becoming a member of the list.

You will get a message asking you to CONFIRM that you want to be on the mailing list.  Check that you do and send back.

You will get a welcome letter from the host/hostess of that mailing list that gives you directions on how to post a message, how to unsubscribe, or any other directions that the host feels is necessary. Keep these instructions.

To post a query, the Rootsweb address will be the same WITHOUT the word "request."

Example: [email protected]

To get off and on each list, the word "request" will be in the address.

Example: to get off and on the list: [email protected]

THE ARCHIVES…to search or browse to find messages that were sent to the list when you were not subscribed. The link to these archives is found at the bottom of each Mailing List Instruction page…the one that you started with above.**


Use the same site: Rootsweb User Mailing Lists

This time you will type in the name of the LOCALITY that you need: Ex: Lanark

This will take you to the LANARK instruction page **

Follow the same directions as above as you did with SURNAME.


· Make sure that your postings have a meaningful subject line

 Good Example: Robert GALBRAITH 1840 from Glasgow

· Don't use deceptive subject lines that you think may help attract attention

  Bad example: Need help, please!!!!

· Don't use all caps. It's like SHOUTING to the other listers. Write like you normally do.

· Make your "query" short and to the point. Put surnames in caps: Robert GALBRAITH

· Don't use inflammatory remarks. This is called "flaming"

· Don't send attachments (pictures or otherwise) or to the list.


· Before you post your first "query," read some of the posts of others to get an idea of what you need to do.

· On Locality mailing lists especially, stay subscribed long enough to learn from others about the area you are researching. Watch for people who are offering "lookups" from sources that are available to them.

· Most people who will help you are volunteers and will not charge you for sharing or looking up information. But never expect others to pay for any copying/mailing expenses.

· The more lists you are on, the more chance you have of getting responses.

· Remember to "unsubscribe" when you go on vacation, if you don't want messages to pile up in you "inbox."

Remember, FHL in Salt Lake has BMD certificates: 1855 to 1875, also 1881 and 1891

However, many of the Births and Marriages from this group are now online at Family Search

Barbara Lewis

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