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Gitarzan's Bracket

In the late Winter of 2005 I wanted to remove the side chrome from the rear fender of my Savage and decided that I didn't like the look of the taillights on the fender itself.  I liked the OEM signals, however and wanted to find a way to use them.  I considered making a mounting tube until one day I thought of an L-bracket.  A little more consideration developed into a C-bracket which would be much more stable.  Here's what I ended up with...

First, The Scootworks has a rear signal adapter, (part # Suzuki Rear Signal Adapters) for $37.99. (bottom of the page)

They are nice aluminum billet adapters that take the place of the rubber extension on the OEM lights.  You can bolt them wherever you can drill a hole.  They are very sturdy and very nicely milled, not molded.  

They also have a bracket that replaces the rubber extension, but goes into the original mounting hole.  It's a little more expensive, but would look nive on the front signals.

These brackets are what allows an easy, neat installation.  Order them.

Next a C-Bracket needs fabricated.  I originally used aluminum bar and while it looked very nice, it did not hold up well when it got it's first good bump.  I made a second one from a 1" x 3/16" x 4' iron bar I purchased at Lowe's.

I'm not providing any other specs, since I didn't measure anything.  I have an aftermarket chromed license plate frame and I made my bracket using that as a template for spacing and countersinking the drill targets.

Here it goes, visually.  Click on the pictures for full size images...

In a nutshell, bend a bracket the width of your license plate frame.  The dog legs should bend back about 1 1/2" to 2".  Drill holes for the mounting to the rear of the license plate bracket and larger holes for the flasher adapters.  There's also a need to cut two notches to fit the bikes mounting bracket.  I got my bolts at Lowes and used those nuts with the nylon lock at one end.  This type.
Here's the finished bracket, primered, painted and baking in the sun.
Here's another angle.  Please note the clever segue of photographic angles from the drawing to the next picture.
This is the bracket with the adapters mounted, ready for deployment. Make sure they are tight and aligned.  Click on the picture for more detail.
Mounted on the bike...
Close up from the front.  Please note the notch. 
From the front, with the lights attached. I used a cable tie to link the wiring, which then snakes through the existing wire frame, through the hole with a big grommet (tight fit, spit makes a great lube) and to the wiring connectors.  I had to make a 6" extension in order for the wires to reach home.
Rear shot.  Look how nice and clean it looks.  If I placed these lights back in the same spots they were with the side chrome, it would look it had big ears.
Full rear shot. 
Side shot, next to The Redbird, my V-Star 1100 Classic.
There you have it. 
Love and Kisses,