DNA Testing related to GIVENS / GIVEN Surname Research

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DNA Testing

If you remember school biology, male chromosomes are YX, females XX.
Females get one X from each parent.
If male your Y chromosome must have come from your father, because your mother doesn't have one to give you.

Types of DNA Testing

Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA)
Y-Chromosome DNA is carried only by men, who inherit it from their fathers.
It is useful for tracing one's direct paternal line since it changes slowly from generation to generation.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)
Mitochondrial DNA is carried by males and females, but is inherited only from the mother.
It is useful for tracing one's direct maternal line.

Autosomal DNA (Family Finder)
Autosomal DNA looks at the entire family tree rather than just the direct maternal or paternal lines.
It is inherited by sons and daughters from both parents and from all four grandparents, and from all eight greatgrandparents, etc.

The following companies provide for purchase various DNA test kits
and make the results available for comparison (only with individuals consent).
$$ of DNA test kits vary based on level of results provided.

23and Me

If you are new to DNA testing, joining a surname project may be helpful.
One project related to the GIVENS / GIVEN surname is found here.
This project has members from several different GIVENS lines in the United States.
I am a member of this project and it has helped me narrow my ancestoral research
by elimitating family lines I do not match and highlighting those I do match.

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