Published Works for Givens / Given Surname Research

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Published Works
For Givens / Given Surname Research

If you know of a book that is not listed here please let me know.

Title Author Descendants of For Copy
Givens, Allen, Splawn, Roseberry, and Calhoon Families of Northern Missouri Brenda E. Givens Alexander GIVENS
b. ca 1740-1750 Ireland
d. 1833 Cooper Co., MO
wife Mary
A Givens-Hall Family History from Pre-Revolutionary Times Dorothy Hall Givens Daniel GIVENS
b. ca 1745
d. 15 Oct 1822
wife Martha CAMDEN
Rusty Givens
More Daniel Givens Descendants Dorothy Hall Givens
The Texas-Oklahoma Clan of Daniel Givens Descendants Dorothy Hall Givens
The Givens Tree Spreads Dorothy Hall Givens N/A
Samuel Givens Family and Kin Jane Tyler Craig Reichlein Samuel GIVENS
b. 1693
d. 1740
wife Sarah CATHEY
Givens Family Chronicles Stephen Leonard Lucas &
Kathleen Givens Lucas
b. ca 1716
possibly County Antrim Ireland
wife Rebecca (Brown) LONG
Givens Genealogy Joyce Givens Burke &
Sandi Lee Meier
wife Lucinda (Lucy) PARDUE
Kinfolk of Jesse Richard Davis and Mary James McClain Janie Davis Givens    
The Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Viginia: 1745 to 1800 Lyman Chalkley    

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