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Oregon Census Index 1870 - Baker County Surname Index:
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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Abbott, Dora24B262020
Abbott, Fraphina24B242020
Abbott, Lizzie24B292020
Abbott, Louisa24B222020
Abbott, Milton W.24B212020
Abbott, Morris D.24B252020
Abbott, Truman24B282020
Abbott, Walter24B272020
Abbott, William O.24B232020
Adam, James P.42A28175165
Adam, John42A30175165
Adam, Nancy F.42A26175165
Adam, Robert H.42A27175165
Adam, William42A25175165
Adam, William42A29175165
Adams, Henry31B387769
Adams, John34A143837
Adams, Leonard7B373329
Adams, Warren6B32413
Adolph, Louis6B343827
Ahing, Ah29A402517
Ainsworth, William J.32B533
Ak, Ah13A347162
Ak, Ah20B55553
Akers, Claud40B16148142
Akers, James40B13148142
Akers, Luther40B15148142
Akers, Ruth40B17148142
Akers, Susan V.40B14148142
Alberson, Jesse36A47372
Alexander, Alfred25A203029
Alexander, August43B211
Alfred, Frank M.24B111818
Alfred, Mary E.24B121818
Alkerson, George W.27A368477
Alkeson, Laura27A328174
Alkeson, William T.27A318174
Allen, William H.16A1655
Allger, James33B243131
Almes, John6B173423
Anderson, Charley7B323127
Anderson, James W.3B348263
Anderson, Jno. F.32B211111
Anderson, Joseph4B1511190
Anderson, Peter6B193423
Anderson, Thomas21A267472
Ang, Gee29B62719
Ang, Lee25B244240
Ang, Soon29B52618
Ang, Yee14A77970
Ang, Yee14A318374
Ape, Ah29A202214
Argensinger, John A.36B67978
Argensinger, Mary T.36B77978
Arhart, Anna E.22A34108102
Arhart, Anton22A32108102
Arhart, Hannah22A33108102
Arhart, Josephine22A36108102
Arhart, Mary22A35108102
Armstrong, Joshua L.42A31176166
Armstrong, Mary A.42A32176166
Arnold, David16B121611
Asbury, Huston H.21B118682
Asher, Michael20A134846
Ashmeat, John31A44739
Ashton, Fred H.23B8141130
Ashworth, Edmund11B142320
Assall, Adam3A135440
Athey, William L.32B322
Augustus, Andy19B384341
Austin, Gilbert L.21B128783
Axtell, Albert B.25B194038

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Last Updated on 19 June 2006
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