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Oregon Census Index 1870 - Baker County Surname Index:
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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Cable, Frank9B21010
Cable, Franklin16A1444
Calahan, John5A1012499
Caldwell, A. O.19B374341
Caldwell, Moses W.25A162928
Calkins, Mathias W.2A12925
Callin, William4A3410281
Campbell, Benjamin36B408685
Campbell, Benjamin G.3A205642
Campbell, George42A24175165
Campbell, John I.42A23175165
Campbell, William H.35B377271
Cannall, Napoleon36A97372
Cantonwine, Charles15A19787
Cantonwine, Julia15A29787
Cantonwine, Laura15A49787
Cantonwine, Lillie S.15A69787
Cantonwine, Royal15A59787
Cantonwine, William M.15A39787
Caran, Daniel34A274342
Carpenter, Frank11A1243
Carrew, Louis32B1055
Carrey, Thomas33B192929
Carson, William J.32A228274
Carter, Jesse11A361612
Carter, Thomas J.43B311
Carter, William H.43B111
Carver, O. S.33A352525
Cassel, Sherman16A2477
Catey, Frank30A314234
Cauter, Alexander16A36149
Cavenness, Alfred36A197574
Cavenness, George Mc.36A227574
Cavenness, John E.36A217574
Cavenness, Sarah36A207574
Cem, Ah30B1764
Cew, Ah21A116967
Chambers, Ann36B37877
Chambers, Edward36B17877
Chambers, Frank36B47877
Chambers, George36B27877
Chambers, Mary36A407877
Chambers, William36A397877
Chan, Ah12A375142
Chan, Ah18B91515
Chandler, Charles G.40A10141135
Chandler, George40A9141135
Chapman, William7B313026
Char, Ah13B227566
Chat, Ah19B72929
Chatfield, William F.33A252121
Che, Fun18B151616
Cheat, Ah19B32828
Cheat, William40A15142136
Check, Ah19B123030
Chee, Ah12A395142
Chee, Ah18B251717
Chelks, Arnst41B36171161
Chelks, Johanna41B37171161
Chen, Ah18B71414
Cheong, Ah20B205957
Chew, Ah3A366348
Chew, Ah13A156758
Chew, Ah14B48677
Chew, Ah29A182214
Chew, Ah30B1875
Chey, Ah12A304940
Chey, Ah13B397869
Childs, John36B97978
Chin, Ah11B393528
Chin, Ah13A257061
Ching, Ah4A249677
Ching, Ah13A106455
Ching, Ah18A822
Ching, Ah20B95654
Ching, Ah20B266361
Ching, Kee29A11911
Ching, King3B46752
Chock, Ah13A56455
Chong, Ah13A246960
Chong, Ah13A307061
Chong, Ah19A52121
Chong, Ah25B254240
Chong, Ah29B142820
Chong, Ah37A339392
Chong, Tong29A302416
Chord, John F.3B368465
Chow, Ah12B115344
Chow, Ah13B197566
Chow, Ah14A147970
Chow, Ah18A3788
Chow, Ah19A132222
Chow, Ah29A122012
Chow, Foay19A122222
Chue, Quee13A16354
Chug, Ah31B66456
Chum, Ah20A104745
Chum, Ah21B88581
Chung, Ah1B352723
Chung, Ah3B86752
Chung, Ah4A279677
Chung, Ah6B213524
Chung, Ah12A334940
Chung, Ah12B245647
Chung, Ah13A136556
Chung, Ah13B217566
Chung, Ah14A107970
Chung, Ah14A218071
Chung, Ah19A22020
Chung, Ah19A92121
Chung, Ah19A322525
Chung, Ah20B15553
Chung, Ah20B376664
Chung, Ah21A16765
Chung, Ah21A106967
Chung, Ah30B2075
Chung, Chee18A3077
Chung, Frot6B293625
Chung, Gee20B226058
Chung, Kee18A111
Chung, Kee18B261717
Chung, Wong3B56752
Chung, Yee13A66455
Church, Alvin C. G.16B181914
Clanahan, Alice12A134334
Clanahan, Isaac N.12A124334
Clark, George N.30B32138
Clark, John6A21119
Clark, Otis B.30B33148
Clark, Patrick6A20119
Clavel, Bishop21A347876
Clayboarn, John22B31119111
Cleaver, Charles26A255551
Cleaver, Isabella26A245551
Cleaver, Joseph W.26A225551
Cleaver, May26A265551
Cleaver, Sarah M.26A235551
Clement, Oliver H.26B186358
Clemson, Jonathan24B322222
Cline, Henry36A57372
Clinton, Ebenezer16B81510
Clinton, George16B71510
Cloonan, Thomas5A912499
Cochran, Cecil C.40A35144138
Cochran, Costa40A36144138
Cochran, Lena L.40A34144138
Cochran, Margaret40A33144138
Cochran, Seward H. B.40A32144138
Cocks, Jno. H.38A22110109
Cocks, John W.11B152320
Coe, Wallace24A391414
Coffin, Alex J.21B299186
Coffin, Arthur26A145349
Coho, Anna E.6A281710
Coho, Daniel C.6A271710
Coho, George A.6A311710
Coho, Nevada6A301710
Coho, Salina6A321710
Coho, William H.6A291710
Cole, Eldbra1A231311
Cole, Emery1A221311
Cole, Frederick38A17108107
Cole, Henry43B1533
Cole, James M.2B3355
Cole, Joshua L.1A191311
Cole, Leonard1A211311
Cole, Malinda1A201311
Cole, Ralph11A722
Cole, Solomon38A21110109
Collins, Charles A.6A1175
Collins, John3B378566
Collins, Mary3B398667
Colt, Asal J.30A264133
Colt, Ellen30A103628
Colt, Frederick30A123628
Colt, Hiram30A143628
Colt, Joseph H.30A244133
Colt, Marcus F.30A93628
Colt, Nellie30A113628
Colt, Phebe B.30A254133
Colt, Samuel30A133628
Combs, Aaron L.1B12017
Combs, Martin1B22017
Come, Ah12B356051
Con, Ah32A198072
Conahan, Peter4A3910483
Cong, Ah13B17263
Cong, Ah14A338374
Cong, Ah18B311919
Cong, Ah19A232424
Conger, Daniel B.25B103635
Conkling, Charles1B262622
Conkling, Eberly1B272622
Conkling, Gamalia1B252622
Conkling, Joseph1B232622
Conkling, Laura A.1B292622
Conkling, Mary J.1B242622
Conkling, William1B282622
Connor, James A.21A357977
Connor, Martin19B183333
Connor, Patrick21B369388
Constable, William23A32134124
Coo, Whi18A2866
Cook, Ah19A342525
Cook, Eliza9A522
Cook, Henry H.9A422
Cook, Mary A.9A722
Cook, Thomas4A48869
Cook, Warren S.9A622
Cooper, George H.36B208382
Cooper, James35B226564
Cooper, Martha36B198382
Cooper, William C.36B218382
Cooper, William H.36B188382
Copeland, Joseph31A355850
Copeley, William33B393434
Cormick, Bartholomew30B391810
Cow, Ah37A409493
Coyle, Amos21A197270
Crabill, Philander35B357170
Craig, Catharine A.23A34135125
Craig, Charles E.23A33135125
Craig, Richard F.23A35135125
Crane, Lewis W.2B1933
Creighbaum, Eliza J.35A124948
Creighbaum, Emma35A104948
Creighbaum, Francis M.35A164948
Creighbaum, James35A235150
Creighbaum, Josephine35A144948
Creighbaum, Josiah35A84948
Creighbaum, Lucretia35A154948
Creighbaum, Mary B.35A134948
Creighbaum, Nancy35A114948
Creighbaum, Nancy35A225150
Creighbaum, Rebecca35A94948
Crouch, John33B182828
Crum, Jno. A.19B173333
Culver, Downie44A81514
Cum, Ah19B153131
Cum, Qui18A2766
Cummings, James M.11B21814
Curop, Edward41B4162154
Currier, Herman1A341613
Curry, Samuel2A364635
Curtis, John12A154435
Curtis, William R.12A144435
Cusick, Frank S.21B389489

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