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Oregon Census Index 1870 - Baker County Surname Index:
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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Gaffney, Andrew25A243029
Gahres, Charles26B226560
Gahres, Martha J.26B236560
Gar, Ah34A83636
Gardner, Albert33A31818
Gardner, Bass33A11818
Gardner, Carrie O.39B17134130
Gardner, Frank33A61818
Gardner, Homer33A81818
Gardner, Ida H.33B343333
Gardner, Isaac33B303333
Gardner, Isabell33A51818
Gardner, James B.25B394744
Gardner, James R.37B31102101
Gardner, Leroy33A41818
Gardner, Lewis33A71818
Gardner, Margaret37B29102101
Gardner, Martha35A385554
Gardner, Mary33A21818
Gardner, Mary S.25B404744
Gardner, Sarra N.33B333333
Gardner, Sierra N.5A24128103
Gardner, Walter37B28102101
Gardner, William C.39B16134130
Gardner, William M.37B30102101
Gardner, William R.33B323333
Garrison, James H.32B371717
Garrison, John F.32B381717
Garrison, Martha32B361717
Garrison, Minnie I.32B391717
Garrison, Ralph B.32B401717
Garrison, William M.32B351717
Garron, Elizabeth33B283232
Garron, John A.33B273232
Gate, Benjamin3B408768
Gayno, Frank31B276961
Gee, Ah34A93636
Geigentash, Henry6A331
Gentry, Isaac E.20A24543
George, Ann E.37A28786
George, Augustus37A18786
George, David37A88786
George, James A.37A48786
George, R. C.20A34644
George, Robert T.37A68786
George, Roland P.37A78786
George, Sarah E.37A58786
George, William E.37A38786
Gibson, Henry11A381713
Gibson, Jennette27B18578
Gilbert, William J.22A99993
Gilbraith, Jno.19B193333
Gilfeather, John23A9125117
Gilfeather, Peter23A10125117
Gilmore, James1B132521
Gilmore, James2A263931
Gin, Ah14A388576
Gin, Ah21A46765
Git, Ah12B75243
Gitchell, Levi W.31A335648
Glans, Martin11A2176
Glasgow, Thomas G.11B162320
Glasscock, Charles9A1355
Glasscock, John9A1555
Glasscock, Mariah9A1455
Glenn, James33B313333
Glover, George M.31A145244
Glover, George M.31A165244
Glover, Nancy E.31A155244
Glover, Samuel31A325547
Glover, Sarah M.31A175244
Gong, Ah29B263123
Good, Albert15A1910089
Goodnough, Charles3A65238
Goodrich, Alfred C.16A31138
Goodrich, Annie E.16A32138
Goodspeed, Emma J.22A1810397
Goodwin, Mary5A12125100
Goodwin, William5A11125100
Goon, Ah18B382020
Goram, Henry O.37A98786
Gorden, Paul30B2586
Gordon, Edward W.30A33426
Gordon, William31B297163
Gore, Ah21A127068
Graham, Elijah M.9B211313
Graham, Harry21B349287
Graham, James H.30A23426
Graham, John J.1B112320
Graham, Peter14B329182
Graham, Rebecca21B329287
Graham, Thomas21B359287
Graham, William21B319287
Graham, William A.21B339287
Grant, Charles J.24B41616
Grant, John T.24B31616
Grant, Mary A.24B21616
Grant, Mary J.24B51616
Graves, Phillip31B146658
Gray, Eliza5A20128103
Gray, Nathan32B311515
Gray, Valentine5A19128103
Gray, Wilson J.5A21128103
Greems, John6B373928
Green, Charles7A1477
Green, Charlotte7A1777
Green, Margaret7A1577
Green, Ryer7A1677
Greene, Alfred31A345749
Gregory, John31A386052
Grier, Clara27B108980
Grier, Lillie G.27B98980
Grier, Matilda27B88980
Grier, Sylvester27B78980
Griffin, Henry H.32B111
Griffin, John D.25A152928
Griffin, Mary A.32B211
Groux, Christopher7B353127
Grubbs, Ethel W.25A112626
Grubbs, Francis H.25A92626
Grubbs, Lucy A. M.25A102626
Gui, Ah12B285849
Guillard, John M.11A1665
Guilmot, Frank11A1043
Gun, Ah13A206960
Gung, Ah20B175957
Guyton, Samuel M.25A253029
Gwin, Wesley R.41A32160152

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