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Oregon Census Index 1870 - Baker County Surname Index:
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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Jacks, Charles P.7B282925
Jacks, Mary E.7B292925
Jackson, Arminda J.42B10182172
Jackson, Dora L.42B15182172
Jackson, John F.42B8182172
Jackson, Martha E.42B13182172
Jackson, Mary E.42B12182172
Jackson, Olive A.42B14182172
Jackson, Rebecca H.42B9182172
Jackson, William A.42B11182172
James, Albert27B399885
James, Charles W.35A54847
James, Darling P.35A74847
James, John F.35A64847
James, Malinda35A44847
James, William J.35A34847
Janney, George B.21B399489
Javvis, Eliza M.44A322119
Javvis, Jera J.44A312119
Jeffers, William33B172828
Jenkins, Elizabeth41B15167157
Jenkins, Frances M.41B18167157
Jenkins, George41B17167157
Jenkins, John41B16167157
Jenkins, William41B14167157
Jennigen, Alfred26B166157
Jennison, Charles14B379484
Jett, Benjamin D.43B2376
Jett, Joseph S.43B2476
Jim, Ah12B65243
Jim, Ah13A297061
Jo, Ah29A172214
Jobe, Samuel26A385854
Johnson, Charles27A167770
Johnson, Frances27A157770
Johnson, Frank27A137770
Johnson, James W.24A222
Johnson, Jane27A147770
Johnson, Martha T.38A19109108
Johnson, Philip12A244839
Johnson, Philo32B231212
Johnson, William W.38A18109108
Jones, Jesse J.23A2123115
Jones, Jessie A.23A6123115
Jones, Joel6B183423
Jones, John J.23A8124116
Jones, Leonard27A207871
Jones, Mary23A5123115
Jones, Mary E.27A187871
Jones, Powel6B133019
Jones, Powell36B178281
Jones, Sarah A.23A3123115
Jones, Sylvester23A4123115
Jones, Thomas35A255251
Jones, Wallace27A177871
Jones, William19B313937
Jones, William A.27A197871
Joo, Ah20B165957
Juke, Ah13B247667
June, Ah13B257667

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Last Updated on 20 June 2006
By Dale Givens