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Oregon Census Index 1870 - Baker County Surname Index:
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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
La, Mong18B271717
La, Ton12B335849
Lafey, Michael7A733
Lake, Daniel35B166160
Lake, Eliza M.4A149374
Lake, George W.11B373427
Lake, Margaret J.4A169374
Lake, Mary N.4A159374
Lake, Thomas4A139374
Lam, Ah12B275849
Lam, Ah13B347869
Lamb, Luther C.35B246766
Lambert, James6B333827
Lan, Ah20B25553
Lan, Ah4A269677
Lang, Leonard22A1910397
Lange, John4B110685
Lapose, Angus7A2299
Lathrop, Edwin A.2A354534
Laton, Robert C.26B266661
Laton, Sarah V.26B276661
Law, Ah13B237566
Lawrence, Teg26B286661
Leary, Lawrence2A344433
Leatherwood, Nancy E.4A28869
Leatherwood, William J.4A18869
Lee, Ah5A14127102
Lee, Ah13B37263
Lee, Ah14A87970
Lee, Ah14A137970
Lee, Ah21B38480
Lee, Ah29A91911
Lee, Ah29B102719
Lee, Ah32A87870
Lee, Duc29A332416
Lee, John H.1B32017
Lee, Ong13B277869
Lee, Qui18A2555
Leek, Ah18B211717
Leen, Ah6B303625
Leen, Ah29B373224
Leep, Ah30B1364
Leggett, Augusta C. C.2A213830
Leggett, Elfie I.2A223830
Leggett, Vernor C.2A233830
Leggett, William M.2A203830
Leman, Charles11A311210
Lemar, Joseph19B364240
Len, On19A62121
Leonnig, Arnst36B238483
Leonnig, Elizabeth36B278483
Leonnig, Frank36B298483
Leonnig, Frederick H.36B268483
Leonnig, Hannah36B258483
Leonnig, Mary36B288483
Leonnig, Mary A.36B248483
Leplee, Marvin F.15A3310392
Lerchin, Amelia15A2110190
Lerchin, Benjamin F.15A2210190
Lerchin, Lemuel15A2010190
Lesher, Frank12A194536
Leving, George W.4A229576
Leving, John F.4A219576
Leving, Margaret E.4A239576
Leving, Miranda4A199576
Leving, Rhoda E.4A209576
Leving, Washington F.4A189576
Lewis, Charles14B249081
Lewis, Frederick9A111
Lewis, George W.43B1644
Lewis, Henry P.2A163729
Lewis, Mariah J.2A173729
Lewis, Mary J.9A211
Lewis, Minnie9A311
Lewis, William E.2A183729
Lii, Ah13B357869
Lim, King13A26455
Lin, Ah12B315849
Lin, Ah29A282416
Lin, Tui37A229291
Ling, Ah32A37870
Ling, Ah37B139998
Lingenyer, James E.31B307264
Littlefield, David S.23A17127119
Logan, Alexander27A57368
Logan, Edward A.9A2788
Logan, John F.9A2588
Logan, Nancy J.9A2388
Logan, Norman J.9A2688
Logan, William L.9A2288
Logan, William W.9A2488
Lon, Ah29A41911
Lon, Ah30B1564
Londrie, Anton7A833
Long, Ah6B394029
Long, Ah12B376152
Long, Ah24A301212
Long, Ton11A2276
Longway, Sylvester5A13126101
Loo, Ah6B384029
Loo, Ah14A97970
Loo, Dow12B265748
Look, Ah32A158072
Loughary, Hiram9B121111
Loung, Ah19A202323
Louy, Ah18B141616
Low, Ah13B207566
Lowe, Ellen44A382321
Lowe, Lavona44A392321
Lowe, Leonard44A362321
Lowe, Malinda V.44A372321
Lowe, Rosettie44A402321
Ludd, Ah20B185957
Ludwig, George M.22A30107101
Lue, Ah14A168071
Luey, Ah13A126556
Lum, Ah11B272722
Lum, Ah14B68677
Lum, Ah14B158879
Lum, Ah14B218879
Lum, Ah20A245149
Lum, Ah29B323224
Lum, Duc24A2199
Lum, Foo11B242722
Lum, Hinn21B68581
Lum, Ning13A46455
Lum, Sam37A199291
Lum, Senn20B276361
Lum, Yak24A1999
Lung, Ah19A332525
Luske, John40A7140134
Lute, Ah14A157970
Lye, Ah13A86455
Lynkmyer, George3A336146
Lynn, James2A253931

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