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Oregon Census Index 1870 - Baker County Surname Index:
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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Ma, Ah3A386449
Mallory, Marshal26A115148
Malson, Daniel36B107978
Man, Ah13B147465
Man, Ah31B106456
Man, Ton32A348678
Mangin, John16B161813
Manning, Edgar A.7A291412
Manning, Gilmore7A271412
Manning, Jesse J.7A311412
Manning, Mary E.7A301412
Manning, Rhoda E.7A281412
Mansfield, John O.14B359283
Mar, Ah30B1975
Mark, Jack6B353827
Markle, Mary42A21174164
Markle, Richard B.42A20174164
Markley, David5A212097
Markley, Mary B.5A412097
Markley, Rechel5A312097
Marney, Moses3A115339
Marra, Patrick21A227270
Marshal, John H.43B391413
Martin, Frank33A262121
Martin, George2A324332
Martin, Nathan15A3410392
Marye, John4A99172
Mason, Frank M.12A53730
Masters, Augustus37A118887
Maude, Michael11B323024
Maw, Ah11B232722
Maw, Ah12B325849
Maxwell, Andrew J.21A237371
Mayer, August11B353226
Mayers, Goetleb36A117372
Mayers, Morris5A25128103
Mayers, Scott43B341211
McAndrews, John31B216860
McArthur, Lewis L.25A142928
McCalley, Hiram34A194039
McCartey, Florence30A234032
McCartey, Jeremiah1B102219
McCartey, John30A224032
McCartney, Jno. M.20B236159
McClenen, Alexander15A79787
McColister, Jeff7B252824
McCord, Robert D.26B357065
McCord, Syrenus B.26B367065
McCourt, John3B166954
McCoy, John2A304332
McCoy, William2A334332
McCrary, Elizabeth26A165450
McCrary, Grace26A215450
McCrary, Hattie26A195450
McCrary, Melvin B.26A175450
McCrary, Nellie A.26A185450
McCrary, William B.26A205450
McCrary, William F.26A155450
McCreary, Frank6A742
McCreary, James6A542
McCreary, Minnie6A642
McCreary, William6A842
McCulloch, Eliza J.31B126557
McCulloch, James31B116557
McCurdy, John43B381312
McCurry, Almeda38B21121118
McCurry, Charles D.38B24121118
McCurry, Christiana38B23121118
McCurry, David38B20121118
McCurry, Mary J.38B22121118
McDonnald, John19B283636
McDowell, Charles9B61111
McDowell, Eliza J.9B51111
McDowell, Frederick9B81111
McDowell, Rosa9B71111
McDowell, Samuel9B41111
McFarland, Bruce B. E.22B7110104
McFarland, Hannah J.22B4110104
McFarland, James D./A>22B3110104
McFarland, James D. Jr.22B6110104
McFarland, John M.22B8110104
McFarland, Robert J.22B5110104
McGregor, Arch36B87978
McHugh, Patrick25A173029
McIntosh, Robert27A348275
McKahn, Henry2B2144
McKinney, Henry H.26B75854
McLain, Charles23A23132122
McLaire, Amanda35B327069
McLaire, Chancey B.35B347069
McLaire, John R.35B317069
McLaire, Robert E.35B337069
McLaughlin, Amanda27B38679
McLaughlin, Mardacella27B48679
McLaughlin, Sanford27B28679
McMahan, Ann1A401916
McMahan, James1A391916
McMillen, John32A278476
McMurren, Alexander35A355453
McMurren, Ann35A275352
McMurren, Anna M.35A295352
McMurren, Cassie35A365453
McMurren, Harry35A315352
McMurren, John H.35A335352
McMurren, Luke35A285352
McMurren, Robert35A305352
McMurren, Thomas35A265352
McMurren, William A.35A325352
McNeill, Elizabeth1A381815
McNeill, Joseph T.1A371815
McNulty, Michael40A1137133
McQueen, Alexander40B5146140
McQueen, Jacob40A39146140
McQueen, Lydia40B2146140
McQueen, Martha40B3146140
McQueen, Mary40A40146140
McQueen, Thomas40B4146140
McQueen, William40B1146140
McRea, John22A39590
McRose, James42A9173163
McWalter, Daniel32A368779
Meacham, James E.4A68970
Mee, Ah20A345351
Mee, Ah24A291212
Merrill, Earnest16A1133
Merrill, James P.16A733
Merrill, Lillie16A933
Merrill, Martha16A833
Merrill, Mary16A1233
Merrill, Rosa16A1033
Merritt, Allen41A37161153
Merritt, Anna J.41A39161153
Merritt, Clark41B1161153
Merritt, Daniel J.41A38161153
Merritt, Daniel R.41A33161153
Merritt, Franklin41A35161153
Merritt, Fred R.41A36161153
Merritt, Sarah A.41A34161153
Merritt, Sarah R.41A40161153
Merryman, Ella A.32B331616
Merryman, Eveline32B341616
Merryman, Nathan32B191010
Merryman, Rich32B321616
Merwin, Arthur37B79796
Merwin, Celistia37B89796
Miller, Alfred E.42B24185175
Miller, Alice3A175541
Miller, Anna L.42B28185175
Miller, Arthur3A165541
Miller, Charles22B18113107
Miller, Charles D.42A22174164
Miller, Charles H.42B27185175
Miller, David L.38B18120117
Miller, Elizabeth A.27B289784
Miller, Fanny L.1A311613
Miller, Frank N.27B279784
Miller, George D.1A291613
Miller, George S.33A192020
Miller, Ira M.27B249784
Miller, Isophine33A222020
Miller, Jack F.11A2798
Miller, Jacob19B233434
Miller, Jacob33A232020
Miller, James W.38B16120117
Miller, Jno. F.19B253434
Miller, John R.38B14120117
Miller, Joseph31A54739
Miller, Joseph31B397769
Miller, Josephine27B269784
Miller, Josephine33A212020
Miller, Julia42B25185175
Miller, Lassen38B12120117
Miller, Mary3A155541
Miller, Mary Ann1A301613
Miller, Mary B.3A185541
Miller, Mary E.27B259784
Miller, Mary E.38B19120117
Miller, Mary J.38B13120117
Miller, Maryland38B15120117
Miller, Minerva33A202020
Miller, Richard L.38B17120117
Miller, Robert Lee27B309784
Miller, Ruby E.1A321613
Miller, Samuel S.3A145541
Miller, William27B299784
Miller, William D.42B26185175
Miller, William H.1A331613
Mills, Abraham37A169190
Mills, William F.44A332119
Min, Doo29A292416
Misner, Catherine43B1233
Misner, Edward43B1333
Misner, Robert43B1433
Mitchell, George35A395655
Mitchell, John4B1811291
Mitchell, Randsome2B2244
Mitchell, William2B1733
Moay, Why12B95243
Mock, Emazeller30A354335
Mock, John F.27B209482
Moffatt, Cyrus1A171210
Moffatt, James1A141210
Moffatt, John1A181210
Moffatt, Juliette1A131210
Moffatt, Robert1A151210
Moffatt, William1A121210
Moffatt, William1A161210
Mon, Ah12B25243
Mon, Ah13A387263
Montgomery, Charles9A3099
Montgomery, Emma9A3399
Montgomery, Idaho9A3199
Montgomery, John9A2899
Montgomery, Luvette9A3299
Montgomery, Martha9A2999
Mony, Ah20B215957
Moo, Ah12B155546
Moo, Ah18B191717
Moo, Ah20A164947
Moo, Ah20B336462
Moody, Charles S.23A36136126
Moody, Charlotte22B13111105
Moody, Euphema22B10111105
Moody, George S.23A40137126
Moody, George W.22B9111105
Moody, Henry22B12111105
Moody, Lawrence E.23A38137126
Moody, Martha23A37136126
Moody, Royal E.23A39137126
Moody, Willard J.22B11111105
Moomaw, William H.37B39695
Moore, Albert2B3766
Moore, Alexander2B3866
Moore, Amasa2B3666
Moore, Anthony2B3566
Moore, Daniel F.22A1610397
Moore, Emmarette22A1710397
Moore, George3B318162
Moore, James12A214738
Moore, James2B3966
Moore, John R.11A2698
More, Ah19A242424
Morgan, Alfonzo41A25158150
Morgan, Frank31A315446
Morgan, Frank H.31A195244
Morris, William A.19B394442
Morrison, John31A305345
Morrison, Louisa31A285345
Morrison, Paul31A295345
Morrow, Elizabeth42B32186176
Morrow, John H.42B33186176
Motrut, Daniel L.33B203030
Mott, Caleb25A233029
Mott, James25A213029
Mow, Yee18B61313
Mu, Ah13B87364
Mullen, Jack11A29109
Mullen, William33A322424
Mun, Wat29A372416
Munger, Calvin D.16A311
Munger, Catharine16A211
Munger, Daniel D.16A511
Munger, Samuel W.16A411
Munger, William D.16A111
Murphey, Michael44A181615
Murphy, Jno. W.21A277573
Murphy, P.21A207270
Myers, Sanford R.4A3210079

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