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Oregon Census Index 1870 - Baker County Surname Index:
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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Packwood, Jefferson C.1B402824
Packwood, Josephine1B372824
Packwood, Mary E.1B382824
Packwood, William H.1B362824
Packwood, William H.1B392824
Padrick, Cynthia M.22A40109103
Padrick, Daniel22A37109103
Padrick, Joseph22A39109103
Padrick, Mary22A38109103
Padrick, Mary A.22B1109103
Padrick, Sarah J.22B2109103
Paine, Cora40A29144138
Paine, Grunderson40A27144138
Paine, May40A30144138
Paine, Philander26B336964
Paine, Roy E.40A31144138
Paine, Victoria40A28144138
Palmer, Andrew J.16A1755
Palmer, Charles36A77372
Palmer, George W.16A1555
Parker, Carlos H.41B31169159
Parker, Clara27A338174
Parker, David36A247675
Parker, Edward R.25A193029
Parker, Ella L.12A73831
Parker, Emeline36A257675
Parker, Emma41B29169159
Parker, Franklin36A277675
Parker, James36A267675
Parker, Jessie41B33170160
Parker, Jonathan41B28169159
Parker, Mary J.41B30169159
Parker, Randolph41B34170160
Parker, Sarah C.12A63831
Parker, Thomas H.41B35170160
Parker, Wesley41B32170160
Part, Ah29B112719
Partlow, Richard S.3A195642
Pegg, Henry L.2B1322
Pen, Ah12A264940
Pennyman, Nathan23B11144133
Perkins, Don Carlos39A3125121
Perkins, Elizabeth39A2125121
Perkins, Flavius39A4125121
Perkins, Hardin Z.39A1125121
Perkins, John B.35B156160
Perkins, Joseph C.39A5125121
Perkins, Rufus12A174536
Perpich, Anton3B388566
Perry, Scott43B371312
Perry, Uriah1A241311
Peters, David34A334544
Petrie, Abraham7B22018
Peyton, Anna5A512198
Peyton, Drucilla38B38123120
Peyton, Elenora38B34123120
Peyton, George5A612198
Peyton, James F.38B35123120
Peyton, Jobe38B39123120
Peyton, John38B30122119
Peyton, Mary A.38B33123120
Peyton, Susan M.38B37123120
Peyton, William F.38B32123120
Peyton, William J.38B36123120
Pfeiffenberger, Vincent26B306762
Phepps, Clara2A83327
Phepps, John C.2A63327
Phepps, Mary2A73327
Phillips, Charles6A1675
Phillips, George6A1275
Phillips, Henry6A1575
Phillips, Mary6A1375
Phillips, Newton6A1475
Pierce, Abel John24B402424
Pierce, Darting A. N.25A32424
Pierce, Elizabeth A.24B382424
Pierce, James A.24B392424
Pierce, Martha H.25A22424
Pierce, May E. V.25A42424
Pierce, Nellie H.25A12424
Pierce, Royal A.24B372424
Pierce, Thomas M.20A225048
Pierce, Washington33B233131
Pierre, Frank6B313726
Pierson, Joseph1B92219
Ping, Ah18A922
Ping, Ah20A184947
Ping, Ah20B65553
Place, Lina27B199482
Place, Luther W.27B179482
Place, Martha E.27B159482
Place, Mary J.27B189482
Place, Samuel27B169482
Pollard, James P.11B192521
Pollo, Peter24B302121
Polsen, Peter S.36B318584
Polum, Thomas26B397166
Pom, Ah14B108778
Pomroy, Walter19B324038
Pon, Ah14B208879
Pong, Ah14A348475
Pong, Ah29B403224
Poo, Ah14B28576
Poo, Ah20A94745
Poon, Ah20A194947
Poor, John30B38179
Pope, Gaston J.42B16182172
Porter, Amanda J.2A113428
Porter, Elmerine2A133428
Porter, Hesekiah2A103428
Porter, Lillie2A123428
Poung, Ah32A168072
Pow, Ah29B72719
Powdley, James24B11515
Powell, Clarinda11B62017
Powell, Colvin C.11B52017
Powell, John M.34A43535
Powers, Ada B.38A10106105
Powers, Elenora38A9106105
Powers, Ellen E.38A11106105
Powers, James32A238274
Powers, John H.38A8106105
Powers, Laura A.38A12106105
Powers, Mary F.38A7106105
Powers, William23B7140129
Powers, William B.38A5106105
Powers, William P.38A6106105
Price, Alfred9A401010
Price, Annie E.40A38145139
Price, Edward9A361010
Price, Hariet G.9A381010
Price, John I.40A37145139
Price, Laura A.9A391010
Price, Leister9B11010
Price, Mary9A371010
Pritchard, William S.31A365951
Pulley, August35B85857
Pung, Ah37A239291

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