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Oregon Census Index 1870 - Baker County Surname Index:
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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Tabor, Clark6B122918
Taggett, Thomas C.34A254241
Tallman, James11B132219
Tark, Ah18B201717
Tarvy, Charles26B55854
Tay, Ah18A1022
Taylor, Fletcher6B92817
Taylor, Jared6B82817
Taylor, Joseph6B102817
Taylor, Joseph H.14B228980
Taylor, William14B339182
Tedro, Henn11A1454
Tee, Ah14A298374
Tee, Yee20A74745
Teo, Ah14A198071
Terrie, L. C.4A129273
Thatcher, Daniel C.34A23434
The, Cow18B81515
Their, Charles26B45854
Thevenire, Catharine35B146160
Thevenire, Julius35B136160
Thews, William B.31A14537
Thompson, Alexander A.24A111
Thompson, Edward W.12A43629
Thompson, Francis12A23629
Thompson, George E.35B95958
Thompson, Ida22B33120112
Thompson, John22B32120112
Thompson, Mary A.12A33629
Thompson, Robert7B272824
Thompson, William19B263535
Thrash, A. E.33A242121
Ti, Com18B11010
Ti, Fan18B231717
Ti, Nun18B21111
Ti, Por3B36651
Ti, Yow18B51313
Tice, Ah19B113030
Tie, Ah18A1633
Tillson, John T.2A93327
Tim, Ah13A277061
Tim, Ah13B57263
Tim, Ah21A157169
Time, Ah18B121515
Tin, Ah18B181717
Tip, Ah13A146657
Titus, Samuel4B510988
Tom, Ah12A365041
Tom, Ah13B307869
Tom, Pin12B295849
Tomlinson, John4B610988
Tompson, John B.39A32130126
Ton, Ah13A216960
Ton, Ah13A337162
Ton, Ah13B377869
Ton, Ah14A258071
Ton, Ah19B133131
Ton, Ah29B152820
Ton, Ah32A358678
Tong, Ah12B55243
Tong, Ah13B27263
Tong, Ah13B317869
Tong, Ah14B88778
Tong, Ah18B31111
Tong, Ah18B321919
Tong, Ah19A72121
Tong, Ah24A321212
Tong, Ah32A57870
Tong, Sang21A137068
Tony, Alfred38B7119116
Tony, Alfred S.38A37114113
Tony, Benjamin38B9119116
Tony, Charlotte38A36114113
Tony, Ellen M.38A39114113
Tony, Emeline38B1114113
Tony, James38A35114113
Tony, John38A31113112
Tony, John A.38A33113112
Tony, Kansas A.38A38114113
Tony, Margaret38B8119116
Tony, Nancy A.38A32113112
Tony, Olive O.38A40114113
Tony, William L.38A34113112
Took, Ah32A308577
Torman, Charles30A173830
Torrance, Edgar E.26A75047
Toung, Ah37B169998
Toy, Ah13A267061
Toy, Ah14A228071
Toy, Bridget31A115042
Toy, John31A105042
Toynton, Fannie42A6172162
Toynton, James42A7172162
Tracy, George H.25A72525
Tracy, James42A37177167
Tracy, Mary M.25A82525
Travillion, Jno. O.20A14543
Travillion, William W.20A44644
Treiquier, Frank11A1143
Trescott, Richard22B17112106
Triplet, William M.35B105958
Trunk, August12A114233
Tu, Hoo19B344139
Tuck, Ah18A2144
Tue, Ah19A282525
Tuk, Ah20B85654
Tureman, Emanuel40B32151145
Tureman, Harriet40B33151145
Tureman, Leonard40B29151145
Tureman, Louis40B31151145
Tureman, Mary40B30151145
Turner, Andrew2B611
Turner, Catharine39B39137133
Turner, George2B511
Turner, Henry2B411
Turner, James M.7A241111
Turner, Margaret2B711
Turner, Samuel2B311
Turner, Susanah2B211
Turner, Thomas2B111
Turner, Truman B.39B40137133
Twigg, Fred24B312222
Tyson, Benjamin43B31109

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