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History of Surname

The Givens / Given Surname is without a doubt of Irish orign. Study any pedigree with these surnames
and you will more than likely find the earliest ancestor in America as being born in Ireland.

I have not located a reliable source for the derivation of these surnames.
Do you know of a source? If so please share it with me for inclusion here.

In North Ireland the name is found in Dungiven. The prefix "Dun" refers to a castle or fort within
a given county or parish. Dungiven appears on the present day maps in Derry County.

Dungiven Castle - Castle history and accommodations (with photos of castle)
Dungiven Priory - Tomb at Church in Dungiven
Dungiven Jacket - Clothing found in 1956 near Dungiven
Dungiven - Town travel information

There is also reference to a "Glen Given" (vale or valley) in the vicinity from which Dungiven most
likely got its name. Was there (most likely) a former clan or person whose name was bestowed upon
the vale and hence the castle? If you discover this ancient individual please share it with me for inclusion here.

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