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DNA Project Notes

Kinney & Variations
McKinney & Variations
Lenhart & Variations
English & Variations
McKenna & Variations
Bopp & Variations
Doerr & Variations
Holman & Variations
“Hawaii” DNA

DNA Project Notes

DNA surname studies test a portion of the Y chromosome of males who share the same surname (or variation). By comparing your test results to others with your surname (or variations), you can determine if you are related. The results do not tell you exactly how you are related but will indicate if you share a common ancestor with another participant. This test is not associated with health matters or paternity. In addition to testing, we need information (e.g., pedigree chart) on line of descent from the oldest known male ancestor for each participant. This helps to identify the various unconnected lines.

For more details about testing see Frequently Asked Questions and other links below.

January 2013 – I’m slowly revising/removing items from this section.

The focus of these notes is on the Y chromosome testing of males who share the same surname. Keep in mind that genetic genealogy is in its infancy and we are all learning together.

Short Version of Time line
The history of DNA as it relates to Genealogy

1st one is What is a DNA Surname Project?
FAQs AFTER Testing

Objectives - What a project might accomplish

Non-Paternal Events (NPE) - Hope you don't have one

Surname Projects - Links to lists of known projects and links to some selected projects

DNA Terms - Links to glossary sites, etc.

Discussion Lists - Links

Genetic Distance - two links:
FTDNA Genetic Distance & Family Groups
Example of FTDNA's calculation

Results - Meaning - Notes about meaning of results & links

DYS 464 - A few people have more than 4 replications

DNA Collection Method - Instructions in the test kit, etc.
Release Form (includes remarks about REO)
Examples of FTDNA Mail - They can be confusing.
AFTER YOU TEST - Read it now and again later

Y STR Databases - You may want to explore these.
Ysearch Surname Comparisons

Haplogroups - Deep ancestry (before surnames!)
     Simplified Haplogroup ChartY & mtDNA locales are not the same
     Genographic Y-DNA Cross Reference Chart

Common Haplotypes, AMH, WAMH, etc.

Misc. Notes - DNA for beginners, other links, articles, etc
     FTDNA Personal Page Demo – How to find it . . . .

DNA Check List PDF - Form I use (send me an email if you want a .doc version to use to revise for your personal use)

National Geographic Genographic Project
   Genographic Information Request
   How to transfer your Geno- results to existing FTDNA project

Hot Topics - quick updates, informal, subject to change


mtDNA - A few notes/links (it's not used in surname studies)

FAMILY FINDER (FTDNA); Relative Finder (23andme)

See remarks in Hot Topics

FTDNA Kit Codes



Kinney, McKinney & Variations
Lenhart & Variations
McKenna & Variations
English & Variations ~ Links for new project members
Kinney, McKinney & Variations ~ Links for new project members
Lenhart & Variations ~ Links for new project members
McKenna ~ Links for new project members
Doerr & Variations
“Hawaii” DNA

JOIN –How to join FTDNA projects from Genographic, etc.
mtDNA -
Tom & Georgia
Kinney & Lenhart and Bopp DNA mentioned in New York Times and other articles

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