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DNA Project Notes

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January 2013


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Last revised 7 July 2010

There is now a DNA test that everyone – males and females – can use in their genealogical research.   This test looks at close relationships along all ancestral lines and is not restricted to only the paternal (Y-DNA) or maternal (mtDNA) lines.

Anyone, regardless of their gender, will be able to match to male and female cousins from any of their family lines in the past five generations.  Linked blocks of DNA across the 22 autosomal chromosomes are matched between two people. As with our Y-DNA projects, the database for this test will need to grow.  In the beginning you may not have any/many matches.    Hopefully many of our Y-DNA participant pioneers will be able to invest in this test and enhance the database.  FTDNA's test is called Family Finder. 

This test uses SNPs (not STRs) on all chromosomes and mtDNA.  I’ve been experimenting with Family Finder (FTDNA) and Relative Finder (23andme) with mixed results.  FTDNA added Family Finder in 2010.    23andme began as a company testing for health related matters.  They began beta testing their “Relative Finder” feature in November 2009 and then added “Genetic Testing for Health, Disease & Ancestry” as one of their products. 

 --------------- - DNA Ancestry – adding your data (on going subject)

I said I would wait about one year and see how this develops before I decided whether or not to include my father’s Y-DNA.  I started experimenting there with mixed results.  I hoped to upload some of our group modals.  I started doing this but ran into program bugs and have stopped for a while. I’ll report more on this when they fix the bugs.     Reminder: I will not submit information to them for anyone in my projects.  That is an individual decision. 


Last revised 7 July 2010   (result pages, of course, are always kept current).


14 November 2009 – Results Pages revised.
The original web address remains the same but the page has been revised.  It now is a listing of the groups with hot links to each group’s DNA results.  This makes it easier to read and faster to load.
This is a shorter link to that same page

All the many different Irish lines are on one results page.  I’m hoping this makes it easier for potential new participants who are browsing.


The complete result listing is at FTDNA’s public Kinney website.

Project Information at FTDNA

We now have included the FTDNA public site option at:

The information at that site is automatically generated by FTDNA and is always current. WAIT for results to load (it takes a while). New results appear there as Unassigned Members (or some similar name) until changed by the project administrator - FTDNA does not determine family groups.  As always, your personal pages at FTDNA provide information and our web site results page has links to information about family groups.

L I N K S page
If you are an old timer, you may not know about our LINKS page. It's now the official WELCOME letter to new participants that contains useful links. You may want to bookmark it:
Kinney, McKinney & Variations and McKenna
Lenhart & Variations
English, Inglis & Variations

The Hot Topics page began June 2006
The Project News section was added July 2006
 Georgia Kinney Bopp


DNA Project Notes
Anything below this line is advertising and is not a link to information on my web site