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DNA Project Notes



Welcome to the ENGLISH & Variations Y- DNA Surname Project

This contains several links. Please save this web page so you can refer back to it from time to time.
This is the web address of the page you are now reading (for those of you who print this):
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YOUR ANCESTRY INFORMATION - As soon as time permits, Barbara English West will email you to discuss your ancestry information for the project's web site. You will have final approval of what is on the web - names of living persons will not be included unless you request it (some participants have web sites and want their links there). When your results are in you can also submit a GEDCOM to FTDNA.

DNA INFORMATION - Most of the below links are to my web site (GKBopp) which is not as fancy as the ENGLISH web site; however, the information will apply to your DNA test.

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HOW TO TAKE THE TEST- while you wait for your kit, review these guidelines:

AFTER you send in your kit, please review:

AFTER you receive your results read:
Also, as soon as time permits, I will contact you by email to discuss your results and Barbara will include them on the ENGLISH web site page.

RESULTS PAGE (for our project - you will also have personal pages at FTDNA):

When ALL results are in, be sure to upload to YSearch and explore other Y base options:

HOT TOPICS - When something is "hot" (for example, new tests at FTDNA) - check this link:

FAMILY TREE DNA - They have many links with more information. You will also have personal pages there - you will need your kit number and pass code to see them - they will send the pass code when your DNA sample is returned. Important: If something happens to me, Barbara, and/or the web site project, you will still have everything you need there. And you can always write to them and ask questions - you are their customer!

You might want to start with the Newbie list sponsored by ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy). Now days, the RootsWeb list is a bit top heavy with ancient ancestry posts (haplogroups and SNP tests) but newcomers are welcome.

Most of the above links (and more) are at:

English Plantation

RootsWeb surname discussion list. If you are not on the discussion list for your surname variation, please join the RootsWeb list (there are other lists but this one is the best). Enter "ENGLISH" at the below link and join the English-Family list:

GKBopp - Revised 2 July 2006


GEDCOM (gedcom) is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunications.
If you are new to genealogy and do not know what a gedcom is, do not worry about that.
A gedcom can only be created if you are using a genealogy program. It is a flexible and uniform format for exchanging computerized genealogical data, and allows you to share files with other researchers who may not use the same genealogy program that you do.
You do not have to use a genealogy program, and do not need a gedcom, to participant in our Y-DNA study.


DNA Project Notes
Anything below this line is advertising and is not a link to information on my web site