Johan Peter Lenhart 1708-1774


Revised 24 August 2005

~This section is dedicated, with thanks, to researchers (past and present) who have contributed so much to so many. With a special thanks to the Lenhart List group now on RootsWeb, especially to Bernard, Blake, Jim, Margaret, Nancy, and Robert.~

Johan Peter Lenhart arrived in Philadelphia in 1748, on the ship "Two Brothers." By 1749, he owned land in Philadelphia Co. (became Berks Co. in 1752). Between 1758-1767 he removed to Dover, Twp., York Co., where he and Maria Margaretha are buried. The town of Lenhartsville, Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania, is on land originally owned by Johan Peter Lenhart; his grandson Heinrich (son of Jacob) is considered the founder of Lenhartsville. See Rinkenbach for a more extensive introduction. On this website, Johan Peter Lenhart (JPL) refers to the patriarch of the family; however, many name and spelling variations appear in various records.

 Y-DNA - JPL's likely haplotype

CHILDREN  - JPL's FAMILY GROUP SHEET, with sources, based on the work of many researchers

ANCESTRY - JPL's Ancestry based on information from Margaret Gonzalez

GERMANY - JPL's German homeland based on information from Lenhart list researchers

FILBY'S - JPL entries in Filby's

WILL - JPL's Will transcription

GRAVESTONE - Photograph and Site Visit Notes by Robert A. Fetters

RINKENBACH - THE LENHART FAMILY OF GREENWICH AND ALBANY TWPS., BERKS COUNTY, AND YORK COUNTY, PA. By Wm. H. Rinkenbach, A.B., M.S. 1937 - Transcription of this 20 page ms. with index and other information.

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