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Unless noted otherwise, this is based on information from Lenhart researcher Margaret Gonzalez. Margaret reviewed film of the Horn Hunsruck, Evangelisch-Reformiert records. (1) She was accompanied by a German friend who assisted in the translation. This film is also the source of many entries in the IGI. (2)

Paternal Grandparents of JPL

Hans Velten & Anna Catharina Lehnhardt of Penssenweiler.

According to Margaret, the Horn Hunsruck, Evangelisch-Reformiert records for this family include these surname-spelling variations: Lehnhardt, Leonard, Leonart, Leonhard, Leonhardt, Leonhart

Parents of JPL

Hanss Stopfel Lehnhardt of Chumbt Monastery.
Anna Eva Kesler (buried 30 Jan 1743; age 67 years, 10 months, 9 days)
Married: 10 Nov 1693
Her Father: Hanss Peter Kesler [JPL's maternal grandfather] (3)

The above name variations are from the marriage record. According to Margaret, the Horn Hunsruck, Evangelisch-Reformiert records for JPL's father include these given name variations: Hanns Stophel, Joh/Johan/n/es Christoffel/Christophel, Christoffel, Christophel, Stoffel. [I don't know which version appears in JPL's baptism record.(4)]

Baptism of JPL - "Joh. Peter Leonard," baptized 27 May 1708 in Horn, Hunsruck, Evangelisch-Reformiert records. (See JPL Descendants - Family Group Sheet for his birth, death dates, and other information).

Other Relatives of JPL - See Margaret's original e-mail for information about likely siblings and other relatives.


(1) Margaret Gonzalez reviewed records of the Horn Hunsruck, Evangelisch-Reformiert on LDS film 0492974. She reported her findings February 2000 to the Lenhart list at [now extinct]. A copy of her original e-mail was re-posted to the LENHART-L RootsWeb mailing list. It can be located in the list archives: 6 Jul 2001 (EDT) Subject [LENHART] JPL's Ancestry "German Research" (Margaret's original e-mail). How to locate archives.

(2) IGI or I.G.I. is the International Genealogical Index of the LDS. LDS refers to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as the Mormon Church). The LDS has filmed thousands of records some of which are invaluable (e.g., the film Margaret reviewed). Some entries in the IGI (and other LDS records) contain conflicting and/or erroneous information.

(3) I'm using Kesler because the LDS IGI (reviewed online 9/2001) lists this marriage under Kesler; IGI source is the film Margaret reviewed. She reports the name looks like Kehler on the film. (See German Translations.) There are several spelling variations of this name.

(4) On a lighter note . . . .

From the Lenhart List 7/4/01 [edited]
Subj: Confusion: Hans Stopfel (Lehnhardt) Lenhart vs Johan Christo...
From: Nancy Lenhart Thomas

Question posted by a lister:

GKBopp lists Hans Stopfel (Lehnhardt) Lenhart as the son of Hans Velten (Lehnhardt) Lenhart and Anna Catharina. Jim Lenhart lists Johan Christopffel LEONHARD as the son of Hanss Velten LEONHARDT.
In both cases the individual married Ann Eva (Kehler) Kessler on 10 Nov 1693. Can anyone clarify . . . .

Nan's answer:

Well......Hans/Hanns is another name for Johan/Johann (which by the way is another name for John) and Stopfel (aka as Stophel and Stoffel) is another name for Christopffel (which by the way is another name for Christopher), oft times confused as Christian. Hans Stopfel is the name in Germany, Johan Christopffel is the German name in America and John or Christopher is the English translation.

Then we have to contend with misspellings by ministers and census takers, but that is another story all together.

Aren't you glad you asked?????




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