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By Wm. H. Rinkenbach, A.B., M.S.
GKBopp (Rev. 30 October 2001)

The titled ms. discusses Johan Peter (1708-1774) and Maria Margaretha (1713-1777) Lenhart who came to America in 1748, and their nine known sons. Also included are grandchildren located in the records of the area researched. Thereafter, the ms. discusses only descendants of grandson Heinrich Lenhart (1773-1837), the founder of Lenhartsville, PA. There are about 170 names, over 100 link to Heinrich; in other words, over 60% of the names in the ms. are Henrich's descendants and their spouses (see Bird's Eye View below). The ms. is by no means complete and may contain errors; however, it is the only known DOCUMENTED material concerning this family that I have seen to date.

I retyped the titled manuscript from identical copies in the collections of the Library of Congress and The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. The following is included on the Library of Congress copy: "Gift Author Oct 16, 1956" and "Copy 5 C S71 L56 1937." There are other variations of this ms. in existence, also dated 1937; they contain minor differences. There is no known version dated after 1937; however, some fuzzy copies have been misread as 1957. It is my opinion the version Rinkenbach gifted the Library of Congress is the final version (details are in Versions of Rinkenbach's Lenhart Manuscripts.)

The Website version of the ms. is single spaced; the original is double spaced.

INDEX. I created a key name index for the original ms. The original page numbers are indicated in the Website version and are followed by a horizontal line. The page breaks are identical to the original ms., line breaks are not. The Index is linked as a PDF file.

ERRORS - CORRECTIONS. There are some obvious spelling and/or typographical errors in the original ms. I did not change these as my transcription is an attempt to faithfully reproduce the original. However, although I proofed my retyped version twice, I may have made errors of my own. For other errors, corrections, additions, see the Errors-Corrections section in Versions of Rinkenbach's Lenhart Manuscripts. [Update note: The Errors-Corrections should be moved to a separate page - a pending project.]

PDF FILES. Some material is difficult to format to html [the language used to create a web page]. Until I am able to do so, certain items are linked to PDF files. PDF files require a reader that can be downloaded free from Adobe Acrobat. Red is used to alert you to a PDF file.

LENHART RESEARCHERS. There are many descendants presently working together on the line of Johan Peter Lenhart. Please join us at RootsWeb: [email protected] (put subscribe on the subject line).

Bird's Eye View of names in Rinkenbach (this page links to PDF files)
Rinkenbach's Lenhart Manuscript - Web version of the Library of Congress copy
Index - PDF file PDF file
Versions of Rinkenbach's Lenhart Manuscripts - At the end are remarks about known errors in Rinkenbach. This section needs to moved to a separate page - (a pending project).


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