The Glad/Kennamer Genealogy Page

The Glad/Kennamer Genealogy Page

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Welcome to my little project. I'm happy to share what I've learned, but can't take any credit. I couldn't have done it without the help of hundreds of other genealogists who were generous enough to share their research. As always, Please use this information only as a starting point, I have not verified every source. I hope you can find that missing link.

Online Database

Glad/Kennamer Database

If you see someone related, I may have more information (wills, obits, notes, etc) If you see a line that interests you, I may have more information.

Current Research:

My Family Tree

Will & Kay Glad

Thomas James Glad

Thomas Jay Glad

Alma Emmanuel Glad

Niels Peter Andreasen

Andreas Andersen-Glad

Anders Andersen-Glad

Johanne Catrine Simonsdatter

Ane Marie Jensdatter

Jens Christian Pedersen

Sara Sorensdatter

Alfine Charlotte Alfsen

Christen Alfsen

Alf Aasoldsen

Aase Christiansdatter

Anna Knutsdatter

Knut Bentsen

Maren Pedersdatter

Maude Laverne Morby

Thomas James Morby

David George Morby

James Morby

Ann Bannister

Mary Jane Perry

William Perry


Emily Eliza Hill

William Sturgess Hill

William Hill

Sarah Ann Sturgess

Emily Eliza Reeder

Francis Hubbard Reeder

Elizabeth Maria Hemming

Elizabeth Ann Rogers

Lloyd Everett Rogers

Charles Franklin Rogers

James P. Rogers

David A. Rogers

Elizabeth Sargent

Mary Ann Ator

Thomas Ater

Evaline Patrick

Kate Frances Baker

Alexander Baker

Joseph Baker

Martha Jackson

Matilda Mullinix

Elisha Mullinix

Charity McCollum

Elizabeth Jasmine Wilson

Arthur Emerson Wilson

Benjamin Wilson

Paul Wilson

Hannah Wilson

Elizabeth Featherstone

Ralph Featherstone

Elizabeth Curry

Elizabeth Jane Karn

Willard Karn

Jacob Karn

Catherine Lampman

Isabella Moote

Richard Moote

Ruth Youmans

Carol Irene Kennamer

William Bruce Kennamer

Mose J. Kennamer

James Allen Kennamer

Jacob Kennemore

Hance Kennemur

Rachel Riley

Charity Haines Busby

Nathaniel Busby

Charity Haines

Matilda Maples

Moses Maples

William Cordra Maples

Nancy Long

Catherine Manning

Job Manning


Irene Isamay Ingram

John Henry Ingram

John Spiers Ingram

John Spiers Ingram

Mary Nancy Jinks

Julia Ann Jinks

Gales Jinks

Ann Bowling

Catherin Uphama Price

John Reeves Price

Gerry H. Price

Phebe Putman

Margaret Luwincy Harry

Benjamin Harry

Susan Williams

Nina Edsall Parker

Roswell Clinton Parker

Clinton Burnett Parker

James Alexander Parker

Alexander Parker

Betsey Bartholomew

Cornelia Asenath Burnett

David Burnett

Asenath Moseley

Louise Halsey Douglas

Daniel H. Douglas

Hosea Dugliss

Mary Hunt

Eleanora Farrington

George W. Farrington

Jane Moore

Marjorie Edsall Weeks

William Edward Weeks

Joseph Montague Weeks

John A. Weeks

Charlotte Sears

Elivna Cutts?



Cornelia Isabella "Nina Belle" Smith

Edward Smith

Joseph Smith

Tryphenia Newell

Emma Frances Hull

Oliver C. Hull

Phebe T. Barrett

Glad/Andersen-Glad(Ålborg Denmark>SLC Co, UT>CA)

Alfsen (Aust Agder, NOR>SLC Co, UT)

Morby (Oxfordshire, ENG>Pueblo CO>SLC Co, UT> LA Co, CA)
- Perry (Staffordshire, ENG>Weber Co, UT)
- Bannister (ENG)

Hill (Leicestershire, ENG>Weber Co, UT>LA Co, CA)
- Sturgess (Leicestershire, ENG>Weber Co, UT)
- Reeder (Warwickshire, ENG>Weber Co, UT)
- Hemming (Warwickshire, ENG>Weber Co, UT)

Rogers (Buckingham Co, VA>Woodford Co, KY>Pike Co, IL>Adams Co, WA>Ventura Co, CA>San Francisco Co, CA)
- Sargent (Person Co, NC>Woodford Co, KY)
- Ader/Ater/Ator (Alsace, FR>Loudoun Co, VA>Ross Co, OH>Pickaway Co, OH>Pike Co, IL)
- Sollars (Berkeley Co, VA>Frederick Co, MD>Pickaway Co, OH>Ross Co, OH>Pike Co, IL)
- Patrick (VA>Pickaway Co, OH)

Baker (RI>KY>Pickaway Co, OH>Pike Co, IL)
- Mullinix (WLS?>Ann Arundel, MD>Washington Co, IN)
- Jackson (VA>OH)
- McCollum (NC>KY)

Wilson (Lincolnshire,ENG>Lacolle, QC>Woodstock, Oxford Co, ONT, Can>Fergus Falls,MN>LA Co, CA)
- Featherston (Durham, ENG>Clinton Co, NY>Lacolle,QC)
- Curry (Northumberland, ENG>Clinton Co, NY>Lacolle, QC)

Karn/Kern (DEU>Morris Co, NJ>Oxford Co, ONT)
- Lampman (Hessen, DEU>NY>Oxford Co, ONT)
- Moote Mannheim, DEU>Greene Co, NY>Herkimer Co, NY>Oxford Co, ONT)
- Youmans (Eng>NY>Oxford Co, ONT)

Kennamer (DEU>NJ>Fairfield Co, SC>Jackson Co, AL>Wood Co, TX>LA Co, CA)
- Riley (?>Fairfield Co, SC)
- Busby (?>Fairfield Co, SC)
- Haines (?>Fairfield Co, SC)

Maples (?FR>VA>Pittsylvania Co, VA>Sevier Co, TN>Jackson Co, AL>Rains Co, TX)
- Long Yorkshire, Eng>PA>Loudoun Co, VA>Madison Co, AL)
- Manning (?>Sevier Co, TN>Jackson Co, AL)
- Jones(PA>VA)

Ingram IRELAND>Jefferson Co, GA>Butts Co, GA>Wood Co, TX)
- Jinks (?>NC>Butts Co, GA>Wood Co, TX)
- Bowling(Eng>VA>SC>Monroe Co, GA)

Price (WLS?>VA>NC>SC>Floyd Co, GA>Wood Co, TX)
- Putman (Buckinghamshire, Eng>VA>Warren Co, KY>Hall Co, GA>Wood Co, TX)
- Harry (Barnwell Co, SC>Greene Co, AL>Lauderdale Co, MS>Wood Co, TX)
- Williams (Anson Co, NC>Wood Co, TX)

Parker (ENG>Andover, MA>Jefferson Co, NY>Kings Co, NY>LA Co, CA)
- Bartholomew (Oxfordshire, ENG>Suffolk Co, MA>New Haven, CT>Orange Co, VT>Jefferson Co, NY)
- Burnett/Burnap (Hertfordshire, ENG>Reading, MA>Windham Co, CT>Cape Vincent, NY)
- MoseleyLancashire, ENG>Suffolk Co, MA>Windham Co, CT)

Dugliss/Douglas Scotland or ENG>Dutchess Co. NY>Kings Co, NY)
- Hunt (?>Dutchess Co, NY)
- Farrington (?>Dutchess Co, NY)
-Moore (?>Dutchess Co, NY)

Weeks (?>Kings Co, NY)
- Sears (?CT>NY)
- Cutts (?>Kings Co, NY)
-Bartlett (?>Kings Co, NY)

Smith (?>NYC, NY)
- Newell (Hertfordshire, ENG>Hartford, CT>NY)
- Hull England>RI>NY)
- Barrett (England>NY)

Regional Interests

These are areas I've collected information from other families that connect in some way to my lines.

Morris Co and Hunterdon Co, NJ:


Karn/Kern, Swackhammer


Check out the Early Families of Northwest New Jersey Page by Pamela Lee Sliker Miller

Niagara District, Ontario, Canada:


Featherston, Karn/Kern, Moote, Lampman, Youmans, Wilson

Madison,Marshall, & Jackson Co, AL; Sevier Co, TN:


Kennamer, Maples, Manning, Long, Thomas, Page, Derrick, Hodges


Smoky Mountain Kin

Woodford Co, KY:


Rogers, Sargent, Tutt, Yancey, Pulliam,Watts

Pickaway and Ross Co, OH:


Ater, Ator, Baker, Jackson

Other Lines:

Mayflower Line:

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Note: This research is constantly in flux. I have relied heavily on the data of others and will be happy to pass on the names of other researchers if you want better documentation. If you believe something here to be incorrect let me know and I will correct it to the best of my ability.