We are very fortunate in having list members who are actively engaged in other genealogical projects. Look out for regular List Members:


Using Archive Search Engine.

The Glamorgan Mailing List archives are very useful in several ways.

  • You are able to Search the archives for a given Surname, which makes it easy to find who has researched your surname earlier. Be warned though if the message is an old one that the subscriber may have changed their email account. Placing your Research Interests on the List should alert that person.
  • You are able to search for a given Location or Topic, which makes it easy to see what has been discussed previously.
  • You can Browse the archives to see if messages are reaching the List and if yours is shown, when you are concerned that you haven't seen your posting.
  • Don't forget spelling. I know this sounds obvious, but please bear in mind that most search engines will only give hits on EXACT matches.

    Finally, if you are still stuck, here are two websites which may help you further.