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Welsh Monumental Inscriptions (MI's)


Help for the Non-Welsh transcribers and reader of Welsh Monumental Inscriptions.

Some Phrases Used Translation
Er cof Annwyl Am In Dear Memory of
Er Serchus Gof Am In Loving Memory of
Er Parchus Gof Am In Reverend Memory of

Months of the Year Translation
Ionawr January
Chwefror February
Mawrth March
Ebrill April
Mai May
Mehefin June
Gorffennaf July
Awst August
Medi September
Hydref October
Tachwedd November
Rhagfyr December

Days of the Week Translation
Dydd sul Sunday
Dydd llun Monday
Dydd mawrth Tuesday
Dydd mercher Wednesday
Dydd iau Thursday
Dydd gwener Friday
Dydd sadwrn Saturday

The Family Translation
An(n)wyl wraig(of) Beloved wife (of)
An(n)wyl briod Beloved wife/husband
Brawd Brother
Chwaer Sister
Gwraig Wife/ woman
Gwr Husband/man
Merch/ferch Daughter/Daughter of
Mab/fab Son/son of
Bachgen Boy
Mam/fam Mother
Tad Father
Mam-gu; Nain Grandmother
Tad-cu; Taid Grandfather
Wyr Grandchild
Ewythr Uncle
Modryb Aunt
Cefnder; cyfnither Cousin
Perthynas Relation
Rhieni Parents
Plentyn/Plant Child(ren)