Glasgow Directory, 1927

Glasgow 1927 Directory

Glasgow, like many other cities produced a city directory from the eighteenth century onwards. These directories are extremely valuable. Appearing usually annually, directories are a primary source of listing the inhabitants of a city when other sources frequently do not. There are of course limitations to directories, but on the whole, they are a very useful source.

The value of having a directory from the 1920's reproduced is that it is from a time period when government census records are not available - a 100 year confidentiality rule applies in the United Kingdom.

Jim Bundy in the USA acquired a copy of the Directory and began scanning the pages before having the directory rebound. These images remain the copyright of Jim Bundy.

The pages have been scanned in pairs - ie, image 1927names99.jpg contains pages 98 and 99 from the Names Section of the Directory. The images are greyscale jpegs and have an average size of XXXKb. To print them on one page, you must save the image to your local system, open them in a Paint Package and resize to fit your printers capabilities - it is best to print landscape.

The index below hopefully allows easy access to the pages. More details will be added to indentify the contents of each page as time permits.

Jim Bundy [[email protected]] and Andrew R Nicoll [[email protected]], January 2001




History of Glasgow

Street List

Glasgow Corporation

Names Section

Addresses Section






Telephone Directory

Post Towns