The first settlement and improvement was made by James Wells, on Sec. 20, in 1822. Samuel Atchinson settled on Sec. 17 the same year. Michael Brown in fall of 1824. Other early settlers were Reson Nighswonger, Asa Buffington, James Ham and others. First white child born was Stephen Boniparte Wells. The first marriage was Eliza Brown to James Medford, by Esq. Wells at the residence of her mother in 1826. First death was that of Michael Brown, in the spring of 1826. First sermon was preached by Rev. John Medford, at the house of Rachel Brown, in 1827. First Justice of the Peace was James Wells. First church was built in the village of Chambersburg, in the year 1832, by the Methodist denomination. First school was taught by John Lyster, in 1830. First school house built was in the village of Chambersburg, in the year 1838, previous to that time schools were taught in private houses. First steam mill was built in 1839. Much of the surface of Chambersburg is broken by bluffs, though there are some fine fertile bottom lands.






When came to Co.
Appenheimer, Wm. Sec. 20 Farmer Germany 1859
Brooks, Joab Sec. 9 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1832
Brown, Joseph Sec. 17 Farmer Virginia 1824
Colleps, Wm. Sec. 29 Farmer New York 1868
Conklin, Roland Chambersburg Blacksmith MA 1840
Conner, J. N. Sec. 31 Farmer Kentucky 1833
Dennis, Hon. J. H Sec. 9 Farmer Kentucky 1847
Dunn, G. H. Sec. 5 Farmer Illinois 1842
Elledge, W. B. Chambersburg Miller Indiana 1833
Ellis, Wm. F Chambersburg Constable Ohio 1857
Gillis, Wm. Sec. 17 Farmer Virginia 1853
Green, C. D. Sec. 6 Farmer Kentucky 1840
Ham, Geo. W. Sec. 17 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1841
Ham, Lewis Sec. 20 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1832
Ham, Wm. Sec. 20 Farmer Tennessee 1830
Hume, Jr. W. A. Chambersburg Farmer & Merchant Pike Co., IL 1834
Klainlain, Andrew Sec. 19 Farmer Germany 1859
Leahr, John Sec. 30 Farmer Germany 1857
Loer, John Chambersburg Farmer Ohio 1839
Mayo, John J Sect. 30 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1836
Metz, Albert G. Sec. 8 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1850
Metz, Henry Sec. 8 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
Metz, J. F. Chambersburg Merchant Virginia 1837
Metz, J. M. Sec. 7 Farmer Ohio 1839
Metz, James L. Chambersburg Farmer & Merchant Pike Co., IL 1834
Morris, John Sec. 20 Farmer Kentucky 1832
Morris, W. W. Sec. 20 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Myers, August Sec. 19 Farmer Germany 1857
Pool, J. S. Sec. 7 Farmer Illinois 1832
Remington, Orson Sec. 20 Farmer Ohio 1835
Reynolds, D. M. .......... Farmer Pike Co., IL 1849
Riggs, Luther Sec. 7 Farmer Kentucky 1834
Scanland, S. W. Chambersburg Physician Kentucky 1866
Smith, Volentine Sec. 30 Farmer Germany 1855
Smith, W. G. Sec. 18 Farmer Kentucky 1836
Stenbaker, Elmer Sec. 17 Farmer New Jersey 1854
Thompson, Geo. L Chambersburg Blacksmith Kentucky 1834
Todd, Franklin Sec. 29 Farmer Kentucky 1832
Turner, Harvey Sec. 19 Farmer Ohio 1855
Wilson, B. Chambersburg Physician Kentucky 1853