Pike Atlases


Is the son of James Dinsmore. He was born in the state of Kentucky in the year 1822, and in 1825 his parents moved to Scott county, Illinois, where they remained until 1838. They then removed to Pike county, and purchased and improved the land upon which they now reside. John C. remained with his parents until the year 1844, when he commenced for himself, following the business of engineer, which he continued for two years. At the call of President Polk, in 1846, for volunteers to go to Mexico, Mr. Dinsmore was one of the first to respond. He joined the first regiment of Illinois infantry as a private, but was soon after promoted to first sergeant, and served in that capacity until the close of the war. He was in the memorable battle of Buena Vista, and was close to the gallant Col. J. A. Hardin when he fell; but Capt. Dinsmore came out of the battle himself without a scratch. At the close of the war the captain was honorably discharged, and returned to Illinois, where he followed his former business (that of engineering) in various places until the year 1849. At that time the gold excitement was running very high, and the captain, like thousands of others, was carried away with it; so preparing himself with the necessary outfit, he went overland to California. After remaining there two years, meeting with success, he returned to Illinois in 1852, and the same year was married to Miss Priscilla Jane Barney. He then purchased land in section 26, Hardin township, where he settled down and still resides. In 1862 the captain once more responded to his country's call for help, and in a short time he succeeded in raising a company of volunteers, of which he was elected captain. He, with his company, joined the 99th regiment Illinois volunteers, and started to the front. After serving his time, the captain was honorably discharged, and returned home to his family and his farm, where he has since remained, engaged in farming and stock raising, and is doing well. The captain is highly esteemed by all who know him.