Pike Atlases


Was born in close proximity to the now renowned and celebrated mineral springs of Perry, Pike county, Illinois, Nov. 11, 1832. He is the fourth son of Charles and Elenor Dorsey. On arriving at the age of eighteen, he was married to Miss Matilda, daughter of Elder David Hobbs. Mr. Hobbs and wife were both natives of Kentucky. They emigrated to Illinois in 1829, settling in Scott county, and in that county Mrs. Dorsey was born, October 8th, 1832.

They have a family of two children. After his marriage he engaged in farming and stock breeding. He has some of the best breeds of sheep and hogs in the county, which he keeps constantly on hand for sale. He has taken the premium several times at the county fair. Special attention is given to the Poland-China, Berkshire, Chester-white, and the Spanish merino, or pure Infantado sheep.

Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey are both members of the Christian church, and besides being a good citizen, he says he is a good Republican. A view of Mr. Dorsey's farm residence and stock is shown in this work.