Pike Atlases


Is the son of Robert Goodin, who was born in Kentucky, in the year 1793. He emigrated to Tennessee many years ago, and there married Miss Susan McClintock in 1819. He remained in Tennessee two years after his marriage, and then moved with his family to the territory of Missouri, where he lived until 1830. He then moved to Pike county, Illinois, and settled on section 11, in Martinsburg township, where he remained until his death, which occurred in the year 1863. He died as he had lived a devoted Christian and a good citizen, beloved by all who knew him.

Rev. Hardin Goodin was the oldest child of his father's family, and was born in the state of Tennessee, in the year 1813. He remained with his parents until 1835, when he was married to Miss Rebecca Kinman. In 1836 he purchased the northwest quarter of section 15, in Martinsburg township, where he settled and still resides. He has always been engaged in farming and raising stock. He has held many of the local offices of his township, and is supervisor at this time. At an early age he gave his heart to God, and his aid and labor to the church, and for the last twenty-five years has been a devoted Christian and an arduous and faithful minister in the church of Christ. He is the father of seven children, six of whom are yet living five married, and one single. He is surrounded by many warm and Christian friends, and is happily and comfortably situated in life.