Pike Atlases


Was born in Pike county, Illinois, June 15, 1832. He is the fourth son of James and Mary Ham, who are mentioned as among the early settlers of Chambersburg township. The subject of this sketch received his early education and training in the common schools of this county. His early years were largely spent on his father's farm, though he attained a good common school education. In September of 1853 he was married to Miss Julia Ann, daughter of James and Mary Ann Wells, who were formerly of New York. Mr. Wells was the first magistrate in Chambersburg township. Mrs. Ham was born June 8, 1836, in Pike county, Illinois. They have had a family of four children, all boys. After his marriage, his father gave him a fine farm, since which time he has principally devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits and stock raising; has met with success in business, and accumulated considerable wealth. As a stock grower he has met with more than ordinary success; is one of the directors of the Pike County Agricultural Society, and is well known as a man who is always ready to promote any commendable public interests. He has represented Chambersburg in the supervisors' court for two terms.

Being an active politician in the democratic ranks, he is one who exercises considerable influence in the county, as a shrewd politician, believing, as he says that the principles of the democracy are the only ones calculated to advance the best interests of this country. He is one who is highly respected by his neighbors and fellow citizens. A view of his farm and residence is shown in this work. His farm, lying as it does, in the beautiful, fertile, and productive valley of the Illinois river, is well improved, and under a high state of cultivation.