Pike Atlases


Was born in Green county, Illinois, in the year 1836. His father, Isaac S. Brown, was born in Kentucky in the year 1810, and emigrated to Green county, Illinois, in 1828, after which he went to New York on horseback. While there, in 1832, he was married to Miss Catharine E. Hay, and in 1833 he returned with his wife to Green county, where he engaged successfully in farming and stock raising, at which he continued until 1850, when he moved to Pike county, and settled on section 16 in Montezuma township, where he again engaged in farming and stock raising until 1862, when, notwithstanding he was in his fifty third year, he enlisted in the 99th Illinois regiment, and was appointed wagon master. He served in that capacity until May, 1863, when he died at Vicksburg from a wound received in the first battle at that place. He was the father of six children, five sons and one daughter all now living five of whom are married and one single. Mr. Brown died as he had lived, a highly respected man, a good soldier, and a moral citizen. His death was mourned by all his comrades, a large circle of relatives, and many warm friends. Mrs. Brown resides with her son James on the old homestead farm, in good health, and blessed with all the comforts necessary in this life.

James A. was married, in the year 1861, to Miss Amanda F. Hoover. She was born in Pike county, Illinois, in the year 1840. Her parents, Daniel and America Hoover, emigrated to Pike county, Illinois, in the year 1827, and settled in Montezuma township, where they both died in the year 1868. James is one of the live men of Pike county, and is entitled to great credit for his enterprise in improving the stock of hogs in his neighborhood, as he has spared neither time or expense in procuring the very best blood. He is, perhaps, one of the most successful hog raisers in Montezuma township. He is highly respected by his neighbors, and has frequently been solicited to accept some of the most important offices in his township, and, when consenting to do so, has always discharged the duties to the full satisfaction of his constitutents. Mr. Brown has had born to him five children, four daughters and one son, three of whom are yet living.