The first improvements in this Township were made by Fisher Petty, on Section 15, in the year 1825. Mr. Nicholson came about the same time. Joseph and Robert Hoodin, Wm. Bins, Wm. Butler and Robert Richardson were also very early settlers. None of the early settlers are now living in this Township, they are either dead or have moved away. William Ward and Nancy Shinn were the first children born. Nancy moved to California in 1850, and William Ward emigrated to Texas many years ago, and was hanged there by the outlaws of that country in 1862, because he would not join the rebellion. David Rogers was the first Justice of the Peace. J. S. Roberts was the first Supervisor. The Rev. John Garrison, of the Christian church, preached the first sermon, at the house of Robert Goodin. The first marriage was that of Geo. Williams to Miss Nancy Nicholson, the ceremony was performed by the Rev. Divid Hubbard. The first school house was built on Sec. 7, it was a log cabin, and Mr. Morrow was the first teacher, (in 1827). The first church was built in 1839, on Sec. 18, by the Presbyterians and called the "Bethel." Martinsburg was very heavily timbered and considerably broken, the soil is well beded with limestone, and is better adapted for farming and growing fruit than it is for raising stock. It is beginning to be very well improved and has some very good farmers.






When came to Co.
Aiton, Thomas Sec. 11 Physician Scotland 1848
Ancell, E. F. Sec. 30 Farmer Virginia 1863
Baker, Elliot Sec. 9 Farmer Illinois 1844
Barton, M. A. Sec. 34 Farmer Missouri 1864
Bemis, Aaron Sec. 18 Farmer MA 1835
Brittain, John Sec. 4 Farmer NC 1830
Brown, A. J. Sec. 6 Farmer WV 1831
Browning, Wm. C Sec. 34 Farmer Kentucky 1830
Burnham, Elijah Sec. 18 Farmer Connecticut 1840
Butler, Joshua, Martinsburg Farmer Kentucky 1828
Capps, Martin Sec. 22 Farmer East TN 1847
Capps, S. D. Sec. 32 Farmer Missouri 1832
Cline, Oliver G. Sec. 3 Farmer Illinois 1848
Cooper, John H Sec. 23 Farmer Illinois 1836
Deal, Wm. H New Hartford Merchant Ohio 1853
Dillon, John Sec. 25 Farmer Ireland 1854
Dufflield, B. T. Sec. 3 Farmer Indiana 1848
Duffield, J. M. Sec. 10 Farmer Indiana 1847
Duffield, James Sec. 10 Farmer SC 1847
Duffield, W. J. Sec. 16 Farmer Indiana 1847
Dyer, W. H. New Hartford Merchant Washington City 1864
Ellis, James H. Sec. 7 Farmer Illinois 1842
Goodin, James Sec. 14 Farmer Illinois 1831
Goodin, Robert H Sec. 24 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1845
Grabael, John W Sec. 19 Farmer Indiana 1861
Grassle, Francis Sec. 1 Farmer Germany 1865
Harlow, H. D. Sec. 27 Farmer Virginia 1836
Hassell, Joseph Sec. 6 Farmer Philadelphia 1839
Headington, Norman Sec. 3 Farmer Ohio 1860
Hemenway, M. H Sec. 22 Constable New York 1846
Howing, Wm. Sec. 3 Farmer Germany 1853
Hoyt, C. G. Sec. 3 Farmer Vermont 1855
James, George Sec. 3 Farmer England 1852
James, W. B. Sec. 8 Farmer England 1852
Little, Thomas Sec. 7 Farmer Ireland 1848
Lynn, Wm. Sec. 34 Farmer Ohio 1859
McCleery, R. H. Sec. 36 Farmer Indiana 1856
McClintock, I. N Sec. 3 Physician Illinois 1842
McClintock, James H Sec. 4 Farmer Illinois 1839
McClintock, R. A Sec. 6 Farmer Tennessee 1827
McClintock, W. A. Sec. 2 Farmer Tennessee 1838
Miller, J. J. W Sec. 15 Minister NC 1834
Miller, Richard Sec. 21 Farmer England 1848
Miller, S. G. Sec. 16 Farmer Ohio 1845
Miller, Samuel G Sec. 16 Farmer Ohio 1845
Moore, J. C. Sec. 19 Farmer Maine 1855
Pease, A. Martinsburg Merchant New York 1837
Petty, James M. Sec. 12 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1830
Petty, W. T. F. Sec. 12 Farmer Illinois 1841
Pollard, Henry Sec. 16 Farmer England 1856
Priestley, Geo. P Sec. 13 Farmer England 1859
Roberts, Lafayette Sec. 34 Farmer Ohio 1840
Rogers, G. W. Sec. 31 Farmer Kentucky 1833
Rowley, Geo. W Sec. 31 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1841
Rowley, John A. Sec. 31 Farmer St. Charles Co., MO 1830
Schwartz, Julius Sec. 18 Farmer Illinois 1844
Shanton, W. M. Sec. 8 Farmer Ohio 1842
Shaw, Henry B Sec. 19 Farmer MA 1836
Shaw, Henty L. Sec. 7 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Slade, J. W. New Hartford Physician Scott Co., KY 1853
Smith, Scepter New Hartford Physician New York 1867
String, D. D. Sec. 18 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1838
Sullivan, C. Sec. 25 Farmer Ireland 1837
Varney, J. N. Sec. 17 Farmer New York 1858
Waggoner, Daniel Sec. 15 Farmer Missouri 1844
Woolfolke, J. S. Sec. 5 Farmer Kentucky 1864
Zumwalt, A. J. Martinsburg Farmer Missouri 1847