Pike County Atlases - 1872 & 1912 (Page 1)

Pike County IL
Combined 1872 & 1912 Atlases

Transcribed by Glenda Subyak

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Akin, Augustus, biography 62
Andrew, John, biography 62
Angle & Green, view of lumber yard 24
Angle, Lewis, view of residence 24
Archer, Wm. R., biography 31
Atkinson's Block, view of 33
Atlas Twp., our subscribers 27
Atlas Twp. (north part), and history 131,132
Atlas Twp. (south part), map of (Right & Left) side 133,134
Ayres, Dana, biography 47
Bailey, G. W. K., biography 55
Baker, Eliott, biography 59
Barney, Benjamin, {Col.}  biography 50
Barry Twp., our subscribers, history,  plat of  14,104,108
Bashforth, John K., biography 51
Beckdolt, G. P., view of residence 136
Bedford, plat of 134
Berry, Willis F., view of residence  138
Bolin, John O., view of residence, biography 20,34
Bond, James, view of store 64
Bradbury, J. Madison, view of residence 65
Brakefield, James, view of residence 93
Brammell, John H., view of residence 52
Brewster, Charles T., view of residence, biography 28,39
Bridge, Wm. H., biography 43
Brown, Harrison, view of residence 52
Brown, James A., biography, view of residence  47,126
Brown, J. W., biography, view of residence 62,77
Brown, Joseph, biography 50
Brown, Mary A., view of residence 124
Burke, J. W., biography 42
Bush Block, view of 61
Bush, Daniel Brown,biography 31
Bush, J. M., view of residence 61
Cadwell, F., biography 54
Calvin, Joseph, biography 46
Cannon, S. R., & Co., view of mill 109
Casal, F. M. [Dr] view of residence 40
Census of 1870  (population of townships only) 5
Chamberlain, Alfred, biography 55
Chamberlain, James W., biography 50
Chambersburg Twp., our subscribers 23
Chambersburg Twp. and history, plat of 80,108
Chapman, Clark P., view of residence, & mill 17
Clark, S., view of residence 33
Cleveland, John K., biography, view of residence  38,77
Clifton, Leander, biography, view of residence 55,60
Corey, V. B., biography 59
Corey /Cory, William,  biography, view of residence  58,69
Cotton, Porter, biography 35
Cotton & Son, P., view of mill 65
Criswell, R. M., biography 46
Davis, C. and S., view of mill 109
Davis, Perry H., view of residence 37
Dean, David W., view of residence, biography 49,59
Deemer, Martha A., view of residence 84
Derry Twp., our subscribers and history 22,116
Detroit Twp., our subscribers 30
Detroit Twp., history and plat of 108,123
Devol, David, view of residence 40
Dewell, John , biography 46
Dinsmore, John C., biography 43
Dorsey, Alexander, view of residence, biography 25,63
Dorsey, B. F., view of residence, biography 25,54
Dorsey, John P., view of residence 57
Duffield, James M., view of residence, biography 29,38
Dutcher, Squire, view of residence 97
Edwards, G. T., biography, view of hotel 42,60
Eldara, plat of 123
Elledge, W. B., view of mill, biography 56,59
Evans, John W., [Dr] view of residence 37
Evans, J. W. [Dr] biography 42
Excelsior Mills, Kinderhook, view of 60
Fagin, Samuel T., biography, view of residence 51,73
Fairmount Twp., our subscribers and history 18,68
Faris, Eli, view of residence 44
Fenton, John M., biography, view of residence  55,124
Ferris, L. N., view of residence 97
Field, J. L., view of residence and store 32
Finley, Mary, view of residence 60
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, biography 43
Flint Twp., our subscribers and history 26,84
Florence, plat of 76
French, E. N., view of residence, biography 20,35
Frye, Farrington, & Co., view of mill 124
Gaines, Samuel B., view of residence 113
Gano Brothers, view of store 33
Garner, James H., biography 42
Gilvin, Jerry, view of residence 101
Goodin, Hardin, biography 43
Gray, Schuyler, biography 39
Griggsville Twp., our subscribers and history 14,88
Griggsville Mills, view of 65
Griggsville, plat of 92
Grimes, Wm. B., biography, view of residence 34,40
Grubb, Alfred, biography 50
Guss, William, biography, view of residence 47,105
Hadley, Twp., our subscribers and history 23,100
Ham, James, biography 58
Ham, Lewis, view of residence, biography 57,63
Ham, Wm., biography, view of residence 59,81
Hamilton, David, biography 47
Hanna, Harry E., view of residence 33
Hardin Twp., our  subscribers and history 23,127
Harrington, Martin, biography 38
Harrington & Martin, view of residence 36
Hart, N. P., biography, view of residence 39,45
Haskins, Otis A., view of residence 128
Hemphill, A. F., view of residence 136
Henry, J. M. [Dr]  biography 59
Hickerson, E. W., biography 47
Hollis, David, biography 35
Hoover, Daniel, biography 46
Hoover, George, view of residence 41
Horton, Henry S., & Hobert S. biography 46
Howland, Shepherd C., biography 42
Hull, Smith, biography 54
Hulls, view of, plat 29,111
Humphrey, Silas, biography 39
Hunter & Mirrieles, view of store 61
Huston, John, biography 55
Illinois state map 3,4
Irwin, Jas. S., view of residence 32
Jellerson, Bingham, biography 55
Johnson, David, biography 58
Johnson, John, view of residence 73
Kellogg, Nathaniel, biography 43
Kenney, Charles [Hon]  biography 34
Kinderhook Twp., our subscribers 19
Kinderhook, Twp. and history 111,112
Kinderhook, plat of 76
Kinderhook, business view in 64
Kinderhook School House 113
Lake, Harvey, biography, view of residence 54,69
Libby, E. P., biography 55
Liggett & Coleman, view of store 64
Lockwood, John S. [Dr.] view of office 37
Long, Thomas S.,  biography 58
Lovell, A. J., biography 59
Lyster, John, biography 38
Martin, Huston, biography, view of residence 39,117
Martinsburg Twp, our subscribers and history 26,129
Martinsburg, plat of 123
Mason, Charles E., biography, view of residence 46,53
Massie, M. D., view of residence, biography 13,35
Matthews, B. L., view of residence, biography 21,38
McAtee, Elijah, biography, view of residence 43,105
McClintock, R. A., biography 42
McClintock, Wm. A., biography 42
McDaniel, John, biography 54
McDaniel, Wm., view of residence, biography 45,54
McDonald, H. C., view of hotel 57
McFarland, Joseph 41
McKinney, George B.,biography 59
McWilliams, James, biography 34
McWorter, Solomon, biography 54
Metz, B. B., view of residence 57
Metz, James L.,  biography 55
Miller, Henry, biography 59
Milton, plat of 76
Montezuma Twp. our subscribers and history 19,185
Montezuma, plat of 114
Morey, Eliza, view of residence 130
Morris, John, biography 38
Morrison, William M., biography 50
Myers, Wm., view of residence, biography 53,58
Myers, Wm. H., view of residence 117
Nebo, plat of 76
New Canton, plat of 108
New Canton School House, view of 48
Newburg Twp., our subscribers and history 18,121
New Hartford, plat of 133
New Salem Twp., our subscribers and history  27,96
New Salem, plat of 76
Parke, Lemuel,biography 63
Pearl Twp., our subscribers and history & Map 18,133
Perry, plat of 76
Perry Public School, view of 56
Perry School House, view of 56
Perry Springs, view of 8
Perry Twp., subscribers and history   15,72
Petrie, George, biography 38
Petty, Alvin, biography, view of residence  43,84
Philadelphia, plat of 84
Pike County, map and history, view of 6,7
Pineville, plat of 84
Pittsfield House, view of 60
Pittsfield, plat of 119,120
Pittsfield Twp., our subscribers and history 11,118
Pleasant Hill, business view in 136
Pleasant Hill, plat of 76
Pleasant Hill Twp., our subscribers and history 22,135
Pleasant Vale Twp., our subscribers and history 26,115
Pollack, R. R.,  [Dr.] biography 58
Rawley, John A., biography of 51
Remington, Orson, view of residence 81
Reynolds, Aaron, biography 58
Reynolds, David B., biography, view of residence 21,51
Rhodes, Joseph view of residence 65
Rickart, David S., biography, view of residence 54,73
Rockport, plat of 108
Ross, Col. Wm., biography 31
Ross, Roby Mrs., biography 42
Rowley, Geo. W., view of residence - biography 43,130
Rupert, James D., biography 62
Scott, J. F., view of residence 40
Seaborn, George, view of residence 44
Sharp, A. P., biography, view of residence 39,89
Shastid, John G., biography 34
Shastid, Jon, view of residence 16
Shaw, Amanda B., biography 39
Shaw, Henry B., biography, view of residence 42,126
Shelly, Abel, biography 51
Shibley, William N., biography 63
Simmons, Cephas, biography 35
Simmons, Cephas, view of residence & business block 77,94
Simmons & Cree, view of livery stable 65
Simpkins, Thomas, biography, view of residence 47,128
Sitton, Joshua K., view of residence 122
Sleight, John G., view of residence 85
Smith, Constantine, biography 46
Smith, John M., [Dr.] biography 58
Smith, James, biography 43
Spring Creek Twp., subscribers and history 22, 137
Stackpole, George V., biography 46
Stebbins, George, view of residence 48
Steers, William, biography, view of residence 42,65
Stewart, Daniel, view of hotel 73
Stibbins, David, biography 62
Summer Hill, plat of 133
Sutphin, Hon. Hugh L., M.D., biography 39
Sweet & Mallery, view of store 65
Table of Explanations 5
Taylor, Jane, biography 39
Thomas, J. A. [Dr.] view of residence 109
Thomas, Smith S., biography 35
Thomas, Smith S., Pleasant Hill, view on Main Street 136
Thiele, William, view of residence 73
Time, plat of 108
Turnbull, William, biography 63
Union Bank in Perry, view of 77
Vail, John, view of residence, biography 36,59
Wade, Josias, biography 62
Wade, Richard, biography, view of residence 54,85
Wade, Z., view of residence 73
Walker, John, biography 58
Ward, James, biography 35
Watts, Travis, view of Milton Hotel 136
Wells, Perry, view of residence 138
Wendorff, Henry, biography 50
Westlake, B. F., view of residence 122
Westlake, Benjamin, biography 34
Wheeler, Benjamin, view of residence 126
Wheeler, William, biography 54
White & Bro., view of store 109
Whittleton, Edmund, view of residence 101
Wike, Angle & Co., view of woolen factory 12
Wike, David J., view of residence, biography 28,34
Wike, George, view of residence 12
Williams, James R., biography, view of residence 62,126
Williams, Joseph, biography, view of hotel  37,43
Williams, L. French, biography 51
Williamson, T. H., view of store 61
Wills, William R., view of hotel and farm, biography 9,34
Willsey, James G., biography 46
Wilson, Benjamin [Dr.] biography 55
Windmiller, Peter M., biography 43
Woosley, Joshua, biography 51
Yates, George, biography 59
Yates, W. H., view of residence 89
Yokem, William, view of residence 49

Illustrations - 1912

Applegate, A. M. 113
Baptist Church, Pleasant Hill 117
Barry, D. E., Residence of 121
Bauer, Geo. J., & Son, Residence of 117
Berry, Mr. and Mrs. John F. 115
Binns, Will S. 111
Bluff View Farm, Residence on (Henry Pothast) 119
Boothby, George Walter 111
Bowers, Henry 111
Bowman, A. B., Residence 121
Bowman, Geo. W., and family 115
Bowman, G. W., Residence 119
Bradburn, B. T. 111
Bradburn, Mark 111
Brammell, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 115
Bridgwater, J. T. 113
Burke, Arthur and family 113
Bush, Henry, Residence of 119
Camp, Charles M. 113
Carnegie Public Library, Pittsfield 119
Carter, Townsend, Residence of 121
Caughlan, Charles W 111
Christian Church, Pleasant Hill 117
Colgrove, S. A., and family 115
Colvin, Hayes 111
Congregational Church, Pittsfield 117
Cooper, G. D., Residence and Barn of 121
Court House, Pittsfield 111
Deam, H. D., (Oak Springs Farm) 119
Dixon, Thomas, Residence of 121
Dixon Bros., Residence of 121
Doocy, Edward 113
East Side Public School, Pittsfield 119
Elder, L. F., Residence and Barn 121
Ellis, Almira L. 115
Ellis, Wm. H. 115
Emert Mfg. Co., Pleasant Hill 119
Fantz, Wm. 113
Farland, Joseph M., Residence of 119
Farmer's Exchange Bank of Nebo 119
Farrand, James A. 111
Fenton, Franklin M., Residence of 117
First Baptist Church, Pittsfield 117
Flinn, L. H. 111
Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. 115
Galloway, John R. 113
Gard, Cyrus P. 113
Graham, G. W., Residence of 121
Grote, Paul F. 111
Hailey, Wm. M. 111
Haney, T. L., Residence of 117
Hardy, H. H. 111
Harmison, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. 117
Harper, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. 117
Harshman, H. V., Residence of 121
Hayden, J. Clay and family 115
Henthorn, Wm. H., and family 115
Higbee, Chauncy L., High School, Pittsfield 117
High School, Pleasant Hill 117
Hollis, David P. 111
Hoos, Peter and family 115
Hopkins, C. L. 111
Hund, Augustus 113
Hurt, C. H. 111
Irick, Jesse, Residence 117
Jail, Pittsfield 117
Johnson, Chas., Residence and Barn of 121
Johnson, Edgar and Family 115
Johnson, Geo. H., Residence and Barn of 121
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. 115
Kaylor, M. B. 111
Kennedy, D. S. 113
Laird, Wm. H. 113
Lake, Geo. W. 121
Liehr, David, Residence of 119
Manton, Mrs. Minnie, Mary & Mamie Parker 117
Massie, M. D. 113
Mathews, Col., The 121
McAlister, Mr. and Mrs. James 115
McAtee, E. A., Residence of 121
McConnell, Dr. R. J. 115
Methodist Church, Pittsfield 117
M. E. Church, Pleasant Hill 117
Miller, W. A., and Family 115
Mountain, Mrs. Frank, Residence of 119
Mumford, Wm., Residence of 117
Newman, Geo. R., Residence of 117
Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. 117
Parker, Geo. W., Residence and Barn of 121
Parker, Minnie 117
Post Office, Pittsfield 117
Pothast, Henry and Family 115
Pothast, Henry, Photos from 119
Reinhardt, John, Residence of 117
Richards, Alden, Residence of 119
Roads, Walker, and Family 115
Rush, Clay 113
Rush, R. E. 113
Scranton, John L., and Family 115
Shaw, Harry, Residence of 121
Shaw, H. T. 113
Sheriff's Residence, Pittsfield 117
Shinn, Wm. D., Residence 117
Shive, C. F., and Family 115
Smith, T. H., Residence of 121
Sny Island Levee Drainage District, Photo from 121
Springdale Farm, Residence on (Henry Pothast) 119
Sykes, Frank and Family 115
Sykes, Frank, Residence of 119
Thiele, Edw. 113
Varney, Dr. F. G., Office of 115
Venable, Arthur O. 113
Ward, Walter E. 113
Warton, John, Sr. 113
Watson, W. W. 111
Watson, W. W., Residence  119
Webster, Hon. I. D. 111
West Side Square, Pittsfield 117
Wills, A. V., Residence of 121
Willsey, C. L., Residence of 119
Winn, C. G., Residence of 119
Winn, C. G., Buildings on Farm of 119
Zerenberg, F. L. 113

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