Pleasant Vale


Pleasant Vale Township is well adapted for farming and stock raising, and is t this time under a good state of cultivation. It has many intelligent and enterprising farmers, and the whole Township is in a prosperous condition. A man by the name of Kizer was the first white settler and made the first improvement on the south west of Sec. 22, in the year 1822. The first white child born was Andrew Jackson Stanley, in the year 1823. The first death was that of Mary Jane McDaniel, in the fall of 1823. The first parties married were Potter Saxhorn and Matilda Stanley, in the year 1824. The first sermon was preached in 1824, by the Rev. Hunter, of the Methodist denomination. The first school house was built by Andrew Sherer, in 1830, on Sec. 21. O. Z. Hale was the first Justice of the Peace, and James Talbert was the first Supervisor, he was elected in the year 1849. On completion of the levee, Pleasant Vale will be unsurpassed for farming purposes.






When came to Co.
Brammell, John H. Sec. 22 Farmer Kentucky 1832
Brammell, John W. Sec. 20 Farmer Missouri 1831
Brewster, C. T. Sec. 22 Farmer New York 1822
Brown, Harrison Sec. 8 Farmer Missouri 1829
Clawson, E. New Canton Wagon Maker New York 1840
Cochran, Jr., Thomas Sec. 35 Farmer Ohio 1858
Cowee, F. P. Sec. 2, 5s 7w Farmer Ohio 1865
Davis, P. H. New Canton Merchant Indiana 1829
Emerson, John Sec. 11 Farmer Ohio 1836
Evans, J. W. New Canton Physician Ohio 1854
Fisher, Wm. F Sec. 28 Farmer Missouri 1835
Gard, Charles Sec. 10 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1840
Gard, Cicero Sec. 10 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1836
Gard, Cyrenius Sec. 5 Farmer Ohio 1834
Gard, Obed Sec. 8 Farmer Ohio 1831
Gorton, John D Sec. 22 Farmer MA 1837
Head, John New Canton Justice of the Peace SC 1840
Hosford, L. G. New Canton Saw Mill Vermont 1840
House, G. W. Sec. 21 Farmer Ohio 1844
House, Henry Sec. 26 Farmer Maryland 1852
House, William Sec. 26 Farmer Ohio 1850
Howard, Henry Section 19 Farmer New York 1831
Jackson, F. J. Sec. 21 Farmer Kentucky 1825
Jackson, J. S. Sec. 21 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Jean, Joseph New Canton Wagon Maker France 1860
Johnson, James R. Sec. 10 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1850
Kendrick, Thomas .......... Farmer Ireland 1858
Larrimore, R. D. Sec. 4 Farmer & Teacher Ohio 1837
Lockwood, J. S. New Canton Physician Delaware 1867
Mansfield, Jasper N Sec. 22 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1844
Massie, M. D. New Canton Merchant Pittsfield 1838
McFarland, Sr., Jos Sec. 9 Farmer Ireland 1844
Messick, Alfred Sec. 36 Carpenter Ohio 1861
Morey, Hiram Sec. 21 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1845
Morey, Moses Sec. 21 Farmer New York 1831
Morey, Mrs. Eliza Sec. 17 Farmer Kentucky 1832
Morey, Nelson Sec. 17 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1849
Palmer, Horace New Canton Blacksmith New York 1839
Palmer, Nelson, H. Sec. 27 Farmer Ohio ........
Saxbery, Peter J. New Canton Farmer New York 1826
Saxbury, Benjamin New Canton Farmer Pike Co., IL 1835
Seybold, Jacob Sec. 10 Farmer Illinois 1835
Shaerer, Arthur New Canton Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Shipman, James M Sec. 27 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1849
Smith, Hiram R. Sec. 21 Farmer Illinois 1829
Smith, W. G. Sec. 5 Farmer England 1848
Talbert, James H Sec. 17 Farmer Virginia 1831
Talbert, Joseph M Sec. 17 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1832
Talbert, Thos. O. Sec. 17 Farmer Illinois 1831
Tamsett, I New Canton Shoemaker England 1848
Tipler, George Sec. 12 Farmer England 1853
Uppinghouse, Wm. H New Canton Farmer Ohio 1844
Wallace, James Sec. 28 Farmer Ohio 1837
Wallace, Silas ......... Farmer Pike Co., IL 1850
Williams, Joseph New Canton Hotel New York 1833
Woodruff, Geo. M Sec. 21 Farmer Illinois 1845