Pike Atlases


Was born in Virginia, in 1833. In 1853 he moved with his parents to Ohio, where they remained two years, when they removed to Hancock county, Illinois. January 1st, 1857, he was married to Miss Libby Sperry. She was born in the state of Ohio, in 1830. After his marriage he engaged in farming, in Hancock county, and remained there until 1865, when he removed to Pike county, and settled on section 21, in Kinderhook township. In 1858, Mrs. Bridge died, leaving him with three children. She had been to him a kind, gentle, and good wife and a true and affectionate Christian mother, and was beloved by all who knew her.

November 26, 1869, Mr. Bridge married his second wife, Mrs. Martha A. House, widow of Benjamin House. Her maiden name was Hull. She is a sister of Mr. Smith Hull, and was born in Barry township, Pike county, Illinois, in the year 1835. After his second marriage, he moved to a more valuable farm on section 7, in Barry township, where he now resides, extensively engaged in farming and raising stock. His father Edmond Bridge, was born in the state of Virginia, in 1802, and now resides in Kinderhook township, Pike county, Illinois. His mother's maiden name was Martha Tyler. She was born in the state of Virginia, in the year 1802, and married Mr. Bridge in 1725. She died in Hancock county, Illinois, in 1858. She had lived a good and dutiful wife, a kind and affectionate mother, and died in the full hope of meeting all beloved ones in a better world, beyond the grave.

William Bridge has always been actively engaged in farming and raising stock, and has prospered well in all his undertakings. He is a man of great energy and a good economist. He has had born to him six children, five by his first marriage, and one by his second. Mrs. Bridge is the mother of seven children, six by her first husband, and one by Mr. Bridge. The names of their children now living are, Sarah E., Isabella, and U. S. Grant.