Events in Brownsville’s history

by Glenn Tunney


(Note:  This Timeline is a "work in progress."  Dates will continue 

to be added as I discover them while doing research for my articles.)





Date                      Event


1788                       Newell founded (called “Whitney,” then “Thurber,” then “Marchand”)

1800                       Champion Mills built by Rogers family
c. 1805                   First public school opened in Brownsville (site of Christ Episcopal rectory)
1810                       “The Western Repository” newspaper began publishing in Brownsville
1811                       First Presbyterian Church organized
1812                       “Western Palladium” newspaper began publishing in Brownsville
1812 May 12          Monongahela Bank founded
1814                       Bridgeport incorporated as a borough
1814                       “American Telegraph” started publishing (later merged with Genius of Liberty)
1815                       First school in West Brownsville (two rooms) opened on Middle Street
1815                       Bridgeport borough opened public school on Second Street
1818                       “The Western Register” began publishing
1819                       “The Brownsville Gazette” began publishing
1820                       Robinson Drug Store founded at 412 Market Street
1821                       First Christ Episcopal Church building erected in Brownsville
1822                       Original (western) section of Malden Inn built
c. 1825                   “Western Spy” and “American Observer” begin publishing
1830                       “Brownsville Intelligencer” began publishing
1830                       Eastern section (bearing name Kreppsville) of Malden Inn built
1832                       August 20 I.O.O.F. (Brownsville Lodge #51) founded
c. 1833                    Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church formed in Brownsville
1833 October 14     First tolls paid on covered bridge across Mon River at Brownsville
1834                        South Brownsville Methodist Church was established3(Telegraph 9-16-56)

1837                       Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church moved to Cadwallader Street in Bridgeport
1837                       Bridgeport built Market House/Schoolhouse near wharf
1838 July                Actual use of the Cast Iron Bridge began
1839 July 4             Official opening of the Cast Iron Bridge1
1843                       “Brownsville Free Press” began publishing
1845 April 6           St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church building was dedicated
1847 December 8   Bridgeport Cemetery established by Bridgeport borough
1852                       “Academy” founded which evolved into California State Teachers College
1853                       “Brownsville Clipper” started by Seth Hurd
1854                       Old stone Quaker school on Prospect Street used by Negroes until 1875
c. 1857                   Present Christ Episcopal Church erected (this may have been in 1859 by other sources)
1857                       Springer’s Shoe Store, Water Street, Bridgeport formed
1857                       “Brownsville Times” started
1859                       Aubrey Lumber and Supply Company formed, Middle Street, West Brownsville
c. 1860                   J. D. Armstrong opened his drugstore in the Neck
1860                       Union School opened at corner of Church Street and Fifth Avenue
1860                       Redstone Cemetery began use
1866                        Present South Brownsville Methodist Church building erected3(Telegraph 9-16-56)

1870                       “Present” West Brownsville school was erected (six rooms, hall, cupola)
1872                       I.O.O.F. (Brownsville Lodge #51) destroyed by fire, all records lost (see 1832)
1872                       National Deposit Bank established as “Brownsville Deposit and Discount Bank”
1872                        National Deposit Bank was formed

1872 May 28          Knights of Pythias of Brownsville formed
1873                       Robert Graham opened drugstore
1873                       Monongahela Bank moved from Front Street to Rose house on Market Street
1875                       Quaker-built Negro school on Prospect Street torn down, replaced by brick school on same lot
1876                       Central Presbyterian Church erected
1877                       “Labor Advocate” published
1877                       Redstone Cemetery “chartered”
1880                       Bank reorganized as National Deposit Bank (see 1872)
1881 May 15          Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charlestown Railway (PV&C) completed from Pittsburgh to West Brownsville and opened for operation
1882                       Second National Bank established (replaced 1st National Bank)1
1882                       “The Star,” “The Comet,” “The Free Lance,” and “The Three Towns” published
1884                       D. Fred Robinson opened drugstore in Bridgeport
1886 May 10          Levy men’s clothing store opened
1888                       One-room Newell school built
1891 July 14           Bridgeport Cemetery Company formed (still operates) and added 8 acres to cemetery
1892                       Rathmell Drug Store opened on Bank Street
1892 February 1     Bridgeport Cemetery Company formally chartered
1893                       Wise’s Department Store opened in Brownsville near old Post Office, then in Opera House (before the 5 and 10)
1888                       Mt. Lebanon Free Baptist Church formed in Bridgeport
1898                       Congregations of Mt. Lebanon and Brownsville churches merged at Baltimore Street
1899                       Work began on First Baptist Church on Market Street
1900                       National Deposit Bank built a new building
1900                       Monongahela Bank moved from Rose house on Market Street to the Neck
c. 1901                   Chalfant’s Business College opened
1901                       Jubilirer Brothers bankers established
1902                       Petriello Brothers (construction) arrived from Philadelphia
1902                       Crossan Construction Company organized (built bridge piers, Mon RR)
1902                        Dr. H. D. Graham opened his dental office in the Mon. Nat. Bank building in the neck3(Telegraph, December 1970)

1903                        Sam Rose started his transfer business using a horse and wagon 3(Telegraph 4-28-71)

1903                       P&LE headquarters in Newell established
1903 February        Stapleton Dairy opened in West Brownsville from Middle Street to Railroad Street on Ashland alley
1903 August 21      Passenger service began on the Monongahela Railroad3(Telegraph, October 1950)

1903 December      Formal occupation of First Baptist Church on Market Street
1904                       Gottesman’s Market in the Neck opened in McCreary Building, moved to Arcade Bldg
1905                       St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church organized
1905                       Miller’s Clothes Store opened
1905 March 9         Claybaugh and Milliken shoe store founded (see 1925)
1905 April 1           Pennsylvania Railroad acquired Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charlestown (PV&C)
1905 June               Dunlap’s Creek branch built by Mon RR, connecting Mon RR with C & M at Market Street tunnel in Brownsville
c. 1906                   Rail line from B'ville to Denbo opened (PRR-sponsored Penna., Monongahela and Southern RR.  PRR absorbed PM&S in April 1915)
1906                       Bush and Marsh Druggists formed
1906 March            Eagles in Brownsville created
1907                       Masons moved from National Deposit Bank building to Snowdon Building
1907                       Hall’s Sanitary Market (grocery and meat) opened on Market Street
1907                       Annex added to Central Presbyterian Church + name change from Cumberland Presby.
1907                       First annual community picnic at Kennywood Park sponsored by merchants' organization3(Telegraph,August 1930)

1908                       Fire destroyed Union School, Bridgeport
1908                       Single track girder spanning Dunlap Creek replaced by 2-track concrete arch
1908                       Charter for Brownsville General Hospital issued (see 1914)
1908                       Four-room Newell school built
1908 July 2             First trolley ran between Uniontown and Brownsville
c. 1909                   Four room addition to West Brownsville School
1909                       General Chemical Company founded in Newell
1909                       New Wise Department Store building opened
1909                       Sabin and Porter Plumbing and Heating opened (by 1929, was at 123 Bank Street)
1909 April 29         Moose founded in Wise’s hall
1910                       Monongahela RR acquired the covered bridge company and removed the bridge
1910                       Old Union School at Church Street and Fifth Avenue was razed
1910                       Kaufman’s Department Store formed
1910 April 8           Lock #5 at Brownsville began operating
1910 June                R. S. Goldstein's, "The Women's Store," opened for business3(See June 1930 Telegraph)

1910 September 26 Covered bridge (over Monongahela River at Brownsville) was closed for good
1911                       St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Church organized and built
1911                       Jesse Coldren became principal of Front Street school (served until 1924)
c. 1912                   St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Church opened on Market Street
1912                       Four more rooms added to Newell school (see 1908)
1912                       Second Ward (Newtown) School (2 room frame) built in South Brownsville borough
1913 March            Bison Theatre opened1
1913 March           “First Christian” Sunday School opened
1914                      Christian & Missionary Alliance in W. Brownsville formed, building opened, Middle St
1914                      Republic Lumber Company started
1914 March 20      Agatha Rebekah Lodge No. 456, I.O.O.F. of Brownsville, formed
1914 April              Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church in West Brownsville formed
1914 July                Brownsville General Hospital (Church and Fifth) opened to patients (see 1908)
1914 July                Boy Scout Troop #1 of South Brownsville Christian Church formed
1915                       South Brownsville High School (High St.) construction began
1915                        G. C. Murphy Store opened in Brownsville3(See Telegraph article July 1985)

1915                        Local chapter of the Sons of Italy was formed, meeting in club rooms of other groups3(Telegraph 9-12-56)

1915 January          Formal dedication of First Christian Church
1915 January 27     Brownsville Telegraph published its first issue (printed in Uniontown)1
1915 July 1             Monongahela Railroad combined with Buckhannon and Northern to form the Monongahela Railway Company (still under control of P&LE and PRR)
1915 December 15 Brownsville Telegraph begins printing in Brownsville plant
1916                       Fire destroyed the Mon Railway’s engine house and machine shop in South Brownsville
1916                       Brownsville General Hospital building completed (had already been admitting patients)
1916                       W. I. Lewis Drug bought Rathmell’s
1916                       Ten-stall roundhouse completed in South Brownsville (Mon RR) (10 more stalls added to 10 stall building)
1916                       Yardmaster’s office built in South Brownsville (Mon RR)
1916                       St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church School was erected
1916                        Lucas Clover Farm Store opened for business, affiliating with Clover Farm in 19323(Telegraph, 1-19-51)

1917                       Brownsville Elks Lodge organized
1917                       Richie Jeweler (“Brownsville’s Oldest Jewelry Store”) opened for business in B’ville
1917                       Moose Building on Water Street constructed (now site of ambulance building),see 1909
1918                       Alexander Hotel building damaged by fire, but later remodeled
1918 June               St. Ellien’s Orthodox Church on Spring Street organized
1918 June 5            Iron Bridge Chapter No. ?, Order of Eastern Star of B’ville formed, met at Elks home
1918 November     Mon RR YMCA opened in former Pennsylvania Hotel on Water Street, Brownsville
1919                       Original synagogue (O’Have Israel) was destroyed by fire
1919                       Bud’s Cut Rate Store opened in Brownsville
1919                       A. Kramer Axton American Legion Post #295 founded
1919 February 10   Brownsville Lodge #51, Pythian Sisters formed
1920                       Central Auto Company (Brownsville) opened for business
1920 Autumn          Third year of high school was added to Front Street school
1921                       Addition (1 of 3) made to South Brownsville High School building
1921                       Acme Lumber and Supply, Middle Street, West Brownsville, opened by S. P. Ramella
1921                       Brownsville Business College (formerly Chalfant’s) opened (see 1901)
1921                       Six-room addition to Second Ward School built (brick)
1921  January 21     Brownsville Rotary Club formed
1921 April              N. Karpen started with Jubilirer Bank
1921 April 18         Brownsville Trust Company opened for business in former J. D. Armstrong Drug bldg1,2(Telegraph, Aug. 1930)
1921 Autumn          Fourth year of high school was added to Front Street school
1922 September 29 Brownsville Kiwanis founded
1922                       Ray Hartman Electric Co. (High Street) began
1922                       Arcade Theatre destroyed by fire1
1923                       Elk’s Building on Water Street built (see 1917)
1923                       Ford Refrigeration company began
1923                       Lewis Drug Store moved to High Street (later Brown’s Drug Store)(see 1916)
1923                       Woodward-Wright Furniture opens in National Deposit Bank building
1923 March 1         Span’s Drug Store opened on cast iron bridge in new Leff building
1923 March 20       Present National Deposit Bank building opened
1923 September     A. C. Reed became managing partner of Span-Hirsch Drug Store
1924                        Woodward-Wright furniture store opened 3(Telegraph 3-28-51)

1924                       Hill Top Garage opened
1924                       I. Herskovitz and Sons Army-Navy and Haberdashery “re-established”
1924                       Addition (1 of 3) made to South Brownsville High School building
1924                       Brownsville Hardware Company began
1924 January 29     Brownsville “Quota Club” (women’s service organization) organized
1924 April              Brownsville Department Store opened in old Alexander Hotel on Market St (see1918)
1924 October         J. H. Snowdon purchased Malden Inn and 208 surrounding acres, operated it as an inn
1925                       Gym and auditorium added to Newell school (see 1912)
1925                       Monongahela National Bank moved to final location (First National Bank building)
1925                       Lunden’s Flower Shop opened
1925  January 6       Ladies Auxiliary of A. Kramer Axton Post No. 295 created
1925 March 15       Monongahela Hotel opened (between 2nd Nat Bank and Mon Nat Bank)1
1925 October 5      Claybaugh and Milliken shoe store moved to 3rd Monongahela Bank building(see 1905)
1926                       Maxwell (Collins) mine reopened
1926                       Collins Coal Company (hauling and retail) of West Brownsville formed
1927                       New freight station built (behind Flatiron Building)1
1927                       Mr. Lewis, owner of Lewis Drug Store, died
1927                       Addition (1 of 3) made to South Brownsville High School building
1927                       Earl Storey’s shop opened in Snowdon Square
1927                       Mon RR “Freight Station” completed
1927                       “New” Front Street high school built (above “public school” on Front Street)
1927 January 1       Publication of the “Morning Telegraph” began
1927 June 15          Fire destroyed the Brownsville Telegraph building and its contents
1927 September 1  Brownsville Free Public Library opened in its Snowdon Place building
1928                       Wick and Brown took over Lewis Drug Store (see 1927)
1928                        John T. Matta created "Red Peppers," a sports column in the Brownsville Telegraph4(Tribune-Review article)

1928 February        Brownsville Presbyterian Boy Scout Troop #1 post formed
1928 March            A. Kramer Axton Boy Scout Troop #2 formed
1928 July                Original Telegraph publisher (Reiley) replaced by Hickerson and Thomas F. McDonald 3(Telegraph 4-30-71)
1928 July 1             Weekly “Clipper Monitor” ceased publication
1928 July 1             “Morning Telegraph” stopped publication
1928 September     Newell YMCA dedicated, cost $250,000
1928 September     Construction began on Nurses’ Home at Church Street and Fifth Avenue, Brownsville
1929 January          New Union Station completed
1929  January 19    New Union Station Building dedicated
1929 February 1     South Brownsville Jewish Boy Scout Troop #2 formed
1929 March           George S. Frantz & Son lumberyard, Water Street, opened
1929 June 19         Union Station and office building officially opened, cost of $450,000
1929 August            Fire damaged the lobby and front entrance of the Strand Theater, closing it until Feb. 19313(Telegraph, Feb. 1931)

1930                        Despite the business slump of 1930, the Mon River remained the busiest navigable inland stream in the country2(Tele, 1-5-31)

1930 February        Storey House was raided by state police and may be padlocked as public nuisance2

1930 February        LaBelle Community Band's amusement hall/house partially destroyed by fire2

1930 February        McCready Huston's latest book, "The King of Spain's Daughter," to be published this month2

1930 February        J. V. Thompson trial will begin on March 17 (charged with embezzlement)2

1930 February        South Brownsville Italo-American Grocery opened; proprietor was Frank Yannazzo2

1930 March            Brownsville Thrift Corporation opened for business in Post Office Building, Snowdon Square2

1930 March            Sam Sidle will open Sidle Motor Company, selling Oakland-Pontiac products in Snowdon Place2

1930 March            Nathan Kaufman and Reuben Shure announce plans to build brick structure ( Autenreith's )2

1930 March            Davis and David furniture store moves to new Bank Street location from old Market Street store room2

1930 April            Dr. L. F. Arensberg of Arensberg Ferry honored as past state commander and national commander of GAR2

1930 April            Free parking lot opened in Snowdon Place2

1930 April            Lunden's Flower Shop is having a grand opening in its new Union Station Building location2

1930 April            Census figures for 1930 show B'ville boro with 2,866, W. B'ville with 1,705, and S. B'ville with 5,2562

1930 May            Autenreith's Dollar Store is announced as tenant of new building that was under construction2

1930 May            Circus arrived in town at West Field, behind Union service station, 1/2 mile east of B'ville on Route 402

1930 May            First annual Brownsville school picnic held at McKeesport's Olympia Park2

1930 May               John Jandrokovic's store at 1107 Water Street to auction contents of dry goods department of its store2

1930 July                Grand opening of West Brownsville's new beach, installed by American Legion post 295, including huge raft2

1930 July                Davis and David Furniture Company sells all stock due to bankruptcy, by order of U.S. Court; sale at 108 Bank Street2

1930 July                Brownsville Athletic Club held boxing show (local amateurs) at Kramer Arcade2

1930 July                Mrs. Anna Coldren, mother of Jesse Coldren, died2

1930 July                Two Indian skeletons were unearthed by archaeologists just above Fifth Avenue in Brownsville township2

1930 August            Construction began on 2.38 miles of concrete road between Wood Street, California and Blainesburg2

1930 August            Brownsville Trust Company taken over by state banking department2

1930 August            Bell from old B'ville H.S. on corner of Fifth and Church Street given to Jesse Coldren2

1930 September    New one mile stretch of concrete road from Linn Station to Braznell opened2

1930 October        Overhead trolley wire from Flatiron Bldg. to near Snowdon Square removed, due to moving streetcar depot to near Flatiron2

1930 October        Initial batch of concrete poured in reconstruction of National Road through the Neck, snarling traffic2

1930 October        Bids awarded to B'ville Construction Co. to build St. Cecilia's R. C. Church in Grindstone; currently meeting in Grindstone community hall2

1930 October        Gerector Furniture Co., formerly located on High St., moved to Eagles Building on Bank Street2

1930 November    New Brownsville High School auditorium to be equipped with new seats2

1930 November    Monongahela Hotels Company served with bankruptcy petition, halting planned sheriff's sale of hotel's contents2

1930 November    W. F. Frederick Piano Company, corner of Bank and High Streets, going out of business2

1930 December    Oscar Jubilirer, whose private bank closed due to insolvency, charged with fraudulent conversion.2

1931 January 16   23 rooms of furniture of Monongahela Hotel annex (over bank) were recently sold to Fidelity Trust Company2(Telegraph 1-16-31)

1931 January 20    10 day quarantine place on Bridgeport patch by S. B'ville board of health due to diptheria epidemic2(Telegraph 1-20-31)

1931 February        First National Bank of Republic closed its doors.2

1931 February        Strand Theater re-opened for first time since August 1929 fire damaged the lobby and front entrance2(Telegraph 2-10-31)

1931 February        Dial service introduced at California central office of Bell Telephone company (ending manual system)2(Telegraph 2-21-31)

1931 February 11    First National Bank of Republic closed its doors and was placed in hands of national banking dept.2(Telegraph 2-11-31)

1931 March            Brownsville Council granted councilman Jesse Coldren permission to copy old council records, which are deteriorating2(3-10-31)

1931 March 20    Lilley Mine in West Brownsville announced will re-open in a few days; idled since 1929 2(Telegraph 3-20-31)

1931 March 14    The Adam Jacobs mansion at East Riverside, on banks of the Mon, was destroyed in fatal fire 2(Telegraph 3-14-31)

1931 April 6          Monongahela National Bank’s doors did not open, examiners called

1931 April 13        Judge orders closing of Storey House in Brownsville for one year due to repeated raids on establishment 2(Telegraph 4-13-31)

1931 April 20        Ceremony to lay cornerstone of St. Cecilia's Roman Catholic Church was held 2(Telegraph 4-20-31)

1932                    Lucas grocery store at 416 Market Street became affiliated with Clover Farm3(Telegraph, Jan. 1951)

1934                    Brownsville Sons of Italy building is erected3(Telegraph 9-12-56)

1937                    Maxwell mine of H. C. Frick Coke company ceased operations (did not reopen until Aug. 1941)3(Telegraph 8-13-41)

1937                    Ground broken for erection of St. Andrew's Lutheran Church on High Street in Brownsville3(Telegraph 9-27-41)

1939                    LaBelle fire company, first in Fayette County to operate an ambulance, started doing so in 1939 3(Telegraph 4-25-51)

1941 Summer    Construction of new Brownsville municipal building was completed3(Telegraph 9-17-41)

1941 June 1         Brownsville High School graduated 318 seniors in ceremony at Plaza Theater 2(Telegraph, 6-1-41)

1941 July 8        Ficks Furniture store opened in Snowdon Square2(Telegraph 7-7-41)

1941 July 8        Monongahela Bank building and Second National Bank building were sold at auction for $20,100 & $12,2002(Telegraph 7-8-41)

1941 July 17        Harley Kurtaz of LaBelle purchased entire community of LaBelle from Consumers Mining company2(Telegraph 7-17-41) 

1941 July 29        Permission granted to install glass plate window in librarian's office (B'ville Library) to make lobby visible from office2(Telegraph 7-29-41) 

1941 August 13    Announced that Maxwell mine of H. C. Frick Coke company, idle since 1937, to resume operations2(Telegraph 8-13-41) 

1941 August 20    New Manos Theater in Uniontown held Grand Opening3(Telegraph 8-19-41)

1941 Sept 30        New Brownsville Municipal Building opened to public for formal public inspection3(Telegraph 9-17-41)

1942                    Cooper's Men's Wear opened for business in Brownsville3(Telegraph, Oct. 1970)

1947                    Dr. H. D. Graham moved his dental office from Mon. Nat. Bank building to Union Station3(Telegraph, December 1950)

1947 November    First National Bank in B'ville was opened in former Monongahela National Bank building3(Telegraph, November 1950)

1949 January         H & H Chevrolet company opens its showroom and auto repair center at 400 Market Street3

1950 January            Brownsville chapter of Air Cadets of America was formally organized2

1950 January 14    Dedication of new home of Thomas J. Prendergast Post 950, American Legion, in Republic2

1950 March            Supra's Sunoco Service on Route 40 near Centerville has grand opening2

1950 April            Chuck Drazenovich, former Brownsville high school athlete, captured national intercollegiate heavyweight boxing title2

1950 April            125-room Monongahela Hotel was purchased by Milner Hotels, world's largest hotel chain.2

1950 April            New portrait of Anna Shutterly, painted by Frank Melega, was presented to Brownsville Free Public Library2

1950 April            Twice-a-day residential mail delivery in Brownsville will be discontinued; weekday twice-a-day to businesses to continue2

1950 May            Beth-Center Junior High School to open this month2

1950 May            Bids awarded for new addition to Redstone High School, to include auditorium, gym and cafeteria2

1950 May            Dr. Lewis Reichard passed away.  He lived at 310 Front Street.2

1950 June                West Brownsville Centennial celebration underway, including landing of seaplane2

1950 June               Shupe Building near intersection of Sixth Avenue and Market Street to be auctioned2.

1950 June                New education wing to be added to California First Methodist Church, ground broken2

1950 June                Speedboat Regatta held in honor of West Brownsville Centennial2

1950 June                Giles Photo Service, 312 Market Street, holds going-out-of-business sale to liquidate business2

1950 July                Brownsville Lions Club was created, presented with its charter at a gala event2

1950 July                Decision made to remove trolley tracks from Market Street (trolley stopped running a few months before)2

1950 July                Joe McCune elected head football coach at Redstone High School2

1950 July                Hankins-Paulsen Lumber Yard at Denbo destroyed by fire2

1950 July                Brownie Stadium will get new lighting system installed2

1950 August 22    Work began on removal of streetcar tracks from upper Market Street, Brownsville2

1950 September    John M. Springer, longtime merchant (Springer's store) in B'ville, died2

1950 October 21   Monongahela Railway discontinued passenger service, ending 47 years of service2

1950 November    Redstone township high school was admitted to the Big Five Conference for next season, making it the Big Six Conference2

1950 November    The Big Snow hit the area, dumping 26-28 inches of snow2

1950 December    Portrait of Miss Anna Shutterly, librarian, was unveiled at library.  Painted by Frank Melega.2

1951 January        Council to install parking meters on both sides of Market Street from 3rd to 6th Avenues and remove them from Brown St. to North Bend2

1951 January        Newly-remodeled Lucas Clover Farm Store, 416 Market Street, held open house2

1951 January        18 acres of land was purchased from Mr./Mrs. Ben Crawford facing High St. and Hollow Rd to build South Hills Terrace project2

1951 January 9    Ordinance passed to permit parking meters on both sides of Market Street (North Side) between Third and Sixth avenues2

1951 January 9    Borough council will also remove parking meters from Market Street between Brown Street and North Bend2

1951 February 2    Fayette County Housing Authority purchased 18 acres of land facing High St. & Hollow Rd for public housing project2(Telegraph 2-2-51)

1951 March        Newell will become a borough; committee for incorporation filed petition with Fayette County to form borough.2(Telegraph 3-17-51)

1951 March        $20,000 fire gutted Lewine's Jewelry Store (formerly Richie's Jewelry) on ground floor of Oddfellows Building2(3-28-51)

1951 March        Woodward-Wright had quitting business sale "after 27 years in Brownsville" 2(Telegraph 3-28-51)

1951 March        Luzerne township school directors turned down participation in the new Mon-Valley School District 2(Telegraph 3-19-51)

1951 April 18    Raymond T. Barner, supervising principal in Brownsville school system for 11 years, resigned 2(Telegraph 4-18-51)

1951 April 18    Jesse Coldren submitted his resignation effective June 30 due to having reached age of 70 2(Telegraph 4-18-51)

1951 April 20    Alex Sabo Jr., 15, of Daisytown was killed while riding his bicycle at intersection of Routes 40 and 88 in West B'ville 2(Telegraph 4-20-51)

1951 April 5    Cohen Furniture company has acquired the accounts and lease of the neighboring Woodward-Wright Furniture company 2(Telegraph 4-5-51)

1951 April 25    LaBelle Volunteer Fire Department has begun construction of a new structure to house equipment, club room, rec hall 2(Telegraph 4-25-51)

1952                Sons of Italy original building was enlarged, adding floor space and modern facilities3(Telegraph 9-12-56)

1953 June        Chuck Wagon restaurant on Route 40 west opened for business3(Telegraph 6-16-56)

1954 October    Nicky's Steak House opens for business on Route 40, 1 1/2 miles west of Brownsville3(Telegraph 10-?-56)

1956 July 5    Malloy Motors appointed to be new Dodge dealership on Route 40 east, formerly Berry Motors2(Telegraph 7-5-56)

1956 July 25    G. C. Murphy Co. adds a snack bar to provide lunch counter service and a delicatessen service2(Telegraph 7-25-56)

1956 August 1    Announcement made that a 100-unit housing project has been approved, 82 in South Hills Terrace, 18 on Baltimore St.2(Telegraph 8-1-56)

1956 August 28    Member of Brownsville Optimist Club begin laying foundation for Girl Scout House at B'ville-Luzerne Park2(Telegraph 8-28-56)

1956 Sept 16    Congregations of South Brownsville and First Methodist churches vote to unite into combined membership of 1,3002(Telegraph 9-16-56)

1956 Sept 27    Herbert and Thompson school buildings sold by Redstone twp school board.  West Pt, Braznell, Grindstone not sold yet2(Telegraph 9-27-56)

1956 October 9    Penny parking at meters in Brownsville to be ended, council decides.  Lowest meter rate will be 5 cents per hour3(Telegraph 10-09-56)

1959                    Dr. H. D. Graham retired after 57 years as dentist in Brownsville3(Telegraph, Dec. 1970)

1959                    Albert Bates purchased Herb Edwards' Esso Station in West Brownsville3(Telegraph 3-5-86)

1959 December    Esso Station, owned by Albert Bates, opposite Sunset Inn on National Pike, burned down3(Telegraph 3-5-86)

1960                    Allenport-Fayette City ferry ceased operations due to lack of use3(Telegraph, Aug. 1970)

1964                    Blainesburg Community Club formed, met in old Blainesburg School (no longer a school)3(see July 1985 Telegraph)

1968                    Newell-Coal Center ferry ceased operations due to lack of funds3(Telegraph, Aug 1970)

1969 July            Brownsville Summer Playhouse presented first show in Plaza Theater, first of two seasons there 3(Telegraph 4-9-71)

1969 December    Thomas R. Aubrey, former sheriff and treasurer of Fayette County, former B'ville burgess, died.2

1970 January 6        Murder of Jock Yablonski, UMW official, and his wife and daughter in Clarksville2

1970 January           Tipple at Alicia coke oven site being dismantled, as well as conveyor2

1970 January           Suspended Brownsville Area S. D. administrator George Alberts wins his case against District2

1970 January 22      Old Brown homestead at intersection of Route 166 and Simpson Road to be razed to build Presby. Church2

1970 February        Bids opened for building addition to Brownsville Area High School2

1970 March            Rededication mass at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Brownsville, to celebrate $18,000 renovation2

1970 April                Brownsville summer playhouse to open in Plaza Theater, with opening performance of season in June2

1970 May                Groundbreaking held for new Mon Valley Vo-Tech building2

1970 May                George's Sport Shop will open at 19 Market Street this month2

1970 May                Plans announced to build parking lot after razing Cooper's Mens Wesr, Jay's Women's Wear, Nut Shop, and Hopson's2

1970 June                The Fayette county home has been renamed Lafayette Manor2

1970 June                Plans announced to build planned community at Brier Hill (never happened)2

1970 June                George Alberts named first superintendent of Brownsville Area School District2

1970 June                Brownsville Summer Playhouse opened its season in Plaza Theater (its second season)2

1970 July                Old Cardale Catholic Church building, unused for a year, burned down2

1970 July                United Christian Church of California (near Malden-Coal Center crossroads) broke ground for new church2

1970 July                Uniontown Mall will be built, due to court order clearing way for the project2

1970 July                Coach Earl Bruce retired after 24 years coaching at Penn State; former B'ville H.S. coach 1941-19452

1970 July                Brownsville parking lot proposal accepted by Brownsville Parking Authority, to demolish several buildings2

1970 July                Plans announced to demolish Hopson's, Nut Shoppe, and several nearby buildings for parking lot2

1970 July                Brownsville Area School District announced its football games to be played in daylight at Redstone stadium2

1970 August            Six more company houses in Brier Hill were burned down by Allison No. 1 VFD to prepare for new development2

1970 September    The name of the housing project under construction on Second St. will be changed from Monongahela Manor to Howard J. Mulligan Manor2

1970 September       Earl Storey, longtime operator of stationery store in Brownsville's Snowdon Square, died2

1970 September        Thrift Drug showed off its newly remodeled store on Market Street at Grand Opening2

1970 October            Cohen's Furniture Store held a bankruptcy sale2

1970 October            Cooper's Mens Wear, 38 Market Street, announced it is quitting business after 28 years in Brownsville2

1970 October            Brownsville North Side VFD added "Little Red," a used 1964 Chevrolet truck to be used for field fires and off-road fires2

1970 October        Brownsville Area school teachers voted to be represented by PSEA rather than AFT2

1970 November    Intermediate Unit #1 was created.2

1970 November    Remodeling of old post office at B'ville and Charles St. underway so State Liquor Store can move in.2

1970 November    Malden Polka Barn burned down.  Was located in front of Funari Tavern, adjoining entrance to Cuppies Drive-In2

1970 December    James M. Mitchell, former owner of Mitchell's Nut Shop in south Brownsville, died2

1970 December    International Baking Company building, 218 Second St., to be auctioned by retiring owners2

1971                    Ernie Magerio opened his Ernie's Restaurant and Red Devil Inn on Brownsville Avenue3(See Telegraph July 1985)

1971                    Fayette County census for 1970 was 154,667, down from 1960 census of 169,340 2(Telegraph 3-3-71)

1971 January        Construction underway on new Brownsville Avenue bridge connecting Shady Avenue to Snowdon Square2

1971 February 24   Laurel Mall officially opened with 25 stores, 12 more to open within a month.3(Telegraph 2-19-71)

1971 February        Governor Shapp gives OK to build amphitheater at Great Meadow2(Telegraph 2-24-71)

1971 February        Brownsville Education Association (PSEA) was chosen to be bargaining representative for B'ville teachers2(Telegraph 2-10-71)

1971 March            Russell Evans was replaced as state representative running B'ville Area S. D. in its distressed condition2(Telegraph 3-3-71)

1971 March            Brownsville Rotary Club observed its 50th anniversary with a banquet at Hugo's2(Telegraph3-5-71)

1971 March            Pennsylvania enacted the first personal income tax in state history (3.5%)2(Telegraph 3-4-71)

1971 March 20        Penn Central RR ordered to install signals in four directions in W. B'ville, intersection of Main and Bridge Streets 2(Telegraph 3-20-71)

1971 March 12        Students at Brownsville Area High School "walked out" to protest lack of student council, class officers, etc. 2(Telegraph 3-12-71)

1971 April 9            Brownsville Summer Playhouse, after 2 years at Plaza, will move to Brier Hill Playhouse this summer 2(4-9-71)

1971 April 28            Sam Rose, 89, died.  He started his transfer business in 1903.  2(Telegraph 4-28-71)

1971 April 30        Thomas McDonald, 80, who (with J. M. Hickerson) bought the Telegraph in 1928 from H. B. Reiley, died 2(Telegraph 4-30-71)

1971 May             347 seniors graduated at Brownsville Area High School's fifth annual commencement 2(Telegraph 5-27-71)

1971 May            I. J. Ficks, owner of Brownsville Drive-In Theater, dedicated new giant 100x40 movie screen 2(Telegraph 5-13-71)

1975 ~April            Brownsville Apartments in Gallatin Bank building went into operation (converted from bank offices)2

1976                    During the winter and throughout the year, archaeological dig at Nemacolin Castle property by CSC3(Telegraph 9-24-76)

1976 June 16        Grant Liesch, 59, editor of the Telegraph, died suddenly in his home2(Telegraph 6-16-76)

1976 June 21           Work began on razing the old barn and other outbuildings (carriage house, tackroom) at Nemacolin Castle grounds2(Telegraph 6-21-76)

1976 July 8            Brownsville Ambulance, a new ambulance service, announces its rates2(Telegraph 7-8-76)

1976 July 28        New Bon-Ton Department Store opens in the Uniontown Mall3(Telegraph 7-26-76)

1976 August 18    Announced that Brownsville Community Days will expand from 2-day to 3-day celebration2(Telegraph 8-18-76)

1976 August 30    Brownsville Area school teachers (BEA) begin strike against the district2(Telegraph 8-30-76)

1976 August 31    Announced that Brownsville General Hospital will close obstetrical department by end of the year2(Telegraph 8-31-76)

1976 September     Leo Hughes Ford dealership is sold to John and Thomas Marchando3(Telegraph 9-10-76)

1976 September 20  Brownsville teachers strike ends with $1100 raise and new salary schedule established2(Telegraph 9-20-76)

1976 October 21    Ground broken for new Manderino Library building at California State College3(Telegraph 9-22-76)

1976 November 18    New North Side Fire Hall at Sixth and Market is nearing completion at cost of $166,0002(Telegraph 11-18-76)

1976 November 19    New upper Market Street parking lot (Market and Fifth) opened3(Telegraph 11-18-76)

1976 December 16    Firemen began moving furniture, etc. into new North Side Fire Hall, which is complete2(Telegraph 12-16-76)

1976 December 18    Work has begun on Simpson Manor, a new housing project on Simpson Rd near B'ville General Hospital2(Telegraph 12-18-76)

1980                        Fisher Big Wheel Discount Department store opened for business near intersection of Route 40 and Grindstone Road 2(Telegraph 4-18-86)

1981                        Albert Bates opened original Shirt Shack at 7th and Vine (old house) in W. B'ville; later moved to Neck in March 19843(Telegraph 3-5-86)

1983 February 13    Death of John T. Matta - age 79 - who started "Red Peppers" sports column in 19284(Tribune-Review article by Gary Thomas)

1984                        Ernie Magerio sold his Ernie's Ladies and Children's Wear to Candy Wimer (who opened Candy's Clothing Store)2

1984 December 29  Dom's Foodland closed after 21 years in business due to labor disputes; store to be sold to sons2,3(Telegraph, Aug. 1985)

1985 January 5        Sandbar Lounge in Denbo destroyed by fire2
1985 January           "Maria's Lover's", a movie made in Brownsville, held its premiere at Laurel Mall Cinema IV2

1985 January          Gross Furniture Company in California announced it would close its doors within next two months2

1985 March            Brownsville Golden Age Nursing Home was featured on CBS' "Sixty Minutes" for its substandard conditions2

1985 March            Gee Bee Supermarket will close its doors, but the Gee Bee Department Store will remain open at the mall2

1985 March            Old Centerville High School to be torn down after fire two years ago damaged the 50-year-old building2

1985 April            Brodak's Video Center opens in California in building formerly occupied by Gross furniture2

1985 April            Laurel Mall, a 15-year-old shopping mall, purchased by a New York firm2

1985 May            Elmo's, a new take-out restaurant, to open soon on Water Street; owned by Ike Polacek, a furloughed coal miner2

1985 June             Death of Bob Prince, popular former Pirates announcer2

1985 June            New Republic public library to open in August at Sons of Italy Hall in DeGregory Circle

1985 July                Frank Ricco named state president of the Order of the Sons of Italy in America2

1985 July                Blainesburg School will be burned to ground following permission from borough council2

1985 July                Ames Department Stores Inc. announce they are selling several G. C. Murphy stores, including Brownsville's2

1985 July                Ernie Magerio announced he is selling Ernie's Restaurant and Red Devil Inn on Brownsville Avenue2

1985 August            Evergreen Floral opened in California2

1985 September    Brodak's Supermarket in California, newly expanded into former Gross Furniture Store, held Grand Opening2

1985 September    The Reagan-Lynch (Laskey) Building, intersection of B'ville Ave and Market St., was torn down to make bank parking lot2

1985 September    After three month battle, Fayette Co. commissioners delayed enactment of recent property tax reassessment2

1985 November    Election Day flood devastated Brownsville area2

1985 November    Brownsville Library lost 3,000 books and periodicals and basement was extensively damaged in election day flood 3(Tele 1-13-86)

1985 November    Redstone Middle School closed due to friable asbestos in bldg; students to split shift with high school students at BAHS2

1985 December    Maxwell Locks re-opened after being closed from Nov. 5 to Dec. 16 due to damage from flooding and runaway barges2

1985 December    G. C. Murphy Co. store in Brownsville closed for good after 70 years in business in town2

1985 Dec 30        Brownsville Apartments building (Gallatin Bank) sold Sage Associates for $1,120,3353(Tele 1-8-86)

1986 January 4    Montgomery Ward catalogue store in Brownsville closed because Wards stopped its catalogue retail sales business3(Telegraph 1-18-86)

1986 January 7        Estel Knisley re-elected as president of Brownsville Borough Council for 19th of 23 years on council 2(Tele 1-7-86)

1986 January 7        Mayor Marion C. Klingensmith is sworn into office 2(Tele 1-7-86)    

1986 January 17    Brownsville school board agrees to continue split-sessions at high school for rest of year due to Redstone asbestos2(Telegraph 1-17-86)

1986 January 27    First beam placed for new Brownsville Avenue bridge connecting Shady Avenue to Brownsville Ave. (Snowdon Sq)2(Telegraph 1-27-86)

1986 March        G. C. Murphy Co. building is purchased by local group (B'ville Development Corp.) led by Ernie Magario2(Telegraph 3-11-86)

1986 March        Albert Bates opened a new store, B&R Discount Store, formerly called B&R Shirt Shack, in the Neck2(3-5-86)

1986 April 5        G. C. Murphy building in California has been purchased by Ernie Miller, who plan to have hardware store there 2(Telegraph 4-5-86)

1986 April 8        A $20,000 project to build a replica of Fort Burd was rejected by Brownsville borough council 2(Telegraph 4-8-86)

1986 April 4        "Your Brownsville And Mine" will return to Telegraph after 4 year hiatus; to be written by Rev. John Springer 2(Telegraph 4-24-86)

1986 May 27        Former Esquire Lounge and former Brownsville Key Shop, High and Bank, were destroyed by fire 2(Telegraph 5--27-86)

1993 May 1           Monongahela Railway merged with Conrail



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