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Sparkes Photos




Charles and Celia Sparkes

This picture shows Celia (nee Cardy) and Charles SPARKES who married 26th December 1892. Celia died 5 years later on 15th December 1897 and Charles on 9th September 1901 leaving their 3 children orphaned. Charles's mother Susanna shown is below.

Clifford, Bertha and Stanley Sparkes

The 3 children, Clifford (b.11/3/1896), Bertha (16/12/1894) and (Arthur) Stanley Sparkes (14/5/1893)

Marriage of Clifford Sparkes and Rose Hoyland

The marriage of Clifford SPARKES and Rosaline HOYLAND 5th August 1920; on the back row were sister May (Hoyland) with her husband Arthur JOHNSON.

Clifford and Bertha Sparkes

Clifford and Bertha Sparkes.

Susanna Sparkes (nee Gally)

This is a picture of Susanna SPARKES (nee GALLEY) who was the mother of Charles and lived until 1910.