Glovers of North Devon,(The History of)

John Adams Glover 1868 - 1937 

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                    John and Fanny Glover lived in Woolsery and are recorded as living in the village in the 1841 census ,  

he was an ag lab and 66 yrs old ( so b c 1774) and she was 67 yrs old .  John is probably the son of John and 

Dorothy Glover of Parkham bapt 1773 . John and Fanny married in 1805 in Barnstaple , as widow and widower 

( Frances Marling married a William Ley in 1799 ).  Their son George Glover was bapt in Barnstaple in 1817 

and married Mary Philips in 1838 at West Down and she died in 1854 in Woolsery. They had two daughters apart 

from John and they werew Ellen 1844 - ? and Thirza 1847 who married John Ellery in 1868 after which they emigrated 

to New Zealand . George Glover married twice more first in 1856 in Hartland to Sarah Moore, and again in 1870 after 

the death of Sarah to Mary Tape by whom he had a son William Matthews Glover in 1872 in Morwenstow .  Their 

grandson Henry Glover , 1840 - 1909 , married Ellen Adams 1838 - 1893 , at the Bible Christian chapel in 

Woolsery in 1868 . Their son John Adams Glover was born in Clovelly in 1868 and the family moved to Morwenstow 

and then to St Mabyn where John worked as a farm labourer  until he joined the army . This is his entry in the 

War Office  service documents ........... John Glover Born Bideford Enlisted 14 Nov 1883 aged 18 years 1 month; trade 

farm servant; description height 5ft 4 ins, complexion fresh, hair and eyes brown. Service Cork, Dublin, India, Malta. 

Next of kin father Henry Glover, mother Ellen Glover, Elder brother Henry Glover. Married Margaret Hamblin at 

Bodmin 1890, discharged 13 Nov 1895 ........ After he left the army he was a postman in Buryan and St Austell. 

He married Margaret Hambly in 1891 , a slight change from his service details, in Bodmin and they had 11 children 

including Edwin who emigrated to Ontario , and three who died in infancy . John and Margaret died in St Austell in 

1937 and 1948 respectively . ( other surviving children John Henry , 1892 - 1974) Alfred 1896 - ? , 

Edwin 1899 - 1960, Herbert 1901 - ?, Annie 1902 - ?, Alice 1905 - ?, Ashley 1908 - ? and Archibald 

Hambly 1911- 1983) "





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