Thomas Glover of South Australia


Thomas Glover in South Australia 

Descendants of Thomas Glover 

Generation No. 1 

1. THOMAS4 GLOVER (JAMES3, DANIEL2, THOMAS1) was born 07 Mar 1830 in 
Parkham,Devon, England, and died 15 Jul 1872 in Brighton, South Australia. 
He married MARY LEE. She was born Abt. 1826. 

Children of THOMAS GLOVER and MARY LEE are: 

2. i. REBECCA5 GLOVER, b. 20 Aug 1857, Woodville SA; d. Abt. 1935. 

ii. ELIZABETH GLOVER, b. Abt. 1849, Devon, England. 

iii. NOTRECORDED GLOVER, b. 13 Aug 1852, Noarlunga, Adelaide, SA. 

iv. ALICE GLOVER, b. 24 Sep 1859, Myponga, SA. 

v. ELEANOR GLOVER, b. 23 Mar 1856, Myponga, SA. 

vi. JOSEPH HOPKINS GLOVER, b. 18 Jul 1863, Normanville, SA. 

vii. MARY GLOVER, b. 25 Jun 1854, Brighton, Adelaide, SA. 

ship Osceola, 769 tons, Captain Robinson Waite, from London December 1850 / 
Plymouth 26th December 1850, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 5th 
April 1851. 

The Sydney Shipping Gazette (SSG) reports . . April 5th: Asceola [sic], 
ship, 769 tons, Waite, from London and Plymouth 26th December [1850] with 
284 Government emigrants ; there were five births and nine deaths on the 
passage.-3rd ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1851 ; 
D. Macish, surgeon-superintendent 

South Australian Register 7 April 1851 

Saturday April 3: the ship Asceola [sic] 759 tons Waite master from London 
and Plymouth 26th December 

284 Government Emigrants 

Glover Thomas 20 Labourer 578/1 Devon 
Mary 24 
Elizabeth 1 





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