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Introduction Welcome to our family tree. While it is listed as the Pauls Family Tree, it contains the names of Luttermoser, Roberts, Booth, Walthall, Branch, Fornier, Blanchette, Lemieux, Maas, and Ulferts among others. It provides detailed ancestry from both of my maternal grandparents, my paternal grandmother, and Carols maternal grandfather.
This is a family tree, which descends from explorers and settlers of early North America. It includes Louis Herbert who has been called the first settler of Canada and is my 10th great grandfather. He first came to Canada in 1603 with Champlain. He returned in 1607 and again in 1617, this time with his family, the first settler to do so. He also has the distinction of planting the first wheat. Christopher Branch, who settled in Virginia in 1620, is Carols 10th great grandfather. William Walthall settled in Virginia prior to 1650 and is Carolís 9th great grandfather. Carols relatives also include President Thomas Jefferson who is a distant cousin (4th cousin 7 times removed) and a 2nd cousin (4 times removed), Major General, later Senator Edward C. Walthall, CSA, for whom Walthall County, Mississippi is named. The Walthall name is also prominent around Petersburg, Virginia, where old homesites like Port Walthall still exist. Her 2nd great grandfather William Castle Booth also fought in the War Between the States as a member of the 44th Virginia Infantry. Many other relatives also served in the war; some were killed at places like Gettysburg and some spent time in infamous prisoner of war camps.
Service to our country continued with my maternal grandfather Euclide Blanchette who was wounded in World War I; my father who served in the Navy in World War II, and the Korean and Viet Nam Conflicts, retiring after 30 years of service; and finally myself serving during the Viet Nam Conflict, retiring after 23 years of Naval Service. Carol's father also served our country while in the army during WW II.
I have gathered this information from many sources over the past 15 years. These include a published Walthall Family History, which is available in the Library of Congress, numerous other family tree histories within the state of Virginia, Virginia census research, Quebec province records with the assistance of my French Canadian relatives, and previously published family trees that included our ancestors and which could be accepted without question. Major assistance in helping to find my paternal grandmotherís ancestors and the development of this website was provided by my 2nd cousin Jon Rosenberg.
I continue to search for my fatherís paternal ancestors and Carols maternal mothers side and both sides of her paternal ancestors.
So enjoy reviewing our family tree, maybe you will find we are related!

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