Williamson Racing

Are there others? Please let me know if someone in your family races.

  • Cal Williamson (standing) and his race car, This was probably at the Arlington Speedway, Akron, Ohio. The Felix was a dark blue. circa 1930

  • Paul Williamson (standing) and his race car, his mechanic is in the car. In front of the Akron Garage, Akron, Ohio. It was dark blue. circa 1930 (Paul and Cal were brothers)

  • Truman F. Williamson breaks the world speed record for a motorcyle, in his class, at the Bonneville Speedway, Utah, 1967. (Nephew of Cal and Paul above)

  • Truman F. Williamson at Bonneville Speedway, Utah. 1967...In the background is the lineup for record attempts for cars and motorcycles. Among those in line is New Zealander motorcyclist Burt Munro. The movie is the World's Fastest Indian starring Anthony Hopkins is based on his life story. Yes the Truman and Burt actually met. Truman also made 16 mm movies of the record run start. These are one of the few known actual films of Burt on his record attempt rather than recreations.