Photos submitted by Phyllis Williamson

  • Earl Eugene Williamson, father of Phyllis. He was born May 1, 1918, died Nov. 26, 1970, buried New Matamoras Cemetery, Wash. Co., OH
  • Thelma Ritchie, mother of Phyllis. Thelma was born Nov. 27, 1927, died Sept. 18, 1996, buried New Matamoras Cemetery, Wash. Co., OH
  • Samuel Newton Williamson, grandfather of Phyllis. He was born Mar. 11, 1870, Wash Co., OH, died Dec. 29, 1947, Brownsville, Monroe Co., OH, buried Matamoras Cem., New Matamoras Wash. Co., OH. He married Mary Eliz Ruble July 4, 1895, Wash. Co., OH.
  • Mary Elizabeth Ruble, grandmother of Phyllis. Mary was born April 1877, Calais, Monroe co., OH., died May 27, 1952, Brownsville, Monroe Co., OH., buried Matamoras Cem., Wash Co., New Matamoras, OH.
  • Sanford Marion Williamson and wife, Losia (Cline) Williamson, headstone, brother of Samuel Newton, above. Sanford was born Aug 10, 1873, died dec 19, 1952. Losia was born Dec 28, 1883, died Jan. 1, 1956.
  • Photos submitted by Laura Ingenluyff

  • William Irwin Williamson b. Sept. 30, 1832 - d. Nov.10, 1917, Knoxville, Iowa
  • Mary Virginia (Mickey) Williamson wife of William, above, b. Oct. 10, 1839 - d. May 16, 1920
  • Roy Mitchell Williamson son of William and Mary, above, b. May 22, 1884 - d. 1957, Clarion, Iowa
  • Alice Estella (Hoff) [Bethel] Williamson [2nd] wife of Roy M., above, b. July 28, 1885 - d. 1979, Clarion, Iowa [Alice was also married twice. Her first husband was Mr. Bethel]
  • Roy and Alice Estella Williamson as young married couple
  • Alice Estella and her mother Nellie May (King) Hoff Nellie was the wife of Marion Hoff, father of Alice
  • L-R, Grandmother Girard, Alice Estella, above, and her mother Nellie May (King) Hoff
  • Nellie May Hoff and Robert Mitchell Williamson, her grandson b. 1920, Clarion, Iowa, - d. 1980 Robert was the son of Roy and Alice Estella, above.
  • L-R, Alice Estella, son Robert holding his daughter Patricia and his grandmother Nellie M. Hoff 4 generation photo. Patricia Ann Williamson b. October 1941

  • Photos submitted by Eileen Kay Adams Fricke

  • Donivon Edwin Adams, [father of Eileen Kay Adams Fricke] former Warden of the State Penitentiary at Moundsville, WV (during Cecil Underwood's first administration as Governor). He officiated at the last three executions. His name is engraved on the stone fence at the entrance of the old penitentiary.
  • Eileen [age 3, birthday party] Eileen Kay "Kay" ADAMS Hill Fricke, born 1 Aug 1939, Morgantown, Monongalia, West Virginia
  • Eileen meets Eileen
  • Eileen in a dance costume
  • Eileen on school patrol
  • Eileen pregnant with daughter Debra Kay
  • Louis Christian Fricke and spouse Eileen Kay Adams Fricke