Chart and Photos of Locations Where the Family Resided

  • Map of Locations from 1734
  • Pequea, PA.. The Presbyterian Church had organized a congregation there in 1729. By the 1730's the Cumberland Valley attracted most of the Ulster-Scots. Our Samuel Sr. and his children settled there. He paid rent on 100 acres from March 1734 until he patented the land.
  • Newville (Big Spring) PA., settled by Samuel Williamson Sr. and his family. He got a 200 acre tract in February 1752 (traditional date of settlement was 1750) and stayed in this area until his death in January 1771. Today there is an historic dam and mill in the center of town.
  • A diagram of where Samuel Sr. and his children migrated.
  • Moses Sr., son of Samuel Sr., lived in Ringgold in 1759. It is the birthplace of Moses Sr.'s son, John. An unusually high hill in the middle of the valley floor, it afforded an excellent 360 degree view of the area. It was a natural fort and place of safety. This picture is looking N.E. towards the distant mountains.
  • Another photo of Ringgold today, showing old gate posts at the cemetery.
  • Mercersburg PA., the birth place of Mary, sister to the famous Col. David Williamson. Born in the area in 1748, she died in Pickaway Co., Ohio, 1828. Her father was Samuel Sr.'s brother. Still rural and agricultural today, it is a beautiful area.
  • Village of Williamson, located just East of Mercersburg. A very small rural community, in the low, rolling, agricultural hills of PA..
  • Cove Gap, sits at the base of the mountain to the north, a natural protection from the winter's winds. Samuel Sr's sons, John and Moses Sr., both lived here. Moses Sr. was taxed there in 1767, before moving on to the area of Ft. Pitt.
  • Sylvan, PA., is still so beautiful and idealic that no one photo can capture the timeless rural beauty. The name Sylvan says it all. Today there is a two lane road, winding through the sparsely settled long narrow valley, following a small stream down to Interstate 70.
  • Tristate Map, PA., WV. and OH. After leaving Cove Gap area, Moses Sr. and his family migrated to the Ft. Pitt, PA. area (then Washington County VA.). His sons, Thomas and John followed the Ohio River south and settled what is now Friendly, WV., Pleasants Co.